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Chapter 2919: New Emperor Legion

Ye Futian focused on cultivation. He had demon beasts under his control in the outside world, so he would know if anything major happened.

After he led the army to fight everywhere for three months, the War of the Six Realms was not as aggressive as before. Even though war still existed in the Six Realms, it was much more peaceful than before. The invaders from the three realms did not dare to kill mindlessly anymore.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. A few decades pa.s.sed in the snap of a finger. Of course, this was the time in Ye Futian’s world.

That day, Ye Futian sat cross-legged on a divine mountain in his Micro World. His entire body dazzled, and light flowed across him. In the span of a breath, he seemed to produce limitless vitality. If he spat out a hot breath, it would make the sun hotter. When he spat out a cool breath, it made coldness shroud the world. All of his actions, even his inhale and exhale, could affect the operation of this universe.

The sound of his heartbeat seemed to have transformed into the universe’s pulse. When he was calm, the universe would run smoothly. When he was angered, the entire universe would be upended.

Ye Futian continued to meditate in this quiet state, immersing in it. He seemed to breathe together with the universe.

That day, Ye Futian finally opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He did not need to perceive the entire world. Everything had been imprinted in his mind.

Nowadays, he was the entire world; the entire universe was him.

“70 years!” Ye Futian murmured. This time, he had actually spent 70 years cultivating in seclusion. If he added the time from before, it had already been more than 100 years.

Of course, 70 years was not even one year in the outside world.

But in Ye Futian’s world, dramatic changes had already occurred.

With the 40 years after the war had erupted and the 70 years now, more than 100 years had pa.s.sed already. There had been decades of cultivation before the war had erupted too. One could imagine how many great changes had happened.

Even the cultivators that Ye Futian had collected into his Micro World in the three months of battles and joined the legions, their cultivation states had improved too. They had become a young force in the eight legions.

As for the core figures who had already entered the Path of the Emperors, their cultivation states had become even stronger. A batch of Great Emperors had appeared in the Micro World.

Right now, Ye Futian’s body in the outside world was also completely brilliant. He radiated with dazzling divine light as if he was no longer a “human.” Instead, he was the incarnation of the Path. Even though he was in the vast void, he still did not seem miniscule. Merely sitting there, he was like the absolute center of that world.

Boom! At that moment, Ye Futian’s eyes opened, and divine light shot out of his...o...b... Even the s.p.a.ce here shook because of it with unsteady but intense ripples.


“There had not been any commotion in all these years. Has the Human Ancestor returned?” Ye Futian thought. Even though it had not been long in the outside world, the Human Ancestor’s true form had always been cultivating and preparing to return at any time. He did not know how he was now.

With a thought, Ye Futian’s figure vanished.

The Heavenly Imperial City of the Heaven Realm was now under the rule of the strong figures of the Human Realm. The force from the Human Divine Palace personally took over. The Human Realm had connected a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sageway to travel through the Six Realms and conquer the realms more easily.

The Human Realm even constructed many majestic palaces in the Heavenly Imperial City.

Just then, an extremely horrifying divine light suddenly descended from the dome of the sky. The cultivators of the Heavenly Imperial City all saw it. Many layers of the sky fell from the dome of the heavens, carrying many cultivators and various ancient pavilions and palaces. They stood atop the Heavenly Imperial Palace.

“The ninety-nine heavens!”

The cultivators of the Heavenly Imperial Palace felt their hearts pulse. After the Heaven Realm was conquered, the original cultivators of the Heaven Realm became the lowest cla.s.s. Usually, they kept a low profile, but after seeing the ninety-nine heavens reappear in the sky above the Heavenly Imperial City now, it was like their hearts had been struck.

Was the Heavenly Emperor back?

The ninety-nine heavens were not sealed off yet. They saw many cultivator legions appear in the sky above the Heavenly Imperial City. Their auras were all frightening. Like a heavenly army, every single person had extraordinary temperaments.

There were also the generals of each legion in the sky above the grand armies. The cultivators of the Heaven Realm saw many familiar figures.

Great Skylords Black and White Almighty were now Great Emperors.

The Four Heavenly Kings had entered the Great Emperor Plane now too.

Donghuang Diyuan, princess of the Divine Prefecture—Great Emperor Plane.

There were many other people whose bodies were covered with the divine Great Emperor glow. It was like a group of G.o.ds descending. The blinding divine light fell into the eyes of the Heavenly Imperial City cultivators, shaking their hearts and souls.

One year after the war had erupted, the Heavenly Emperor came, bringing a group of G.o.ds.

It was no longer one or a few Great Emperors. It was an army of Great Emperors.

The Age of G.o.ds had finally come.

The Human Ancestor ruled the old G.o.ds; the Heavenly Emperor led the new G.o.ds.

They gazed to the top of the sky, the peak of the ninety-nine heavens. A white-haired figure stood there, like the master of all G.o.ds. His gaze overlooked the lower sky and swept toward the Heavenly Imperial City. “Retake the Heavenly Imperial City,” he said.

“Yes, Heavenly Emperor.”

The voices rang throughout the void as the many legions accepted the command simultaneously. After cultivating in the Micro World, they were all incredibly reverent of Ye Futian. He was the G.o.d of creation who had created a complete world. He could even rule over time and change the law of time.

The Heavenly Emperor had returned and would rule over the entire world.

The strong figures of the Human Realm all took out their communication items and asked for reinforcement.

The six grand legions advanced toward the Heavenly Imperial Palace. This was fated to be a battle with no surprises.

The G.o.ds that Ye Futian led did not attack. They watched the great battle in the Heavenly Imperial City quietly as everything was destroyed utterly. The strong figures of the Human Realm were absolutely crushed.

What put them in even more despair was that there were no reinforcements.

The heavenly army that had returned had not destroyed the transmission matrix, as if letting reinforcement come freely. However, no one came to reinforce them. Clearly, they also knew how frightening these six legions were. Coming would probably be suicide.

The cultivators of the original Heaven Realm all witnessed this scene. This time, Ye Futian did not leave. Instead, he just watched how the heavenly army retook the Heavenly Imperial City.

“Is the Heavenly Emperor already able to fight against the G.o.ds led by the Human Ancestor?” the people of the Heavenly Imperial City all thought. Clearly, Heavenly Emperor Ye Futian did not plan on avoiding battle anymore. He had the ninety-nine heavens reappear in the Heaven Realm and retook the Heavenly Imperial Palace. He led the group of Great Emperors in a comeback. He was clearly prepared to declare war.

At the peak of the Human Divine Palace of the Human Realm, the Human Ancestor was sitting cross-legged while cultivating. That moment, he seemed to sense something and his eyes opened. He looked into the distance.

“Has he proved his path?” the Human Ancestor murmured softly. He did not think that his biggest opponent would be a junior.

But actually, he had always been fighting with this lineage.

From the Heavenly Emperor to the Sovereign Princess, and now to Ye Futian, it had never changed.

Just like how he had had the final victory the last two times, the result would be the same this time too!

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