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There was no room for error in a fight among the highly-skilled!

With just a simple oversight, Venerable Clear Wind was disarmed of his long sword as a black flash shot through his chest.


His physical body crumbled as though the essence of his body was being sucked out. Instantly, he had become a dried corpse which fell to the ground and shattered.

"Ah... You're too extreme!"

A black fog rose from the head of the corpse as a Yin Spirit appeared.

This was the spirit of Venerable Clear Wind. If it were to escape, it could find other suitable bodies and live on, or it could reincarnate into a new body. The possibilities were endless.

As it glanced fiercely at Fang Yuan, the Yin Spirit waved its hands in an attempt to enter the sword and escape.

"Don't think about running!"

Li Luan walked up and stretched her hands out. Immediately, a big red net appeared which contained the spiritual sword within.

Considering her abilities and cultivation, it was theoretically impossible for her to contain the spiritual sword. However, the sword was previously damaged by the thunder and lighting which she had summoned and had yet to be combined with Venerable Clear Wind's spirit. With the advantage, she made full use of it. Although the sword was trying its best to penetrate its way through, but to no avail.

"This is your fate!"

A huge hand made out of black fog appeared above Fang Yuan's head, which quickly struck towards the spirit of Venerable Clear Wind.

The spirit of Venerable Clear Wind was attempting to resist but as the black fog hand thickened, it became dizzy and restrained.


Only now did Venerable Clear Wind's disciples became aware of the entire situation. With a look of shock on their faces, a few of them attempted to rescue their master but the rest were at loss and were thinking about how to escape.

"You cannot kill me... I am the disciple of Xuan Zhen Sect, an authentic sect in the world! If you kill me, you will be in trouble!"

Venerable Clear Wind's spirit was struggling. "It was my fault that I had attacked you. Isn't it enough that you have destroyed my physical body?"

"... You are aiding the district leader and therefore are a good demon. If you don't mind, we can join forces and no one in Black Lake District can be our match!"

This person had a glib tongue. As he spoke, even Li Luan couldn't help but started to think about his offer.

After all, he made sense.

Regardless if he was from a sect, or in terms of karma or even just laying out the pros and cons, it was not worth it to kill this person.


Fang Yuan's eyes glittered as his black hand crushed the spirit.

With a shriek, the spirit disintegrated. This was the real destruction of the spirit that was irreversible.

"Ah... Master?"

A few Daoists were in shock. "How dare you kill master?"

"Who cares about what he was trying to say! The fact was that he had attempted to kill me and even guarded against me. How can I be fooled by him?"

Fang Yuan snickered.

Although Venerable Clear Wind's offer seemed like a win-win, it might bring trouble for Fang Yuan.

The most important thing was that Venerable Clear Wind had a backing and could always call for help. On the other hand, Fang Yuan was alone. Therefore, he had fewer rights to speak up for himself and this would only spell trouble.

This was why he had to destroy him completely!

"Pu! Pu!"

After a few black flashes, every Daoist in the vicinity held their chests and fell to the ground as blood seeped out of their wounds.

"Brother... why are you so extreme?"

Seeing this, Li Luan gave a look of discomfort.

"This is not my choice. The moment that sword tried to harm us, there was no turning back..."

Fang Yuan revealed his Yin Spirit and looked depressed.

Looking at his own fate energy, Fang Yuan chuckled. He could see the little flames around him as usual. In fact, he had restored his people Dao karma.

Instead of being reduced, it had increased!

'Humans will rise and the demons will fall. After killing this person, I would be against the trend of this realm. How could this not be detected? This would only mean one thing. The heavens are confusing me! Although my karma seems normal, they are preparing for an extreme tribulation for me! If I do not be on my guard at all times, I would get myself into trouble!'

The Energy Viewing Technique and the likes of it seemed to have originated from his realm. Therefore, this realm could manipulate such energy-viewing related techniques and make it seem normal!

Although people might see that he was full of auspicious energy, his enemies would see him as extremely troubled and would strike after seeing it!

"Since I've killed him, I might as well kill the rest!"

Indeed, Li Luan felt nothing about killing the other Daoist

After all, she was not human to begin with. Seeing the death of the many daoist was akin to the death of ants. After a sigh, she quickly got over it.

"This person belongs to a sect. Therefore, it is a good idea to wipe all of them out completely to no one would be able to report what had happened here!"

There were thinking about how to clear the mess that they had made.

After an intensive clearing session in the temple, they managed to find some loots.

"Keke... These daoist are rich indeed!"

In the small courtyard, they could already find a few treasures.

There was gold, silver, pearls and their total worth seemed to be a few thousand taels. All of these were the contributions from the district people.

Other than these, they also had countless bottles. These were the spiritual pills made personally by Venerable Clear Wind, of which Li Luan had looted quite a number of them.

It was a fact that in terms of alchemy and casting arrays, the demons were less-developed in these areas compared to humans. They were even more incomparable in other tedious processes.


Seeing this, Fang Yuan smiled. "You can have the spiritual pills if you want. Just leave me the herbs!"

He walked up calmly and with the strength of his Yin Spirit, he picked up the Sun Moon Sword.

Although it had been damaged by the lighting and thunder and had lost its owner, it remained sharp and lethal.

"It's a good sword!"

