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"How is this possible?"

The Sun Leaving Sect's Essence Soul Venerable kept waving his large flag and emitting fierce flames. When he finally escaped the siege of the goat-headed humans, the fog in front of him dispersed before he could catch his breath. He took in the sight of his surroundings.

The exotic flowers and plants did not immediately catch his eyes. Most conspicuous were the several vicious monsters with bad intentions that had surrounded him as soon as they saw him.

Although there were only a few, he felt more afraid compared to the previous goat demon army.

This was because these monsters were at Essence Soul, especially the one like a hill. Its presence was unpredictable and deep, just like a Human Immortal's!

"I'm an Essence Soul Venerable and have an exceptional treasure to protect me for the task this time. H-How could I possible die here?"

This Essence Soul was not resigned and continuously waved his large flag. Instantly, black smoke rose and flames swept.

Unfortunately, this struggle was futile.

After a moment.

"I hate…"

Following the bellow of an unwilling voice, a sudden large explosion was heard.

In the mess, an Essence Soul wrapped in a flag wanted to fly away.

At this time, the hill-sized monster snorted loudly.

With the snorting sound, alternating yellow and white lights swept through. One of them stretched out while another contracted to hook onto the Essence Soul and his treasure before swallowing them. Just like that, not another sound was heard…

"Looks like this lousy place truly has many secrets. At least there's someone managing it, and it has attracted quite a bit of greed…"

Fang Yuan knew the secrets of the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds and the petty maneuvers of the three sects.

"However, letting me have the initiative was a huge mistake on your part!"

Roar! Roar!

Aw! Aw!

The vicious monsters surrounding him howled and suddenly charged forward, as if they had received a command.

Even Human Immortals would not be able to escape from this battle!

"Elemental Spiritual Energy Cultivation Technique's fourth layer is spiritual field, from external to internal, and Vast Ocean Heart Manual trains the body, from internal to external. However, the fifth layer, Earth Immortal, is indistinctly interlinked."

Fang Yuan waved his hands and a domain formed.

This was the Elemental Spiritual Energy Cultivation Technique's fifth layer Earth Immortal domain! After his improvements, it was flawlessly compatible with the Spiritual Realm.


Instantly, an invisible power field opened. Even the Human Immortal vicious monsters were fixed onto their spot, utterly motionless.

Fang Yuan strolled within the circle of vicious monsters, and when he found a node, he ruthlessly tore it with both hands.


Stone collapsed, the ground vibrated, and the mountains shook.

A precipice crumpled to reveal a giant cave in the stomach of a mountain containing a colorful palace that appeared to be paved purely with jade stones.

"Bury Jade Palace?"

Fang Yuan smiled lightly and stepped in!


The entire Bury Jade Palace vibrated as the remaining restrictions were immediately activated!

"This isn't good!"

In the Golden Jade Hall, Lord Bright Jade's will instantly discovered the intruder. "An Earth Immortal? I didn't think that the Vast Ocean Sect would be so deceitful and allow an Earth Immortal Patriarch to disguise as an ordinary Essence Soul Venerable. He also pa.s.sed through the restriction at the valley mouth?!"

Initially, he only thought that the Vast Ocean Sect would at most have petty actions like the Sun Leaving Sect, such as bringing multiple treasures or talismans.

But he did not think that the Vast Ocean Sect was so insane and ridiculous. It did not obey the rules and actually wanted to achieve its aim through underhanded methods. Under everyone's eyes, it actually sent an Earth Immortal Patriarch in!

"What to do? What to do?"

Lord Bright Jade's will was very anxious as it glanced once at the palace center.

There was a jade chair emanating a five-colored brilliance, and Luo Liyi was sitting upright on it. Her body appeared as if had opened a hidden acupoint and was continuously emitting divine light.

"She still needs the time it takes three incense sticks to burn to be able to completely refine the Deity Position and receive my body's greatest treasure."

Lord Bright Jade's will moved again and opened up a few lit mirrors. On them appeared a few figures.

One of them was a golden divine light that was unexpectedly Xi Nation's City G.o.d. It was as fast as lightning, and close behind was the Dragon-horse Carriage. Following quickly behind them were Curmudgeon Vast Ocean and the Luo Water Sect's Earth Immortal.

"Is using more power the only way to defeat them? But it won't be quick enough… At most, it'll cause the people behind to fight chaotically. However, this Earth Immortal was sly from the start and managed to blend in when entering valley and has a head start…"


The Golden Jade Hall vibrated violently. In front of the wildly dancing lightning, a human figure with fluttering long sleeves blocked the lightning and walked out slowly.

"Impossible. Even an Earth Immortal can't break through the restrictions this quickly!"

Although the power of the restrictions in Bury Jade Palace drastically decreased with the activation of the heart of Golden Jade Hall, Lord Bright Jade's will had calculated that it would be enough to temporarily stall Xi Nation's City G.o.d and buy enough time for Luo Liyi to refine the Deity Position and escape.

However, the Earth Immortal before him was currently able to overcome the restrictions as if they were made of paper and could be torn easily.

"Ninety-nine Golden Jade Array!"

Outside the Golden Jade Hall, Lord Bright Jade's will bet it all. A golden radiance rose with the l.u.s.ter of jade appearing to be the essence.

"So there's still part of a dead will haunting…"

Fang Yuan laughed lightly and both hands ripped.


The Golden Jade Array was instantly torn open like cotton.

