Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 2084 - 2084 Quietly growing up

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Chapter 2084 - 2084 Quietly growing up

2084 Quietly growing up

Could it be that the tail has just grown in the wrong place, and somehow ended up growing where the navel is?

Song Shuhang carefully observed the seven little Nascent Souls Fetuses.

It turned out that he wasn’t wrong.

There really was an umbilical cord!


These seven umbilical cords were connected to the Spirit Lakes, with the lakes having become their placenta.

However, these seven Nascent Soul Fetuses did not draw energy from the Spirit Lakes, but used them as a springboard to absorb Demon Emperor Hezhi’s energy and transform it into nutrition for their growth.

In other words, the nutrients needed for the formation and growth of these seven Nascent Soul Fetuses all came from Demon Emperor Hezhi.

So, is Demon Emperor Hezhi the mother of these seven Nascent Soul Fetuses?

Ugh, I can’t make such a connection! Song Shuhang shook his head repeatedly.

Demon Emperor Hezhi merely acted as soil, providing the nutrients needed for the growth of seeds.

I feel a lot more comfortable thinking about it this way.

The energy needed for the growth of the seven Nascent Soul Fetuses was huge.

The fifty years that Senior Divine Dragon had mentioned were a good guess.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, even if Song Shuhang had all kinds of cultivation cheats, it would still take decades of hard work to nurture seven Nascent Soul Fetuses.

After all, this was the most time-consuming phase of the whole process.

What Senior Divine Dragon did not expect was that the Heavenly Emperor would suddenly appear and leave a time-related buff to Song Shuhang.

In addition, Demon Emperor Hezhi maliciously transferred over energy at the peak of the Tribulation Transcender Realm to make Song Shuhang explode.

The attacks of the two big shots worked very well together. With this combination of skills, even a real Eighth Stage Profound Sage would have had no hope of survival.

If it were not for Fairy Cheng Lin, the ghost spirit, and Senior White Two’s dragon pearl soaking up the majority of the energy, Shuhang would have inevitably died today.

Now, a delicate balance had been formed between the two sides, and this balance gave Song Shuhang some room to maneuver.

With this balance in place, his seven Nascent Soul Fetuses began to thrive.

Moreover, this kind of growth was ideal as the path of time was involved. It was completely different from something like hormone-induced growth, and it had no downsides.

As one of the most powerful among the various paths to immortality, the path of time was unpredictable and had infinite uses.

Once one grasped the path of time, they could enjoy things that ordinary people could never even dream of enjoying.

If this continues, will my Nascent Soul Fetuses grow into Nascent Souls? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

If they directly turn into Nascent Souls, will I have to transcend the tribulation?

Or do I have to wait for the fat whale in my original dantian to produce a Nascent Soul before transcending the Seventh Stage heavenly tribulation?

Whether or not I have to transcend the tribulation, I must keep a low profile.

A group tribulation, while refres.h.i.+ng at first, led to nothing but death.

Death itself was not terrifying. What was terrifying was that when one died, the people dear to them would also be involved.

Song Shuhang’s spiritual body touched its left breast. For some reason, whenever he thought of partaking in a group tribulation, he felt an indescribable feeling of sadness.

This feeling made him subconsciously resist the idea.

This time, I must not involve the people I value in the heavenly tribulation.

Men would always learn from their experiences and quietly grow up.


In the outside world.

The divine dragon was trying to cross its arms, but because its arms were too short, they could barely interlock.

However, this did not affect its majestic aura.

It said in a deep, dignified voice, “It seems to be a time acceleration buff.”

“Mm-hm, and it should be a single-target time acceleration effect,” said Sixteen, her voice gentle and mature.

Sister White Dragon next to her said in a worried tone, “Will Shuhang be alright? His aura has changed too quickly.”

“You don’t have to worry. Since time is pa.s.sing faster and faster, his strength is improving rapidly. He is now in a state of meditation, and during the time it takes for us to say a single word, several hours or even longer may have pa.s.sed for his body. In addition, Fellow Daoist Hezhi’s energy is pouring into his body nonstop, so it is normal for his cultivation realm to soar,” Sixteen crossed her arms and replied.

“If this continues, will Shuhang ascend directly?” Sister White Dragon could not hide the worry in her tone.

The divine dragon: “…”

It felt like it had been slapped in the face very covertly.

The black-skinned Soft Feather said to Senior Divine Dragon, “Senior Divine Dragon, Senior Song’s Nascent Soul Fetus is beginning to mature.”

Senior Divine Dragon sighed. “Ah, yes, I can see that, Soft Feather.”

I need to save face. Fairy Soft Feather, please stop talking!

“It’s not ideal for him to ascend, though.” Sixteen calmly speculated, “First, Song Shuhang’s rapid progress this time is related to Demon Emperor Hezhi’s energy. His foundation is shaky, and there would undoubtedly be some danger left if he were to ascend right now. Second, he only has his head left. For this reason, he should be stuck in the last section between the Sixth and Seventh Stages.”

Sister White Dragon let out a breath of relief. “That’s good. With that being the case, Shuhang will have some time to prepare, and he won’t have to rush to deal with the heavenly tribulation.”

“Instead of worrying about Shuhang, you should worry about yourself.” Sixteen crossed her arms again, and said to Sister White Dragon, “The ❮Ape Dragon Miraculous Nascent Technique❯ that Song Shuhang learned is, at its core, an adaptation of the Dragon Tiger Convergence. You lent him your dragon pearl, so when you get it back, you will also receive some benefits. By then, you should not be too far from hitting your limit.”

Sister White Dragon asked, “Can I no longer suppress my realm?”

Sixteen said, “Don’t suppress it. It’s about time.”


Song Shuhang had no idea how much time had pa.s.sed.

He was obsessed with the beauty of cultivation and could not extricate himself from this state of meditation.

This time, his spiritual body did not run all over the place, and he wasn’t mult.i.tasking; he was really practicing. He nurtured the seven Nascent Soul Fetuses while redirecting large amounts of Demon Emperor Hezhi’s spiritual energy to his ghost spirit and Senior White Two’s dragon pearl.

Cultivation truly made people happy.

It was unknown how long it had been, but the energy coming from Demon Emperor Hezhi gradually reduced, and its strength also became weaker.

Coincidentally, the time buff from the Heavenly Emperor also began to weaken.

The seven little Nascent Soul Fetuses in Song Shuhang’s body seemed to have reached a critical stage. They were no longer growing, and they were now waiting for a chance to take the final step.

The body! Song Shuhang came to a realization.

Not having a body was limiting him. Only after forging a new body would these seven Nascent Soul Fetuses be able to fully develop.

It’s time to end this, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

He then slowly opened his eyes.

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