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Chapter 1731 Girl of Misfortune

When they were in the G.o.d's relic, Di Wu was one of the most monstrous figures among them. In the G.o.d's relic, he forged a flawless Divine Wheel. He had walked below the Heavenly Palace and bathed in the emperor's might.

He was the G.o.d of Solar Divine Palace, the successor of the Emperor's Family, and descendant of Sun G.o.d. The bloodline of G.o.d flowed within his veins.

Among the Nine Supreme Realms, the Central Emperor Realm was the most powerful. Hence, many people believed that Jian Qingzhu, Shen Hao, and Nan Luoshen were the three most powerful figures of their generation. However, Di Wu never considered himself to be weaker than the three of them. The Solar Divine Palace was the absolute overlord of the Solar Realm. Their influence far surpa.s.sed that of the other top forces of the Solar Realm.

As the successor of the Emperor Family, Di Wu could be considered to be the most prominent figure of this generation in the Solar Realm. No one else could claim that t.i.tle. If he inherited the Solar Divine Palace in the future, he would become one of the giants at the peak of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

Di Wu was a proud person. Even though Ye Futian had defeated Shen Hao before, Di Wu would never consider himself weaker than Ye Futian.

The one that Ye Futian had defeated was merely Shen Hao.

Di Wu did not refute Dou Zhao anymore. Divine light of the sun shot out from his body. The blinding light caused many people to be unable to open their eyes. On Dou Zhao's body, Fighting G.o.d aura swept out. His battle intent filled the sky and was overbearing. On his body, he wore Fighting G.o.d Armor.

Sunlight shone down on Dou Zhao's figure. He could not possibly block it. A terrifying high temperature smelted everything around. The armor on Dou Zhao's body also began to melt into flaming smoke and liquid fire.

Dou Zhao's entire body was bathed in divine light. He activated the will of Fighting G.o.d. An even more awe-inspiring armor coalesced on his body, blocking the incoming light of Sun G.o.d.

Dou Zhao realized that Di Wu, the G.o.d of Solar Divine Palace, was indeed very powerful. Despite Di Wu's arrogance, he was crowned as the descendant of Sun G.o.d, the possessor of the Emperor Family's bloodline. Moreover, after he had returned to the Solar Divine Palace, he had broken through to the second-tier of the Divine Wheel. His ability was most likely above that of Dou Zhao.

Since both of them were wielders of flawless Divine Wheels, then their combat abilities were directly dependent on the difference between their Planes. Dou Zhao was at a disadvantage when faced with Di Wu since the former had a lower Plane.

Even in such a case, Dou Zhao was not someone who retreated easily.

Bam. The will of Sevenfold Fighting G.o.d was activated. Dou Zhao entered into a frenzied state as he transformed into a terrifying Fighting G.o.d.

All the cultivators from various top forces of the Nine Realms stared at the two of them with great interest. Dou Zhao was most likely not a match for Di Wu. Di Wu challenged Ye Futian first; it would be fascinating if the crowd could witness a battle between Di Wu and Ye Futian.

After all, many of them had missed the battle between Ye Futian and Shen Hao; it was a pity that they couldn't witness it first-hand.

If the crowd could witness a fight between Ye Futian and Di Wu, it would definitely make up for their loss.

Di Wu and Ye Futian were both monstrous figures of the Nine Realms, but Ye Futian had a glamorous fighting record of defeating Shen Hao from the Shen clan. Hence, if the two of them were to fight, Ye Futian had a much higher chance of winning.

On the other hand, the difference between them might not be as big as what the crowd had imagined. Ye Futian's fame did not come entirely out of his ability. He was renowned because the scene where he led a group of cultivators to challenge the Shen clan was too shocking. It was unprecedented. Ye Futian's name reached its zenith because of it.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the crowd was undoubtedly excited about this fight.

"If you attack us, then the members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy will also test out the abilities of those who trained under the Solar Divine Palace. If anyone is injured or killed in the process, hopefully, the Solar Divine Palace can afford the loss," said Ye Futian, who had been sitting quietly at the side all this while. "If you are not prepared for such a fight, then let's not waste each other's time. Restrain your aura."

Solar Divine Palace was a force that stood at the peak of the Solar Realm. In reality, both parties did not dare to touch each other. Ye Futian was not interested in personal disputes. Even if Ye Futian defeated Di Wu, G.o.d of the Solar Divine Palace, what would that prove?

Ye Futian did not have to prove himself anymore.

Hence, Ye Futian merely sat there quietly and spoke casually. Opposite him, G.o.ddess Chang Xi of Youyue Divine Palace smiled at him and then looked at Di Wu in the distance.

Although the two of them had not exchanged blows, the victor had been determined.

Di Wu was still proud, but his pride was displayed for all to see.

Compared to him, Ye Futian, who appeared humble, was the one who was truly prideful. He did not even want to contend or defeat Di Wu to prove anything.

Maybe this white-haired youth was not concerned at all about the contest with Di Wu.

Di Wu frowned. He naturally also felt this. It was as though he really yearned for a match with Ye Futian.

The brilliant light of Sun G.o.d dissipated. Dou Zhao immediately felt relieved from the pressure which had been exerted on him.