"So easily… Although your cultivation is only at Earth Immortal, your realm is at least Heaven Immortal!"

Lord Bright Jade's will wavered. After all, he was the remnants of what used to be a great character of the Heavenly Court; he still had an eye for such things. "Since you're the incarnation of a Heaven Immortal, you should know the rules. Aren't you afraid of the Heavenly Court punis.h.i.+ng you if you s.n.a.t.c.h my heavenly t.i.tle?"

"Too noisy!"

If the person who came was a sect master of the 72 immortal sects, they would also hesitate a little when they heard these words.

However, Fang Yuan did not have any inhibitions and grabbed with his large hands.

In the air, the formless will was suppressed by his domain and appeared as a golden ball of light in his hands, a hazy face indistinctly appearing in the middle.

"G.o.ds who are already dead always like to cause trouble!"

Fang Yuan sneered.

G.o.ds also had an advantage in this aspect.

Even if they were dead for tens of thousands of years, they might not truly die. If there were people wors.h.i.+ping, they might still be able to reveal their abilities.

After all, they had completely turned into a different lifeform, or in other words, it was uncertain if they were still the same person after being deified through nomological fusion.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This was the tragedy of nomological transformations. Of course, it was how the Immortal Dao held the advantage.

He charged into the main hall and quickly saw Luo Liyi on the G.o.d's throne.

"If she inherits the Deity Position, I'm afraid she'll be imparted with everything that belonged to Lord Bright Jade. Although her intention wasn't so, she might not be her original self in the future, and it'll be difficult to tell when that time arrives…"

After conquering Lord Bright Jade's will, the entire Bury Jade Palace started collapsing.

Without further ado, Fang Yuan struck. The huge domain's power opened and shook the Deity Position.

"How dare you?!"

On the G.o.d throne, Luo Liyi's skin was glowing as sparkling as jade. No! She had really transformed into jade stone. She opened her eyes and emitted a divine light as well as a great threatening aura!

"Have she already been influenced?" Fang Yuan sneered. "Even if it was the living Lord Bright Jade, why wouldn't I dare? Get down!"


In the air, the five-colored brilliance cracked layer by layer. Luo Liyi appeared dumbstruck as she felt a boundless power surge toward her and become a large hand that directly pulled her down from the G.o.d throne.


Influenced by this, the refining process was immediately interrupted. The backlash arrived and caused her to spit a mouthful of blood.


Her blood was as green as jade. When it landed on the ground, it solidified into green jade. This was the rumored 'Firmament Jade Blood' that only superior G.o.ds possessed.

Although the process was interrupted, she had clearly gained many advantages.

"This is… Bury Jade Palace?"

At this time, another explosion occurred in the mountain heart. Multiple paths appeared and Xi Nation's City G.o.d directly flew in.

Everyone who came later had an advantage as Fang Yuan had taken the lead and also captured Lord Bright Jade's will. At least, Xi Nation's City G.o.d was not blocked by the restrictions and could smoothly reach the Golden Jade Hall.

Once he saw Fang Yuan holding the Deity Position, Xi Nation's City G.o.d exploded. "Outrageous! How dare you covet my Divine Dao's heavenly n.o.ble t.i.tle?"

He waved his hands and numerous nether soldiers and generals flew out from his sleeves to form a battle array. The army's baleful aura charged up into the sky and transformed into a vicious monster. It roared and then pounced in for the kill.

"You're… Vast Ocean Sect's adjunct elder?"

In the dragon-horse carriage that followed close behind came a shocked and angry voice, "Your Vast Ocean Sect disobeyed the rules!"

Now the Vast Ocean Sect will have to bear the consequences even though it has nothing to do with it. Cheng Fei will also be unlucky, at least being called dumb…

Fang Yuan laughed in his mind. That old rascal had bad intentions and wanted to pull him in as a scapegoat. This was retribution.

His hands did not stop moving as they directly grabbed the Deity Position.


The five colored jade exploded into light and the power of resistance arrived.

He was not the successor chosen by Lord Bright Jade, and it would naturally be smooth. However, Fang Yuan did not care and forcefully refined it. "Come!"

The Deity Position immediately transformed into a ray of flowing light that entered his body along with countless memory fragments.

"This person is seeking death. Even if he's an Earth Immortal, he won't be able to stop me and refine the Deity Position at the same time! When the Deity Position revolts in his body, I'll destroy both his body and soul!"

Gold light flashed across Xi Nation's City G.o.d's eyes, and the vicious monster roared, its movement even faster.

"Curmudgeon Vast Ocean!"

At this time, the last two Earth Immortals from the other two sects arrived. Instantly, the Earth Immortal of the Luo Water Sect looked vigilantly at Curmudgeon Vast Ocean and moved away from him.

"Fairy, I have no idea what this is about. This person has no connection with my sect!"

Curmudgeon Vast Ocean was numb, scolding Cheng Fei in his heart. If he was standing in front of him right now, Curmudgeon Vast Ocean would have even crushed his disciple's heart.

Where did he find this scapegoat? He had obviously attracted a tiger!

To show his sincerity, he immediately attacked. Behind him, the illusion of the Vast Ocean Pearl shone and transformed into powerful boundless strength that rumbled toward Fang Yuan at the center of the hall.

With ill intent, the various G.o.ds and Earth Immortals worked together in a rare moment, all having the same goal: to get rid of that lawless guy in one strike while he was refining the Deity Position and affected by the backlas.h.!.+

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