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"Mommy, are you tired?" The little guy greeted his mother as he handed over a pair of house slippers. What a sweet child!

"I'm not tired anymore the moment I see you!" Ning Xi held up the little guy, feeling glad that he had gained more weight than before.

Little Treasure's body had recovered to normal standards. In addition to his training with Tang Lang, his body was getting stronger. He used to get sick from time to time, but recently, he did not have any issues at all.

"Mommy, teacher gave me homework that has to be done with you!" Little Treasure announced.

"Really? What is it!? Let me help you!" Ning Xi replied.

Little Treasure took out something from his bag and presented it to Ning Xi on his palm.

It was a small cardboard with a dozen black dots on it.

Ning Xi realized what it was. "Oh, your teacher wants you all to rear silkworm babies?"

These should be silkworms.

Little Treasure looked at his mother in astonishment. "Mommy, you're so amazing! You know the moment you saw them. Second Uncle didn't even know what it was!"

"Hahaha...because I've reared them before!" Ning Xi grinned at being praised.

"You're back." Lu Tingxiao had come down.

"Mmm, did you get the ingredients? Shall I make dinner?" Ning Xi asked.

"Let the kitchen helpers do it. You've been busy all day long."

Ning Xi did not mind. "It's okay. Making dinner is relaxing. I'll go and get a box for Little Treasure's silkworm babies. I'll be back soon!"


Lu Jingli was ignored as he watched Ning Xi run away with Little Treasure. "Is no one going to acknowledge me?"

Yep, no one acknowledged him.

Lu Jingli then went up to his brother. "Bro, are you really not curious at all?"

He acted like nothing had happened at all.

Lu Tingxiao said calmly, "If she wanted to tell me, she would."

Lu Jingli hated his calm expression.

Fortunately, Lu Jingli found himself a new target to pester.

A while later, Jiang Muye came over.

If he knew he would be tortured by Lu Jingli's never-ending questions, he never would have come over.

But it was too late…

Lu Jingli held Jiang Muye firmly by the shoulder as they sat on the sofa. "My dear nephew, I'm not going to ask you about you and Xiao Xi Xi if you don't want to tell me, but you don't have to hide about others, alright?"

Jiang Muye replied, "If I tell you, and if Ning Xiao Xi were to beat me up later, will you help me?"

"Of course not! Are you kidding me?"

Jiang Muye was speechless.

This was the scene that Ning Xi saw when she came down with Little Treasure.

Jiang Muye quickly clarified himself, "I didn't say anything!"

Ning Xi did not have to guess what happened. She stared at Lu Jingli. "Okay, stop pestering him. Go and prepare the ingredients for me. Iit's not story time yet!"

Lu Jingli's eyes brightened up. It seemed like Xiao Xi Xi was ready for story time…

Why didn't you tell me earlier!?

Ning Xi glanced at Lu Tingxiao's direction with a complicated gaze.

Lu Tingxiao had given her his utmost trust and tolerance. All the rumors about her messy private life abroad and her psychological issues, she might never tell anyone in her life, but he had given her the courage to open up...

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