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Chapter 2300: White Sarcophagus

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

A horrific rhythmic atmosphere diffused from the corpse king and swept across the s.p.a.ce without reserve. In an instant, heaven and earth were once again surrounded by rhythms and formed a domain dominated by it.

Traces of musical rhythm burrowed into everyone’s ears, probing into their spiritual souls. Even those powerful beings who had pa.s.sed the second Divine Tribulation felt a shudder in their spiritual souls.

Buzz! The fluctuations of the rhythm continued to spread from the corpse king. It was as if his body was merely a conductor. In a brief moment, the vast land was enveloped by the will contained in the rhythm.

The music of a song began to play, and every single beating note seemed to contain endless sorrow.

“The Divine Requiem.” Lord Luo’s expression was solemn. He had a look of piety. He then sat cross-legged directly in this void, listening very carefully.

Although this Divine Requiem was terrifying, it was also a great blessing to personally experience the long-lost Divine Requiem. Furthermore, it was possible that this Divine Requiem was being performed by Shenyin the Great himself. Even if he was not in human form, he existed in another form, playing this stunning divine tune.

As a rhythmic cultivator, Lord Luo appreciated the opportunity to hear the Divine Requiem here, even if it meant that he must withstand terrible rhythmic attacks. He did not deliberately resist the attacks but allowed things to take their course, wanting to comprehend the fullness of the Divine Requiem.

And because of his own cultivation in rhythm, he had stronger resistance than most.

Of course, even if Lord Luo deliberately resisted it, it wouldn’t do him much good. The Divine Requiem had shrouded the vast s.p.a.ce and rang throughout this corner of the sky. It had wormed into everyone’s ears and infiltrated their spiritual souls so that there was absolutely nowhere to hide.

Those major figureheads who had retreated sat cross-legged, trying to shut down all their senses, but it was totally futile. Once the Divine Requiem started to play, that endless sadness quickly took hold of their minds, dragging them into a world created by the mood of dejection. So much so that they had forgotten where they were and were compelled to enter an atmosphere of extreme sorrow of their own making.

As soon as the Divine Requiem sounded, the whole world grieved.

As despondency percolated into this world, Ye Futian sat cross-legged like most people. Although his spiritual soul was in the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor, it was still impossible for him to resist the invasion of the divine music. This rhythm was particularly good at invading the spiritual souls, and the strong sense of sadness took hold of him once again. It was a feeling of desperation, endless emptiness, and endless sorrow. This emotion was then amplified to the point that it could make anyone who heard it lose their mind. As if mired in quicksand, they immersed themselves in that extreme sadness, unable to extricate themselves until their will was completely eaten away.

Even those strong cultivators who had survived the twofold Divine Tribulation were strongly affected. They looked at the corpse king in front of them while their own bodies were releasing a terrifying aura of the Great Path. They continued moving forward, intent on destroying the other. If they didn’t, they would also be affected by the rhythm to the point of falling within that inescapable mood.

However, as they moved forward, the rhythmic storm became even more frightening, engulfing their bodies and madly infiltrating their minds. A strong sense of grief was born involuntarily; it was as if they could no longer control their own will but were controlled by that music.

But the existence at this level had wills like iron that were hard to bend. Even in this state, they struggled to stretch out their hands, pointing at the body of the corpse king. A single arm was able to penetrate the rhythmic storm. It continued penetrating the storm little by little until that arm was in front of the corpse king, pointing directly at his physical body.

In other directions, those who had survived the twofold Divine Tribulations also tried to touch the corpse king by any means possible. At this moment, the s.p.a.ce had been completely torn apart and shattered, and there was no power to stop the madness of the storm or the collapse of that s.p.a.ce.

The extremely brilliant light and the light of darkness appeared at the same time. Then they saw the body of the corpse king began to disperse a little bit at a time, until it completely disappeared, destroyed.

Is he dead? everyone wondered after what they had seen.

“That’s not quite right…” Their expressions became alert, though their sadness remained. The rhythm had not dissipated, and it was just a corpse. Even if its physical form was destroyed, it didn’t necessarily mean anything. Previously, the rhythm had been using his body as a medium to play the music.

That top cultivator, who had reached the front, lowered his head to check out the tomb below. He saw wisps of rhythmic fluctuations that had begun to drift outward. As the man stepped out, a heavy pressure suddenly dropped down, causing cracks upon the tomb. It started to break apart in the middle.

He wanted to see what was hidden inside the tomb.

Even though everything that happened before was extremely uncanny, as if the Great Emperor had truly existed, he didn’t believe that Shenyin the Great was still alive. If so, how could he have allowed them to do what they had done here?

Inside this tomb, there might be secrets that were yet unknown to them.

Once the tomb was broken open, an ancient sarcophagus appeared inside. It was a pure white sarcophagus. The terrifying rhythm was coming from it, and even divine consciousness could not penetrate and scan it.

This was enough to sober up several cultivators who had survived the twofold Divine Tribulation. They stared at this white sarcophagus. Was the body of Shenyin the Great inside?

If it was indeed the corpse of the Great Emperor, then where did this rhythm come from?

And why was it able to be played here?

Moreover, the music from the sarcophagus did not stop but became stronger instead, so that these top cultivators felt as if they were inside an illusion, that they, too, were about to fall into that deepest sorrow.


The aura from them was shocking. They fixed their attention on the sarcophagus. In any case, they were determined to break it open and expose the secrets inside the sarcophagus. If the corpse of the Great Emperor was really inside, it might be the beginning of another b.l.o.o.d.y conflict.

Like before, they moved toward the sarcophagus, but the bursts of energy from the Great Path dissipated immediately when they got near the sarcophagus. Just like before, they tried to launch their attacks at close range. Someone stretched out a hand and pointed at the sarcophagus. His body penetrated and entered the rhythmic storm.

Someone else unleashed an amazing sword that pierced through the storm, all the way down.

The attacks of these powerful cultivators in the Original Realm were enough to shatter heaven and earth and destroy the Great Path. However, they were under incomparable pressure; it was as if their attacks were blocked as they struggled to move forward.

However, they were getting closer.

Lord Luo opened his eyes and looked ahead. His heart was beating violently. It seemed that the sarcophagus was really about to be opened.

He had speculated that the Great Emperor might have existed in another form and that the behaviors of these cultivators were terribly disrespectful to the Great Emperor. If the Great Emperor truly existed in another form, no one would know what the consequences would be.

However, these men were determined, and their minds were made up. It was impossible to stop them. Finally, someone’s attack took hold and landed on the white sarcophagus. A cracking sound was heard. The sarcophagus began to crack; it didn’t seem so difficult to break now.

Bang! The ancient white sarcophagus exploded. At this moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the contents inside!

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