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As she finished her sentence, everyone felt a chill run down their spines…

Liang Biqin widened her eyes, "Ning Xi! dare you!"

Even Su Yimo who had not bothered to talk to Ning Xi spoke up, "Ridiculous!"

Zhao Meixin was really angry, "Ning Xi, are you mad? You intentionally said that to humiliate Yimo in public!"

Bai Lu was so terrified that she became mute and everyone looked at Ning Xi as if she was a ghost…

"Such daring words from Ning Xi…"

"She is behaving really oddly today. Is she cursed? Why does she keep on looking for trouble?"

Ning Xi’s expression did not change at all, regardless of what everyone said, and she put on an innocent face, "Hmm, I don’t really know what I’ve said wrong, to make Senior Su so angry now…I’ve done my part of the deal, compensated for the damaged clothing, so shouldn't what Senior Su is wearing right now be mine?"

Everyone was speechless.

Even Su Yimo’s group did not know what to say to her…

Liang Biqin broke the silence, "Ning Xi! Are you that poor? You even want this poorly-made clothing too?"

Ning Xi put on a troubled expression, scanning Su Yimo’s clothing, "Ms. Liang’s words are too hars.h.!.+ Senior Su’s outfit is so precious! How could you say that it’s poorly-made? This is Chanel’s latest exclusive edition dress, which is not even available to the public yet. Even if it was, there are only 10 of them in this world! One's with Senior Su so that means one less in this world! For a garment of this level of exclusivity, even if it was just the bag that it came in, it would be enough to buy every single thing I’m wearing! How can you say that it’s poorly-made?"

Ning Xi’s memory was superb and she repeated what everyone's praises about the outfit.

"…" Liang Biqin almost choked on herself, "Don’t you misinterpret my words! I was saying that the dress is damaged! Not that the dress is bad!"

Ning Xi nodded, "It doesn’t matter if it’s dirty. Sis Meixin mentioned that it can be washed and that the damage was just a little flaw. But since Senior Su can’t stand it, plus my eyesight is pretty poor, I don’t mind at all!"

While she was saying that she was blind, everyone knew who the blind one in the situation really was…

Ning Xi worded it so flawlessly that Su Yimo and the gang could not come back with any reply although they fully understood what she was trying to imply.

The onlookers were really surprised by how quickly the matter escalated, like a tornado…

Ning Xi suddenly acted nervously and looked at Liang Biqin, "Ms. Liang, your hands! Stay further away from Senior Su! Please be careful of your manicure. Don’t hook your talons onto my clothes! This outfit is so expensive that I can’t afford it myself!"

Some of them started laughing…

Liang Biqin was very frustrated as Zhao Meixin stood up and spoke harshly, "Ning Xi, how shameless can you be? You’re such a jerk!"

Ning Xi shrugged helplessly, "Jerks are usually unreasonable...can you tell me which part of me just now sounded unreasonable?"

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