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Chapter 1999: An attention grabber

Translator: G.o.dBrandy

[I haven’t even asked anything yet! You didn’t even give me a chance to speak!] Song Shuhang’s mind was in turmoil.

[Also, don’t you know how to read minds? Since you can read my mind, then why can’t you just reply to my question?]

This great master’s att.i.tude made others irascible.

As soon as one tried communicating with him, it would be hard to keep emotions in check.

Song Shuhang worked hard to adjust his emotions.?To communicate with such a person, you must not let yourself be affected by the other party. I need to take the initiative.

In this regard, Song Shuhang was rather experienced.

[Great Master, how do I get out of here?] He went straight to the point.

You can’t beat around the bush with this guy. If I want to communicate with him, I need to go straight to the point.

“What, you wanted to go out? You should have told me earlier.” The great master laughed. “Okay, I’ll send you out.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

I wanted to say it earlier, but you didn’t give me a chance!

The great master laughed and got up, walking up to the Scholarly Sage’s urn. He stretched out his hand toward the lid of the urn to lift it, but he was dragged along by it.

“The Sage’s urn is really hard to open.” The great master was not embarra.s.sed at all. While being dragged by the urn, he continued chatting with Song Shuhang.

[Where is this place?] Song Shuhang could not help but ask curiously.

The great master readily replied, “A place that is not located in the main world or the Netherworld Realm. You can think of it as a stepping stone for the ascension of all Wielders of the Heaven’s Will.”

It seemed he had no intention of hiding any secrets from Song Shuhang.

Wait, a stepping stone for the ascension of Wielders of the Will?

So that’s what this place is. In other words, when the Wielders inherited the Heaven’s Will, there was a ceremony or something of the sort that they had to go through. They would pa.s.s by this place and leave their marks here.

It meant that the big eyeball, the network, and the white horse were all marks, just as he had guessed.

The great master replied, “Your guess is right.”

Hearing this, Song Shuhang fell into thought again.

Judging from the marks, what the Wielders of the Heaven’s Will left behind were all symbolic images rather than their real bodies.

Did that mean that White Two’s other half left behind a white horse?

“That white horse is not a phantom; it’s just an attention grabber.” The great master smiled and said, “I also used to think that the white horse was a mark until I saw it sneak into the main world. When that happened, I realized that it’s just here to play around.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Either way, it should be related to the Wielder of the Will that Senior White Two corresponds to.

That’s right. It was that white horse that was in control of that strange sealed s.p.a.ce in the main world, right?

While they were speaking, the white horse leisurely walked over.

No wonder I encountered this white horse so many times while flying around in this s.p.a.ce. I encountered it way more than the big eyeball or the network.

At first, Song Shuhang thought that the trajectory of the white horse and the trajectory of the Sage’s urn just so happened to overlap a lot. Now, it seemed that the white horse had been deliberately moving in a way that pa.s.sed by the Sage’s urn a lot.

After the white horse appeared and saw that the urn where Song Shuhang was located was dragging together the great master with it, it knew that it had been exposed.

The white horse snorted and stood up, its two front hooves laboriously posing as the wings of a white crane while its two rear hooves wound together to imitate a golden rooster standing on one leg.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Seeing this pose, he could now confirm the ident.i.ty of the white horse.

[Since the white horse is not a phantom, where is the mark that represents Wielder of the Will White?] Song Shuhang wondered to himself.

According to what the great master said, this s.p.a.ce was where the Wielders of the Will ascended and left behind their marks.

“This s.p.a.ce is very large,” the great master replied. “The area where the Sage’s urn moves is only a small part of this s.p.a.ce.”

In other words, the marks of the other Wielders of the Will were in other parts of this s.p.a.ce.

[I see.] Song Shuhang looked at the s.p.a.ce thoughtfully.

Then, an idea suddenly popped into his mind.

This s.p.a.ce isn’t in the main world or the Netherworld, so does that mean that the laws of the universe can’t affect it?

[If I advance here, will there be a heavenly tribulation?] Song Shuhang thought to himself.

When cultivators ascended, they all needed to endure the heavenly tribulation.

After surviving the heavenly tribulation, they would ascend to the next realm.

Yet, what would happen if they ascended in a place where there was no heavenly tribulation?

If there was no heavenly tribulation, would they directly ascend to the next realm?

Or would they fail to meet the qualifications to ascend and would be stuck in their current realm forever?

“I have a small suggestion for your bold idea.” The great master showed a benevolent smile and said, “You can find something to use as a test subject and see what happens.”

[Even if I wanted to do it, it wouldn’t work.,] Song Shuhang said. [Only my consciousness is inside the Sage’s urn, while my body is still outside. And it’s almost certain that I won’t be able to come back here again, so there’s no point in even thinking about it.]

“You have apoint,” said the great master. Afterward, he put all his strength into his hands and shouted, “Open!”

The Sage’s urn was opened.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness was stuck to the bone of eternity at this moment.

In the eyes of the great master, Song Shuhang’s consciousness was like a slime wrapped around a bone.

“Benefactor, are you so hungry and thirsty that you can’t even let go of a bone?” The great master cupped his hands together and spoke with a hint of sadness in his tone.

Song Shuhang: “…”

You, a man who wanted to cut off his little brother, have no right to berate me!

“All conditioned phenomena are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow, like dew or a flash of lightning; thus we shall perceive them. Haiyah!” The great master stretched out his hand and tried pulling Song Shuhang’s consciousness out of the urn.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness was stretched into a noodle-like shape.

The great master roared, “Like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow, like dew or a flash of lightning. Recite this sentence a hundred times in your mind!”

With a bang, Song Shuhang’s consciousness was forcibly pulled out.

However, a part of him was left behind.

After his consciousness was pulled out, there were still some strands of his consciousness that remained attached to the bone of eternity.

The irascible great master had already begun drawing runes, which then lit up one by one.

These runes were similar to the Scholarly Sage’s [Scholarly Rune] and the Heavenly Emperor’s [Imperial Rune].

The characters represented paths, character, and power.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang’s consciousness was sent out of this place that acted as a stepping stone for the Wielders of the Heaven’s Will.

His consciousness returned to the main world.

However, the strands of his consciousness that were left behind transformed into the roots of a phantom lotus flower, firmly taking root in the bone of eternity.

One of the characteristics of Shuhang’s phantom lotus roots was that, regardless of distance, as long as they stuck to a target and were not cut off, they could stretch infinitely and even traverse s.p.a.ce.

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