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Published at 13th of August 2019 07:15:04 PM Chapter 413: 413

A fierce expression shows up on his handsome face . Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he says: “All of you, shut up! Today is the day Ben w.a.n.g and Jun Muyan will be married . Regardless of whether she's willing or unwilling, she must become Ben w.a.n.g's wife . ”

After that, his gaze falls on Muyan . The fierceness and gloominess in his eyes slowly turns into viciousness, “Jun Muyan, Ben w.a.n.g originally wanted to be gentle with you – pamper you, and give you the greatest respect . However, since you refuse a toast and can only be forced to drink a forfeit, then don't blame Ben w.a.n.g for being rude . ”

There's a hissing sound!

Jin w.a.n.g takes out a knife from the waistband of a guard beside him .

Pouring his Internal Force into it, he's about to slice Muyan's knees .

“After cutting off the muscles and veins on your legs, Ben w.a.n.g wants to see if you can still keep on standing!”

Bai Yichen's face abruptly changes . His hands immediately goes to the hilt of his sword, about to unsheathe its length .

“Teacher, wait a minute!” All of a sudden, a gentle voice speaks up, interrupting Jin w.a.n.g's actions .

Jin w.a.n.g abruptly turns his head, looking fierce and severe .

Seeing that the one who spoke out is Qing Feng, he restrains himself a little . However, his complexion is still very unsightly, “Qing Feng, whatever it is, wait until Ben w.a.n.g and Muyan have finished the ceremony, then say it . ”

Nevertheless, Qing Feng has a faint smile as he moves forward, saying: “This Martial Nephew has the wedding gift that Master has asked me to give you . If this Jun Muyan really couldn't tell good from bad, as to refuse to marry you and become your wife, then this this would probably be useful to you, Uncle . ”

Jin w.a.n.g shows a doubtful look .

Qing Feng has already taken out jade box, handing it over to him .

Opening the small box, Jin w.a.n.g's expression changes at once, “This… this is?”

“This is known as a Wuqi seed . ” Qing Feng sends a sideways glance towards Muyan . He speaks slowly, using a voice that everyone on the scene could hear, “Master said, that if Martial Uncle takes this Wuqi seed, and make her take your blood within an hour-”

“Then she would be deathly devoted towards you, faithful until death . Even if you make her go through a path with a mountain of blades above and a sea of fire beneath, make her turn into a mere dog, she still could never go against you . Until death . ”


When this words come out, one after another, everyone on the scene couldn't help but suck in a mouthful of cold air; their expressions stuck on restraining fear, horror, and shock .

In this world, there's actually such a sinister thing?

As soon as this thing is used, this girl, devastatingly beautiful and br.i.m.m.i.n.g over with talent… her life would be ruined .

But Jin w.a.n.gye gets so excited that he exclaims with a trembling voice, “Wuqi seed, it's really the Wuqi seed! How could Jian Feng be willing to give such a treasure to Ben w.a.n.g?”

Qing Feng shows a proud smile, “Although the Wuqi seed is precious, it isn't such an uncommon thing for my Master . ”

“What's more, today is your joyous day . Without a decent congratulatory gift, how could this Martial Nephew have the nerve to come here and congratulate you, Martial Uncle?”

“Good, good! Truly great!” Jin w.a.n.g can't help but laugh heartily, the gloominess on his face earlier has now been swept away, “When you go back, thank Jian Feng for me . Say that Ben w.a.n.g will remember this favor . ”

He thinks that after taking the Wuqi seed, this woman – beautiful and moving, rebellious and unruly – she would writhe happily beneath him as he toys with her however he wants . A red-hot flame burns in Jin w.a.n.g's eyes .

He can't wait for the wedding to end, and take her into the bridal chamber .

In front of all the guests, Jin w.a.n.g picks up the Wuqi seed and administers it to himself .

As the Wuqi spreads within his body, he gradually nears Muyan, who is standing still . He slowly squeezes out a drop of blood from his fingertips .

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