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Chapter 479: Handheld

Nanfeng brought Curly Hair out for a stroll. Since the concert performance had already ended, most of his work was done. He could now relax a little and brought little Curly Hair out for a walk.

When dogs are feeling down, going for a walk makes them feel better. Running is good too. Exercise therapy is a thing.

The worry-free Nanfeng carried Curly Hair and walked out in a relaxed mood. Despite the military presence, there were still quite a lot of places for leisure activities. Even the indoor man-made ornaments were full of Planet Yin characteristics. If photographs were allowed, Nanfeng would have definitely taken lots of photographs to show off to his friends.

When they arrived at the walking area, Nanfeng put Curly Hair down and let him choose wherever he wanted to walk to.

Since he didn't have any plan in mind, Nanfeng just planned on following Curly Hair. For himself, he was interested in admiring Planet Yin's unique landmarks. He didn't notice that the originally dejected Curly Hair was gradually becoming more spirited and walking faster.

When Curly Hair finally broke into a jog, Nanfeng was very pleased with himself.

Indeed, dogs need a walk when they are feeling down. Among our little group, only I know how to best look after a dog! Even Boss Fang Zhao can't compare!

Nanfeng concluded that Fang Zhao didn't understand how to look after a dog.

In a short while, Nanfeng saw a bunch of youngsters gathered ahead.

They were holding palm sized machines and shouting excitedly, so Nanfeng went over for a look. After an inquiry, Nanfeng learned that they were native secondary school students staying nearby for an interns.h.i.+p. Their allocated dormitory was in the reception district. They had come out to enjoy the sun and play video games for their day off.

Curly Hair eyed them eagerly.

However, the deeply engrossed students didn't notice the dog crouching in front of them.

Nanfeng learned from a student that these were consoles that Planet Yin game enthusiasts had invented to pa.s.s time because Planet Yin's regulations meant they couldn't connect to the Internet.

“Old-era style handheld game consoles?” Nanfeng asked as he eyed their small devices.

“Yes, it's said that the creator of this series of game consoles was very interested in many things from the Old Era and thus came up with this design. It might look c.u.mbersome compared to the new gaming consoles. However, its quality is undeniable!”

Nanfeng agreed. In a certain sense, this could also be considered a military grade product. After all, it was produced on Planet Yin.

After understanding it, Nanfeng soon lost interest and decided to leave. He tugged on the leash, but it didn't budge.

“Curly Hair?”

Curly Hair was staring at the students and didn't even look at Nanfeng.

“Don't wanna go? Alright, let's sit here for a bit.”

Nanfeng sat down nonchalantly and watched those students playing their Old-era style handheld devices.

Were offline games that fun?

Five minutes later.

Nanfeng: “…Brother, could you let me try it for a bit?”

Curly Hair's black beady eyes watched Nanfeng play the games. He had a look of longing, but n.o.body paid any attention to him.

A minute later.

Curly Hair hopped up the stone bench and squeezed over to watch up close. From time to time, he would extend a paw to touch the handheld console's b.u.t.tons gently, as if he were some collector handling his precious items.

Elsewhere, Yan Biao and Zuo Yu were still stewing in their mixed emotions when Fang Zhao called them over.

Planet Yin's relevant personnel had informed Fang Zhao that someone wanted to see him.

“Boss, do we have to call Curly Hair back?” Yan Biao asked.

After witnessing Curly Hair's ability, Yan Biao felt that it was safer to have Curly Hair at their sides in such unknown situations. Curly Hair had devoured an a.s.sault mecha easily. Perhaps he could annihilate anything.

Fang Zhao shook his head. “No need. Don't tell Nanfeng anything.”

Fang Zhao felt it was likely that the other party was taking the opportunity to contact him while Curly Hair was away.

Curly Hair's anomaly couldn't be concealed from everyone. Fang Zhao felt that there were people helping him hide this from the shadows. For example, his peculiar healing from the a.s.sasination attempt had been hushed up. Only a few people knew about it.

He too wanted to meet the people who were helping to hide his secrets as well as ascertain their motives.

Soon after, Yan Biao and Zuo Yu arrived at Fang Zhao's quarters. Two soldiers came over to fetch them.

The reception district was huge, but the artiste group was restricted to certain areas. They had never been to the other areas.

Fang Zhao followed the two soldiers into an elevator that brought them to some underground level. After going through a security check, he was shown onto what seemed like a subway train carriage headed elsewhere. Their escorts also changed.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu were somewhat anxious and puzzled. Security had been extremely tight up until now. But, once they got off the carriage, it seemed much more lax. There weren't many soldiers in sight.

Noticing this, the two of them became even more apprehensive.

They kept feeling that something wasn't right.


Based on how they had been contacted, the person who wanted to meet them probably had some clout. But now, the lack of security seemed to indicate otherwise.

