Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss 1938 Broke Through To The Heavenly-God Level 2

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Yun Luofeng's body hit the ground so hard that it made a big hole in the ground. She wiped the blood from her lips and got up from the ground. Without hesitation, she rushed towards the two old men again.

"Huh?" The eyes of the old man in gray were full of astonishment, and his voice was grim, "Girl, it seems that I underestimated you. Taking such a heavy blow, you can still stand up?! No wonder you accomplished so much at such a young age."

Yun Luofeng looked up, her black eyes sparkling.


This time, she took the initiative and rushed towards the nearest old man in gray. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The old man in gray dodged and evaded Yun Luofeng's attack. His arm fell heavily on Yun Luofeng's shoulder and made her retreat a few steps, leaving a shadow in the sky.

At this moment, Yun Luofeng clearly felt that the power of the dragon scale armor began to decline. If she couldn't solve them now, she would not be able to defeat them with her own strength.

"Girl, it doesn't look like you're going to last long."

At first, Yun Luofeng was able to evade his attacks, but now her strength was waning. Apparently, she couldn't rival them.

However, the old man in gray also wanted to fight a quick battle, so without giving Yun Luofeng breathing s.p.a.ce, he attacked her again.


As a strong force invaded into her body, Yun Luofeng vomited a mouthful of blood, but her body was still as hard as iron, without any trace of falling down.

"Go on," she wiped the blood from her lips and said.

"Lao Bai," the old man in gray took a look at the old man in white and said grimly, "it's getting late. We should leave now. So, this time, let's not hold back and kill her with all our might!"


The old man in white nodded. He slowly raised his hand and a storm gradually appeared in front of his hands. The storm grew larger and larger, and seemed to have the power to destroy the heavens and the earth, enough to destroy everything!

The old man in gray responded in kind. A gale suddenly appeared around him, and even his gray robe was swept up by the gale…

A blow with all the might of one of them would be enough to turn this young woman to ashes, not to mention the blow with all the might of both of them.


In the decaying jungle, Mo Qiancheng was standing still. Tiny breaking sounds kept coming from within his body. However, no one could hear them except himself. When he saw Yun Luofeng in the midst of a crisis, the breaking sounds became faster and faster, and with a boom, something broke within his body...

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Before Mo Qiancheng broke the seal, the two old men's attacks had reached Yun Luofeng and swallowed her body up in an instant...


Mo Qiancheng's pupils suddenly constricted, and he cried out loud, his voice filled with pain and fear.

"Miss Yun!"

Qi Su and Qi Ling turned pale and rushed to where Yun Luofeng was just standing.

Mo Qiancheng stood there in a daze.

He looked at where Yun Luofeng was swallowed up, and turned his eyes to Qi Ling who looked so nervous. In an instant, an intense murderous desire shot from his constricted pupils. He tightly clenched his fists and his face looked ferocious with pain.

Did he kill Yun Luofeng?

Yes! Yun Luofeng wouldn't have died if he hadn't attracted these people here...

So, both the heavenly-G.o.d level spirit cultivators and the Tianqi Kingdom people shall be buried with her!

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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss 1938 Broke Through To The Heavenly-God Level 2 summary

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