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Chapter 1992: The two greatest monarch tiers

This was a lunatic, and also a lunatic whose strength was powerful enough to drive anyone to despair. Even if it was Yan Xianlu that was matched against Yi, he would probably be killed in three to five moves.

The so-called heaven-defying freak was referring to this kind of monster.

Yi charged over, seals of great dao flickering in his golden and silver eyes, just like a demonic G.o.d that could destroy the heavens and obliterate the earth. Regulations took the form of karmic flames that burned brightly behind him, enshrouding the entire expanse of the skies.

“Twin Eyes World Destruction!” Hu Niu’s expression was solemn. This was an extremely rare display of emotion for her.

“En?” Ling Han, too, looked serious. To be able to make Hu Niu become so serious, this Yi was definitely no ordinary character. However, though he had unanswered questions, he still charged out.

This kind of opponent was rare to come upon.


Ling Han greeted his a.s.sault with a punch, clas.h.i.+ng once with Yi.

Endless Regulations clashed and shattered, incredibly dazzling with their brightness.

Under everyone’s focused gaze, Ling Han and Yi stood 30 meters opposite each other. They both maintained the posture of having delivered a punch. They clearly had not had a physical clash, but the power of Regulation was rippling from their fists, causing neither of them to be capable of advancing an inch forwards.

Was this an even match, or just a temporary stalemate?

“He!” The two of them roared at the same time, and both respectively exerted even greater battle prowess. Peng, they sent each other flying backwards.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, the two of them simultaneously flew dozens of meters back, and then they immediately steadied their footing, both standing on air.

This really was an even match.


“Th-th-this, how could this be possible!”

“Even Luo Shengyuan and s.h.i.+ Bin have been defeated. This Yi’s strength must definitely be incredibly frightening, but this man actually managed to tie with Yi.”

“That person has come from the Calm Peace Heaven, and his name is Ling Han. Furthermore, he is also an alchemist. It is said that he has once given a lecture, and is respected as a grandmaster by innumerable alchemists.”

“What, an alchemist would actually be capable of matching a Cultivation Emperor?”

“I don’t believe it!”

“I don’t believe it, either!”

“Are the Calm Peace Heaven and Wide Prosperity Heaven about to stage a comeback? To actually have two heaven-defying and world-shaking freakish prodigies emerge from them at the same time.”

“And there is also that mysterious Ji Wuming. It is said that he has also come from the Calm Peace Heaven and Wide Prosperity Heaven or thereabouts.”


Everyone was grabbing their head and exclaiming in shock. The three Heavens—the Wide Prosperity Heaven, Calm Peace Heaven, and Dispelling Clouds Heaven—were the weakest. This was a publicly acknowledged fact, and it had already become habitual belief to them. But now, some characters like Ling Han and Yi had suddenly popped up, which had completely turned their usual beliefs on their head, so how could they adapt to this new reality?

“Great! Great!” Ling Han laughed loudly, his fists turning into a rain shower that pelted madly at Yi. His eyes were also s.h.i.+ning. This was the fierce burning of his fighting spirit.

“Interesting.” Meanwhile, Yi’s lips quirked up in a devilish grin. As his hands shook, they actually turned golden and silver as well. He could control great dao with only a casual move, its might boundless.


After this clash, Ling Han was blasted back forcefully, looking like a shooting star.

“Defeated, Ling Han has been defeated.”

“That’s what I said. How could a small Heaven like the Calm Peace Heaven possibly produce two super prodigies consecutively.”

“This is what should be logical.”

Everyone nodded. This was what was in accordance with their understanding. However, in the next instant, their eyes bulged as they were shocked to the extreme.

That was because Ling Han had steadied his footing with a somersault, and was charging back here with 10 times the might of before, after which he sent Yi flying with a punch of his own.

Yi was not to be outdone, either. He immediately steadied his figure, and threw back a counter blow at Ling Han.

Peng, peng, peng. The two great prodigies clashed, the scene incredibly intense.

