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Cultivation Chat Group

Chapter 88: Unfortunately, this lord doesn't care about face at all!

"Would Senior please enlighten me on  the path to survival." Altar Master mustered his courage and beseeched.

"Receive one attack from this lord. It goes without saying that this lord won't use full power. As long as you can survive one of this lord's attack and live, this lord will give you a path to survival." Song Shuhang stretched out one finger as he spoke.

When something like shame reaches its critical point, it would completely break apart, just like worldviews, values, and view of life.

After repeating the words this lord over and over, Shuhang no longer felt so ashamed, he began to get used to saying it.

Altar Master's pale face had a dark expression. One attack from a mysterious senior, even if he doesn't use his full strength, he can take half my life away just by casually throwing the flying sword!

However, he had no right to choose.

He may die from receiving one attack, but he still had a glimmer of hope.

If he doesn't accept the senior's conditions, then the senior just needed to send out his flying sword, and his head would be cut off in seconds.

Besides… he also had his own trump card. As a ghost cultivator of the evil path, He had a strange method of preserving his life, perhaps it could use 'death' in exchange for bearing the senior's attack once.

Thinking up to this point, the Altar Master clenched his teeth and said, "Senior, do you mean what you say?"

"This lord is someone who has a head and face(reputation) in the world of cultivation, how could I lie to a junior like you." Song Shuhang's voice was cold, he continued looking at Altar Master with disdain like he was looking at an ant.

He had head and face, Shuhang wasn't lying. Because, all normal people would have a head and a face. Could it be that you don't have a head and face?

"Senior, please show mercy." Altar Master forced a smile. His forced smile could make others feel the same bitterness even if a thousand miles separated them.

Secretly, the Altar Master had a pure ghost break its seal and stealthily protect the Altar Master's body.

A pure ghost is one that doesn't have anger in it's soul, so it isn't afraid of ordinary exorcism spells.

Of course, it wasn't easy for this type of pure ghost to be born. Ghosts themselves are things born of grudges. A pure ghost has to be a good person down to the bone who had died from injustice. However, this person has to be such a rottenly good person that they completely didn't mind the injustice. Only then would they have a chance to become a pure ghost.

"Then take a single blow from this lord!" Song Shuhang had an indifferent expression. With a twist of his fingers, a talisman appeared at his fingertips.

It was the 'Sword Talisman' that the Seven Lives Talisman Master had given him. This talisman was an offensive one. To use it, one only had to activate the talisman and gently say the word 'sword'. Once it was used, it could manifest a sword blow on the level of a Third Stage – Houtian Battle Emperor that could easily split mountains. A normal second stage true master cultivator without any special measures for defence would be severely injured, if not dead with one blow.

Upon seeing that talisman, Altar Master nearly grinded his teeth into dust secretly…… As a low grade loose cultivator, he hated these kinds of rich tyrants who tossed out talismans like they were nothing.

"Prepare yourself, junior. Pray for luck." Song Shuhang pinched the talisman in an imposing manner. He could hardly hold back the excitement in his heart: "Sword!"

An indistinct, illusory figure appeared behind Song Shuhang.

That figure used his fingers in place of a sword and made a slas.h.i.+ng motion at Altar Master.

Resplendent light burst forth from the Sword Talisman. Nothing else could be seen in the train cabin when the light shone, as if there was only the light from the blade left in this entire world!

That light from the sword was an exquisite sword technique!

In an instant, Altar Master, who had been locked on by the sword's light, felt that his body was trapped and that he couldn't move.

It was silly to hope that he could dodge. He could only stand dumbly on the spot and watch as that slash met his body!

Humiliation? Hate? Fear?

Multiple emotions rolled around in Altar Master's heart, mixing together into an unspeakable feeling.

The sword's light reached his body, but only made a soft 'bzzt' sound as it made contact.

However, Altar Master's body was easily cut into half just like tofu. His body fell to the floor with a bang.

Yet there was not a trace of flesh blood on the wound……

The Caucasian monk's mouth was wide open. It ended just like that? A scary and powerful 2nd Stage – True Master cultivator just died like that?

Silence reigned in the train cabin.

However, Song Shuhang didn't relax his guard at all. He held onto a 'Armor Talisman' in his left hand, while his other hand held on to two 'Sword Talisman's, as he stared at Altar Master's body on the floor.

The enemy is a cultivator who had activity in J City fifty to sixty years ago, as long as he isn't too poor, he should at least have one or two items to protect his life.

