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The Yun Pharmaceutical Company.

In a luxurious office, Yun Tianqi smashed the papers in his hand on the desk, and with a livid face, he glared at the man standing in front of him.

"Why is the firm's revenue so bad this year? Not even a tenth as usual!"

The marketing minister, a middle-aged woman with black mirror eyes, pushed her up her nose and said solemnly, "President, there is a recently opened place called the G.o.dly Doctor's Pharmacy. A lot of people were attracted to it and no longer went to hospitals, even if they just had minor colds. But our company only cooperates with hospitals. Now the hospitals' performance isn't good, so our performance has also deteriorated."

In the past year, Yun Tianqi hired a young girl as his secretary and was busy making love to her and keeping it from his wife. He really had no time to keep an eye on the company!

"The G.o.dly Doctor's Pharmacy?" Yun Tianqi sneered, "It sounds like a fraud. I can't believe people would believe it! There is no 'G.o.dly doctor' in the world! Now I'm going to expose the true colors of the G.o.dly Doctor's Pharmacy!"

Yun Tianqi stood up angrily and walked quickly out of the office.


The G.o.dly Doctor's Pharmacy.

The pharmacy used to have very few customers after they got a business license a year ago. After all, no one would believe there was really a 'G.o.dly doctor' in the world.

Then the grandson of one of Grandfather Nangong's old friends suffered from a gunshot wound and was dying. Grandfather Nangong thought of the G.o.dly Doctor's Pharmacy and bought a spiritual herb here to save the life of his friend's grandson.

It was a dangerous operation to remove the bullet and it was likely that the patient would die, but with that spiritual herb, his old friend's grandson managed to survive.

From then on, the G.o.dly Doctor's Pharmacy became famous.

Besides, it had the spiritual herbs that could strengthen people's physique, which attracted thousands of people to come here. However, it wasn't long before they stopped selling the spiritual herbs that could greatly strengthen people's physique. Yun Luofeng gave those spiritual herbs to the state.

Yun Luofeng had no concern for the Longxiao Continent when she was there because she had no sense of belonging to the continent no matter before or now.

But Huaxia was different.

This was where she was born and brought up! She had special feelings for Huaxia.

With those spiritual herbs, Huaxia's army would be stronger, and foreign enemies would no longer be able to invade it.

Grandfather Nangong was grateful for what Yun Luofeng did, so were the national leaders. After Grandfather Nangong mentioned the strength of Yun Luofeng, the national leaders awarded her the military rank of Major General.

If Huaxia had such a powerful person behind it, it would be a great power in the world sooner or later!

It was because of the great support of the state that the G.o.dly Doctor's Pharmacy developed so quickly. It even attracted many foreigners.

At the moment, outside the pharmacy, people consciously queued up. Without arguing, people waited quietly. From a distance, Yun Tianqi saw the long lines. With a frown, he tried to jump the queue.

"Hey, what're you doing?"

His action irritated an old man. The old man glared at him and said, "Don't you see we're all queuing here? If you want to buy medicine, get back in line! Don't affect us!"

Yun Tianqi's face changed, "Grandpa, this pharmacy must be a fraud. Listen to its ridiculous name! Why are you willing to be swindled by it?"

The old man looked at Yun Tianqi contemptuously, "Young man, didn't you read the news? This pharmacy is very famous. It can even cure cancer patients, and has been praised by our national leaders."

Even cancer could be cured? What a joke!

Yun Tianqi sneered, "Grandpa, you must have been swindled. I'm sure this pharmacy is a fraud!"

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