This was a clash of great dao, as well as a clash of the Dao that these two young men had cultivated, as they wanted to suppress the other and become the strongest.

They were both at the fifth severance, and had cultivated the fifth severance to the extent that they could not advance an inch further. Thus, their battle prowess was naturally terrifying without end. Moreover, this was still under the condition that neither had used any of their trump cards.

For example, Ling Han did not use Nine Heavens Flame, Xuanyin Source Water, or the power of the Black Tower, the power of Divine Fetus, and was only using his own strength to battle fiercely with Yi.

Xiu, xiu, xiu. Their figures were as fast as lighting, and even fourth severance emperor tiers could not catch sight of their tracks, and could only estimate them based on the remnants left behind by the great dao of their battle.

Too strong! Too powerful!

Everyone was numb with shock, feeling coldness overwhelm their bodies.

There was actually such a strong Severing Mundane Tier existing in this world, and it was not one at that, but two! In fact, these two freaks had come from small places like the Wide Prosperity Heaven and Calm Peace Heaven.

Inconceivable, unacceptable.

Even Shu Yarong was completely at a loss. In her last life, she was a Seventh Heaven Celestial King, and had good insight and broad horizons. Someone like Ma Tongguang was not even worthy of a single glance from her.

But now, she had to admit that when she had been “young”, she had been far from being as strong as this. Even now that she had reincarnated, and was cultivating from the very beginning again with her experience as a Celestial King as her foundation, her battle prowess was still no match for these two young people.

…Unless she used her own trump card, and only then would it be possible for her to be able to kill these two young men.

She couldn’t help but think of Ji Wuming. When that lord had been “young”, he had been this kind of existence that drove all monarch tiers in the world to hopeless despair. Being born in the same generation as he was was practically a tragedy as they would be nothing compared to his brilliance.

Now, that lord had reincarnated, and was cultivating from the beginning again. Furthermore, this was done deliberately, so it had to be for the sake of becoming stronger. Thus, this lord should be able to suppress both Ling Han and Yi steadily.

In fact, even if the two of them joined forces, they might not be able to match him, either.

Shu Yarong’s gaze involuntarily became firm. That lord possesses great intelligence, great determination, and great resolution, and had actually given up his Ninth Heaven Celestial King Tier body, and reincarnated to cultivate from the beginning again. Since that was the case, he definitely had to have absolute certainty…

…to become the strongest monarch tier that was truly invincible among his peers.

“Hahahaha!” Ling Han laughed loudly. As punch after punch rained down, he felt like he was having his heart’s content, as if something was about to break out of his body. Yet at the same time, he felt like there was something missing, and it could not be realized.

“You can break through to the Yang Soul Tier at any moment, but will first have to capture the Soul Fetus, and split out a part of your spirit to be able to continue,” Small Tower said.

Ling Han nodded. The Dividing Soul Tier was called thus because one would have to split out one’s spirit, and the four levels of the Dividing Soul Tier meant that one would have to split his spirit four times, and this was not something that could be done at will. He would have to draw on the power of heaven and earth.

Thus, if one wanted to break through to the Yang Soul Tier, he definitely had to enter into the Yang Soul Ocean.


The two monarch tiers exchanged blows once more, both shooting backwards in retreat, and drawing out a distance of close to 300 meters between them.

“You are worthy of becoming my friend.” Yi did not make any further move, but instead nodded at Ling Han, showing a hint of certainty.

Ling Han grinned, and asked, “Are you sure that I, too, wish to be your friend?”

“I am sure. You are the same kind of person I am.” Yi bared his mouth in a grin, looking very devilish.

Ling Han had no choice but to admit that though this man was very crazy, he was filled with a unique charisma. Ling Han was not the type to be sloppy, either, and immediately nodded, and smilingly said, “My name is Ling Han.”


The two of them exchanged a look, both laughing out loud at the same time. Their expressions were very pleased as if they were already good friends that had known each other for many years.

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