Even the feeling of being watched had lessened considerably. Either the monitoring devices were more discreet, or there simply weren't any here.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu began to feel worried with all the unknowns.

On the other hand, Fang Zhao had some other ideas.

“Inside here.” The soldier leading the way gestured at a door.

Yan Biao stepped forward to check the room first but was stopped by Fang Zhao.

The door opened.

They recognized the person seated there. It was the person who had greeted them when the artiste group first arrived on Planet Yin.

Compared to how formal he had been then, he seemed much more casual now and had a warm smile.

“Come in, take a seat. There's food in the drawers and a water dispenser over there. Feel free to have anything you like. Just wait for a little bit. Some people from the Inter-planetary Fund are coming over soon. They want to meet you.”

After Fang Zhao had sat down, the person asked with concern, “How's your injury?”

“Much better,” Fang Zhao replied.

The person thanked Fang Zhao once again for saving the life of one of their important engineers. “I've heard all about what happened. Don't worry. We're proactively screening against threats so you need to worry about any more sudden attempts.”

That person was about to say something else when he noticed Fang Zhao looking towards the door. He raised an eyebrow and stopped talking.

The door had decent soundproofing, but Fang Zhao could still hear footsteps getting closer. It wasn't just one person. There were footsteps Fang Zhao recognized, as well as some unfamiliar ones. The forceful footsteps of the one leading the way was quick but unhurried. They sounded strange.

The door opened once again.

The person in front was a lady. She seemed relatively young and had a disarming, affable smile. However, when her serene gaze swept over them, her eyes emanated a strange sense of pressure. She wore a pair of white gloves and was attired similarly to Planet Yin's research scientists.

Behind her was the gold badge engineer Little Bear.

Three others followed them in. They weren't in military uniforms, but Yan Biao and Zuo Yu could sense that they were fellow bodyguards.

Those able to casually command three bodyguards on Planet Yin were definitely very special.

Those three bodyguards had an Inter-planetary Fund insignia on the chest pockets of their suits.

The coordinator who had been speaking with Fang Zhao got up from his chair, went forward and saluted.

“I didn't expect that you would personally come over.”

Having said that, he even pulled a chair out for this lady. He had a respectful att.i.tude that even seemed to have a hint of fear.

Little Bear didn't receive such treatment. He pulled up his own chair and scampered up. He looked towards Fang Zhao and flashed an excited yet bashful smile at his idol.

The coordinator introduced the arrival to Fang Zhao. “This is the Inter-planetary Fund's highest authoritative figure, Yu Hua.”

Fang Zhao was astonished. He had never imagined that the person meeting him would be the mysterious top authoritative figure of the Inter-planetary Fund.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu could only stand with their mouths agape in disbelief.

They were looking at this fabled being!

This wasn't the director general who ran the Inter-planetary Fund publicly. Rather, this was the highest authoritative figure behind the entire Inter-planetary Fund. She was the actual big boss! In comparison, the Inter-planetary Fund's director general could be considered an obedient grandchild in front of this person.

However, after having witnessed a mechdevouring dog, the two of them reacted rather calmly.

The totally disregarded Little Bear twitched when he heard the name “Yu Hua”. “Cui Hua” sounded much better! However, he decided to give her some face and didn't bring up her nickname.

The coordinator gestured to introduce Fang Zhao to Yu Hua and the others, but Yu Hua cut him off. She extended a hand and smiled warmly. “I'll speak with Fang Zhao. The rest of you are dismissed.”

“Oh, alright. Take your time. Call me if you need anything.” The coordinator immediately left with his men without any questions.

Yu Hua gestured to the three bodyguards and motioned them out as well. She then glanced at Little Bear. “You go out too.”

Little Bear had a protesting look that said, How could you do this to me. He pouted and trudged out the door like a kid throwing a tantrum.

Fang Zhao glanced at Zuo Yu and Yan Biao, indicating for them to leave the room as well.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu felt worried as they stepped out. When they looked around, the three Inter-planetary Fund bodyguards were nowhere in sight. Only the little kid who was chased out was there. He was playing with a black ball while muttering something ineligible.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu exchanged a look and put on warm, friendly smiles.

“Little friend?” Zuo Yu used a tone he reckoned would be most appealing to little kids.

Little Bear turned around. His eyes were red and glimmering with tears as if he was still upset from being chased out. However, when he looked at Zuo Yu, the redness in his eyes disappeared, and he no longer had a child's coyness. Instead, Zuo Yu felt an ice-cold sensation.

Zuo Yu: “…”

It was a little scary.

Yan Biao noticed Zuo Yu's misgivings and took matters into his own hands. He asked Little Bear gently, “Little friend, where are those three bodyguards who were with you? Don't they have to stand guard and ensure your safety?”

Little Bear rolled his eyes in disdain. “What use are a bunch of salted fishes?!”

Yan Biao: “…”

The atmosphere became strangely silent.

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