Thinking of that, Song Shuhang put on a stiff expression and said in a deep tone: "You have some skill. Since you managed to survive one blow from this lord. I'll let you live. Get up and scram from this lord's sight! Remember, don't let this lord see you again! Forever!"

Song Shuhang was already very familiar with the skill of swindling.

The Caucasian monk stared blankly—— that was such a terrifying sword blow, yet the 2nd Stage ghost cultivator is still alive?

No way? That was such a scary sword!

However, after Song Shuhang finished speaking, the Altar Master's bisected corpse slowly turned into black smoke and dissipated into the air.

Next, the Altar Master's deathly pale face appeared where he was, and there was a deep sword wound on his forehead. In the crucial moment, though he had some methods to protect his life, that sword was still too tyrannical, and it still left a deep sword wound on him. The remaining sword qi struck his forehead, and made him feel so much pain that he didn't feel like living anymore.

"Thank you for your mercy, Senior." Altar Master bore with the pain as he spoke: "This junior will leave immediately."

Since this senior had already discovered that he had not died, there was no meaning to hiding any further.

The other seemed like he would keep to his word and let him live. If he didn't come out from hiding and offended this senior, giving him a reason to use another blow, then he would really die.

When they were done talking, the ghost general Suffering Spirit, who had suffered the same grievous injuries, floated over from behind Altar Master while carrying a black suitcase.

That suitcase was filled with Altar Master's fortunes. Some items in there were too valuable to leave in J City's Luo Xin Street. Thus, he carried them with him at all times in a black suitcase.

"He's actually still alive?" The Caucasian monk was in disbelief.

Looking at that deathly pale face in front of him, Song Shuhang sighed inside as well. This fellow is really still alive.

For the sake of surviving, this fellow is really desperate.

What a pity. If he was really a senior who cared about his reputation and whose words were worth their weight in gold, then he might really have let Altar Master live.

However, this lord simply never intended to save face! What this lord wants, is to put you to death!

If you don't die, this lord can't eat or sleep properly. It would be impossible to live through future days!

Thus, when Altar Master took up the black suitcase and turned to leave with difficulty… in that instant, Song Shuhang took action again!

"Sword! Sword!" He held a 'Sword Talisman' in each hand, and activated them at the same time.

Who would know if the Altar Master still had some trump cards left for self-protection? Thus, he threw two Sword Talismans at once! He only had two hands, so he could only use two talismans. If he had more than two hands, he would probably have thrown the remaining Sword Talisman out as well!

The resplendent sword light once again shone from the Sword Talisman, the two sword lights formed an 'X' as they flew towards Altar Master.

Altar Master had maintained the same level of caution as he left, but it did nothing for him.

The two sword lights were too fast, once they were locked on, they even had the power to confine the enemy.

After the sword light blasted past, the Altar Master's body was cut into four pieces, and he once again fell down onto the ground. But this time, he didn't have any means of surviving, there was no way he survived that.

A second stage cultivator's body was extremely st.u.r.dy. Even if he was cut into pieces, Altar Master didn't immediately die. His head stared dead-on at Song Shuhang. He had countless curses for him in his heart, but he could only speak two syllables, full of resentment in the end: "Shame… less!"

Although he knew that the enemy was an expert at poisons with a fickle character, his shamelessness truly had no bottom line.

"Hehe, whatever you say." Song Shuhang took up another talisman in his hands, it was the 'Exorcism Talisman'.

Altar Master was already dead, but his angry ghost, Suffering Spirit was still alive.

One has to remove weeds from the roots to prevent any trouble later on!

If Song Shuhang didn't have any friends and family, he wouldn't have to be afraid of any future trouble. However, regrettably, he did have people to care about.

"Break!" The Exorcism Talisman's spiritual energy was like a hurricane as it swept through two cabins.

'Zzzt……' The ghost general Suffering Spirit wailed. The incredibly weakened Suffering Spirit didn't even have a chance to escape, and was directly purified by the spiritual energy of the Exorcism Talisman.

Dong~~ The black suitcase fell to the floor.

As for Altar Master who was at death's door, he had been cleansed by the Exorcism Talisman. Thus, he even lost the power to counterattack in his last moments.

Once he thought about how he was going to die, Altar Master's mind blanked out, he stammered, "Shame… less! Words… of… gold… gold… I… Bah!"

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