He heaved a sigh. "I'm afraid all the spiritual pills and treasures cannot compare to this sword!"

It was not an easy feat to smelt a spiritual sword like this.

Just the materials required to smelt the sword would require gold, silver, jade shavings and iron forged from the stars. After smelting it, it would require a cultivator to use spiritual force to refine and polish it for many years. Furthermore, the sword would require cleansing periodically using lotus essence and ginseng soup to maintain its spiritual property, and the consumption of the sword was insane.

There was a saying among the people in this realm. The poor would study and become scholars while the rich would learn martial arts and make a name for themselves through cultivation. It was extremely true.

"Since history, treasured swords should always go with heroes. This sword fits you to a tee, Brother Fang!"

Li Luan knew that she did had did less than Fang Yuan in taking down Venerable Clear Wind and therefore did not fight with him for the prize.

"Sounds good!"

Fang Yuan looked up. "Let's s.h.i.+ft all these away and burn the entire temple down! Remember, don't let anyone know what happened here today, not even Xu Ren! We were only killing an evil G.o.d today and none of this is related to us!"

"I know what to do!"

Although she did not know why Fang Yuan wouldn't let her ask Xu Ren for help in clearing up the place, Li Luan still agreed.

Within a spiritual cave in Heizi River.

Fang Yuan sat within and released his Yin Spirit. As he opened his spiritual eye, he snickered. "The tribulation is coming! I need to strengthen myself!"

If he could see signs the impending arrival of a tribulation in his fate energy, he would be less worried. After all, he could use his karma to reduce the intensity of the tribulation.

However, there were no traces or signs of anything happening. This was the most dangerous as the tribulation might strike anytime to take his life and he would not have any time to prepare!

"Although the heavens are hiding the signs of tribulation from me, I can still roughly guess. The weakening of my fate energy would mean that a tribulation is coming. However, I am rather powerful now. If the heavens want to take my life, they can only do it in two ways..."

Fang Yuan was deep in thought.

If he was a human, say an official, he would be likely to plead guilty and be stripped of his appointment before a punishment would be meted out.

However, he was a demon and all these were useless on him. Therefore, there were only a few methods in which the tribulation could strike him.

"Only a direct Killer Tribulation can deal with me. As of now, there are two ways it can come. Firstly, it can come from the Xuan Zhen Sect, the sect which Venerable Clear Wind came from! Although I have killed everybody there and cleared all traces, the cultivators might be able to guess and calculate the happenings. If they are powerful enough, they might just find out something!"

Secondly, the tribulation can come in the form of a more powerful demon G.o.d! After all, I have been destroying temples in Black Lake District and my traces are obvious. How could there be no backlash against me?"

After a.n.a.lysing all the possible outcomes, Fang Yuan chuckled.

There was nothing he could do to survive the tribulation but strengthen himself!

As he sighed, he spat out a long sword which appeared translucent. It was the Sun Moon Sword.

"When can I ever get the moon?"

Reading the inscription on the sword, he sighed once more. "For me to use it, I have to smelt it again!"

He was already mentally prepared from the moment he had decided to take the sword.


As his spiritual will shook, 49 bone pearls shot out.

This was the property of the evil G.o.d, the andrias. The spirits of the vengeful souls were freed, but the hatred and aggressiveness of the spirits remained in the pearls.

"Bang! Bang!"

As the bone pearls exploded, a white powder landed on the Sun Moon Sword and a black mist seeped into the sword at the same time.

"With this spiritual material, I can smelt the sword again and therefore remove traces of Venerable Clear Wind from the sword. Although the sword would no longer be able to fly, I can still make use of its sharpness!"

Fang Yuan was inexperienced in smelting swords. However, he was only doing a touch up on the Sun Moon Sword. Furthermore, he had experience in dealing with his very own 8 Gates Sword Array and could still do it.

With a shriek, an immense amount of demonic force was released and wrapped the sword within.

As the bone pearls exploded and fused together with the sword, the original spiritual sword was now a pale bone-white and appeared sinister...

In a flash, 7 days had gone by.

"Come back!"

As Fang Yuan retracted the demonic force, a snow-white sword was revealed!

The sword released vibes that made it both good and evil as though it was smelted from bones. As it released a demonic glow from the blade, a black mist was spinning around the sword.

"White Bone Evil Slaying Sword! This is a combination of the spiritual sword that killed many evil demons and the vengeance of 49 young spirits. It will be extremely effective against demons and ghosts!"

Fang Yuan released his Yin Spirit and imprinted his own spiritual will on the sword.

After another round of smelting, the original resistance which was felt from the Sun Moon Sword had disappeared. In a mouth, Fang Yuan had swallowed the entire sword.

"Alright, it's time to test it out!"

There was a look of determination in his eyes. "Go!"


Within his body, the White Bone Evil Slaying Sword shot out a flash which struck on the Dragon Pearl in his body.


Fang Yuan's body shook as though he has sustained internal injuries. Within seconds, there was a bright golden glow.

In his spiritual will, the Dragon Pearl shook as well. A silhouette of a green dragon appeared as bits of gold fell from the sky.


Although it was only something insignificant, Fang Yuan's body started to expand as though he had eaten too much. He quickly closed his eyes and started to enter a state of deep cultivation.

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