Di Wu waved his sleeves, strode back to the tavern, and sat down. The commotion seemingly ended due to a line from Ye Futian.

Yu Sheng cast a domineering glance at Di Wu. Then, he returned to Ye Futian's side quietly.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said as he got up. His gaze swept across to Chang Xi, who was sitting across from him. He said, "G.o.ddess Chang Xi, we will take our leave first."

"Renhuang Ye, where do you plan to go?" Chang Xi asked.

"We will first find a place to settle in and rest," Ye Futian replied. Although news of the Gate of the h.e.l.l had begun to circulate within Jiuyou City, the Gate of the h.e.l.l had yet to truly emerge. If it did appear, news of its appearance would cause an uproar. Ye Futian was not anxious about this.

"Alright, we will meet again if we have the chance," Chang Xi replied as she nodded her head. She also got up and prepared to leave.

"Let's go." Ye Futian and his group left the inn and strolled into the ancient Jiuyou City. As a land of oppression, Jiuyou City appeared very chaotic. With a sweep of his will, Ye Futian discovered that small fights due to friction between parties were erupting in many places. Most of these battles were also very heavy-handed.

At this moment, in the sky in front of them, a large-scale battle had erupted. There was a group of people being surrounded by another party. Blades then immediately slashed down, killing them off. It was very tragic.

Ye Futian was not too affected when he saw this scene. The world of cultivation was like that. Such incidents occurred every day all around, not to mention that they were in the Hidden Land Realm's most notorious city known for oppression.

There was nothing he could do about this situation.

Right at the moment, Ye Futian frowned.

In a dark alley of Jiuyou City, dazzling silhouettes appeared one by one. They surrounded the dark alley and unleashed domineering auras, sealing off the entire s.p.a.ce.

Whoever that was in the alley would not be able to escape even if they had wings.

The bypa.s.sers avoided the area. They seemed to know the ident.i.ty of the silhouettes.

A middle-aged man, who was the leader of the group, descended slowly from the sky. His level of cultivation was high; he was a Renhuang.

However, he stared at the alley with a cautious gaze.

"Let's go in," the middle-aged man ordered.

The group moved into the alley. The cultivators entered from various directions while the middle-aged man flew into the alley.

Inside the alley, a little girl covered in dirt was curled up in a corner. She was hugging her knees with her arms while her emaciated body was s.h.i.+vering in fear. She did not even dare to look up.

Yet when faced with a little girl like this, the group of cultivators was on high alert, and they were determined to capture her.

Streaks of the might of the Way pressured the girl, causing her to tremble even more violently. She hid her head in between her legs.

She was extremely scared.

"Take her away," the Renhuang, who was in mid-air, commanded. A cultivator immediately moved forward and extended his arms, ready to catch the girl.

However, right at this moment, suddenly a streak of very powerful might of the Way appeared in the alley. The might froze everything in the s.p.a.ce.

A group of cultivators emerged at the entrance of the alley. The leader of the group was a youth with white hair and white robes. He said, "Isn't it a little too much for so many people to gang up on a girl?"

The middle-aged man who was standing above the alley looked at Ye Futian and said, "Sir, please keep out of this."

However, a silhouette beside Ye Futian had moved towards the girl; it was Yaya.

Step by step, Yaya came up to the girl and gently asked, "Why are they trying to capture you?"

The girl shook her head. She didn't know.

The little girl lifted her head slowly. Yaya revealed a strange look when she saw the girl's eyes. This little girl, who was in her early teens, had a pair of unfathomable eyes. Her eyes were like bottomless pits; those who looked at her were engrossed by her eyes uncontrollably.

"Elder sister," the girl whispered, "they said I am one who brings misfortune. But I have never voluntarily hurt anyone before."

Gazing into the girl's eyes, Yaya extended her hand. She could sense something familiar about the girl.

The girl also looked into Yaya's eyes. Then, she took her hand.

"Come with me." Yaya held on to the girl's hand and pulled her up. Then, she turned around and walked towards Ye Futian.

"Sir." Suddenly, the man in mid-air released a very strong might of the Renhuang. He said, "This little girl is a deviant. May all of you show us some face and don't put us in a predicament."

The middle-aged man could naturally sense that Ye Futian and his party were not simple. Otherwise, he would not be so polite to them.

"I will take her with me," Ye Futian insisted. Yaya wanted the little girl to follow them; he would not stop her.

Perhaps Yaya saw the shadow of herself in the little girl and took pity on her.

The cultivators who surrounded the alley had ugly expressions. However, they merely stared at Ye Futian and his group as they left. n.o.body dared to stop them.

Many people behind Ye Futian had auras that were frighteningly powerful.

"Let's go. We will return and make a report," the leading Renhuang instantly turned and left. He was afraid that he had invited trouble.

Ye Futian's group had already left with the girl. After they emerged from the alley, the girl lifted her head and looked at Ye Futian. She softly said, "Thank you, elder brother."

Ye Futian lowered his head and looked at the girl's eyes. At that moment, his heart had actually trembled inadvertently inside. What were those eyes of hers? A mere glance from them had actually caused the Life Spirit in his body to stir!

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