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Chapter 2818: The Ultimate Evolution

Countless phantoms of Ye Futian were attacking the small worlds inside the Micro Heavenly Path’s world.

Everything in this world was created by Ye Futian. So, he could easily destroy them with just a thought. Yet, his purpose was not to erase this world but to create a Divine Power capable of demolis.h.i.+ng the small worlds.

Meanwhile, his original body was sitting in the void. Since he was the master of this Heavenly Path, his will would be the will of the Heavenly Path. Endless images of this place would fill up his mind. A hundred million of them would flood his head every second and a.s.similate with his Superconscious.

As time pa.s.sed, the visions in his mind became innumerable. The countless silhouettes in his mind were constantly improving, and the thrust of the Divine Swords gradually became stronger and scarier.

Soon, the motions of the phantoms began to overlap with each other. Many of them started to maintain the same attack movement as if they had found some sort of useful lead. Just then, they carried on with the new round of experiment and refining.

Similar scenes were reoccurring continuously. The sword techniques displayed by the endless phantoms were becoming more concise but stronger. It went on until the sword techniques were reduced to around a dozen of them.

With the control of his thought, the myriad of phantoms followed the leaders.h.i.+p of a dozen of them, whose offensive power was the strongest. The mirage within that domain played a subsidiary role to evolve according to the changes of the sword techniques.

The small world was quivering more violently than before. Some of the attacks could create cracks in the small worlds, while the rest could cause their collapse.

The further it went on, the harder it was to improve the sword technique. Hence, the time spent on refining became longer.

About two years later, all the phantoms finally disappeared into thin air.

Ye Futian sat in a lotus position while closing his eyes to cultivate. An intimidating Will of the Sword was surrounding his body the entire time. Suddenly, it turned into a storm and traveled across the land. There was only debris left across the areas the storm pa.s.sed by.

Although the development on the outside had stopped, a mult.i.tude of phantoms was still in the mind of Ye Futian.

At that moment, he seemed to be submerged in a brilliant Divine Light. As his Divine Power continued to charge up, his aura gradually became stronger. At the same time, a Divine Power could be felt manifesting in the atmosphere.

After some time, rays of Divine Light covered Ye Futian’s body. Lifting his head, he saw a towering Divine Sword appear in the sky. This sword seemed to be formed with a Divine Power different from his usual ones. For one, it looked like an ancient Divine Sword that every Heavenly Law could not control.

Boom! Following the descent of the Divine Sword, a ray of light shone and penetrated the boundless s.p.a.ce and even the universe. It pierced through the chaotic dimension and instantly erased the worlds in its path.

It was so powerful that even the Divine Power of s.p.a.ce could not block it. Needless to say, the micro worlds created with the Divine Power of the World were equally feeble. They did not escape their fate from being eradicated.

That Divine Light spanned across the realm as though it was an eternal Divine Power. None of the dimensional power or small worlds could survive being blasted into nothingness.

At that time, Ye Futian opened his eyes and looked in that direction.

He was moved by his accomplishment and sighed. Now that he was steadily building his Micro Heavenly Path, he would one day become a bona side Heavenly Path once he perfected his cultivation. There will be living beings cultivating in this universe in the future. Putting aside the Divine Power outside the scope of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, could the Divine Power of the Law within his Divine Sword be comparable to the Divine Power of Creation? Would it be revered as the energy source used to create the universe?

It might really happen.

What should this Divine Power be called?

“This Divine Sword could be considered the ultimate evolution of the Heaven Slaying Divine Sword. Hmm. Perhaps, this power should be called the Heaven Slaying Divine Power,” Ye Futian mumbled. Heaven Slaying sounded like an equal to Creation.

Tianzhu was the most basic form of sword technique created with the combination of the Divine Sword and the Divine Power.

After years of meditation, it finally evolved into the ultimate form, which was also its strongest form. This was the final evolution of Heaven Slaying Divine Sword. Hence, the name of this sword would not be changed. It would remain the same.

With Heaven Slaying Divine Power as its energy source, Heaven Slaying Divine Sword could wipe a world off the universe. How powerful would this attack become when he completed his Micro Heavenly Path?

Ye Futian was very much looking forward to it.

With that, he had an extra stratagem in his a.r.s.enal to stand against Donghuang the Great.

After Ye Futian finished his mediation, he opened his physical eyes and looked at the sky. At that time, everyone in the ninety-nine heavens was still focused on their cultivation to improve themselves. Most people had huge improvements throughout the two-year duration. He did not know how many new Emperors-To-Be were born since he concentrated on his cultivation. Plus, he did not observe the changes of the outside world at all.

However, things were relatively peaceful in ninety-nine heavens at that moment. There was no sign that a fight had taken place before. After all, no one dared to scramble for the Divine Battleaxe since Ye Futian had intimidated everyone previously. So, it was a no-brainer that no one had the nerve to disturb the cultivators of Ye Imperial Palace.

While the cultivators were occupied by their meditation, many of them were waiting for the manifestation of the next Divine Item.

Up until that moment, there were a total of five Divine Items, including the Black Lotus, the Divine Mountain, the Door of s.p.a.ce, the Divine Sword, and the Divine Battleaxe of Creation.

There would be at least two more Divine Items waiting to be manifested in Seven Realms. Since the Heavenly Path had gifted the Divine Battleaxe of Creation suitable for Devil World cultivators, it would not be absurd for a Divine Item ideal for the World of Buddhism to manifest.

Should that be the case, who was the actual beneficiary of the Divine Mountain?

Was it Divine Prefecture or Heavenly Realm?

Or perhaps, Original Realm?

No one knew the answer to that question. After all, it was the Will of the Heavenly Path.

There was not much time left.

The end of another three years was already around the corner. In other words, the cultivators from all over the world had been staying in the ninety-nine heavens for almost 15 years already. Nevertheless, all of them could hardly feel any difference since the people here were the strongest bunch in the world. So, 15 years was pretty short for them.

Other than their antic.i.p.ation for the next Divine Item, everyone was curious about one thing.

Who would be the next individual to join the lineup of the Great Emperors?

At that moment, there were already a bunch of Emperors-To-Be in the ninety-nine heavens. If one were to look at individual strength alone, Ye Futian would be the undisputed champion among the known Emperors-To-Be. Despite being the strongest, it didn’t mean he would be the first one to reach the Great Emperor Plane.

At the end of the day, battle strength and cultivation level were two different things altogether. Ye Futian had always been known for his incredible battle prowess. Even in the face of an opponent with a higher cultivation level, he could still defeat them. Most of the Emperors-To-Be here were Ancient Emperors. If one were to compare cultivation experience, they would be the most knowledgeable. They had already known the way to become a Great Emperor. So, they only needed to submerge themselves in the Heavenly Law and wait until they had completed their paths and returned as the Great Emperors.

On the other hand, Ye Futian was the best cultivator of the current age. As a cultivator who tried to reach the Great Emperor Realm through Path Slaying Cultivation, his journey would be more challenging. And he would take a longer time to complete his path.

With that in mind, most people excluded Ye Futian from the potential list of individuals who would be the first to become the next Great Emperor.

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