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Chapter 1942 The beauty mistreated me a thousand times

“Great.” Ye Wanwan nodded and promptly handed the wooden box holding Si Yehan's hair to First Elder.

“Test this sample with the sample I gave you last time. Tell me the results once you have them,” Ye Wanwan instructed. First Elder nodded and turned to leave.

Ye Wanwan felt nervous for some reason this time though. Tangtang should be her and Si Yehan's little darling, right…

The DNA testing required several days, so Ye Wanwan didn't stay in the Fearless Alliance and returned to Scarlet Flames Academy.

After Ye Wanwan arrived at the Academy, she didn't submit the hair immediately. First, she needed to look into who issued this mission and why the mission required Si Yehan's hair.

If she handed over Si Yehan's hair without knowing the reason, what if Si Yehan was harmed by this somehow?

However, the information regarding the mission poster was almost always kept confidential and considered Scarlet Flames Academy's cla.s.sified information. It would be very difficult for her to discover the ident.i.ty of the mission poster. Only the headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy and the higher-ups of the Academy knew, and it was impossible for the students and instructors to find out.

In her helplessness, Ye Wanwan had no choice but to visit the residence of her master, Elder Gong, in one last desperate attempt.

If Elder Gong was unwilling to look into it for her, then Ye Wanwan could only forget about this mission. She wouldn't submit Si Yehan's hair.

“I heard you accepted three missions in a row, and two of them were S-rank while the third one was S+-rank?”

Elder Gong had brewed a pot of tea in the living room.

After Ye Wanwan poured a cup for Elder Gong, he suddenly turned to her and asked that question.

Ye Wanwan nodded and honestly replied, “Yes, Master…”

“How impressive of you then. No one at Scarlet Flames Academy has ever dared to accept three S-rank missions in a row, let alone the fact that one of them was S+ rank,” Elder Gong said.

Before Ye Wanwan could reply, he continued, “You just accepted the missions a few days ago, so why are you back already? What's the progress on those missions?”

Elder Gong appeared to show great concern for Ye Wanwan's mission progress.

Ye Wanwan had a slightly embarra.s.sed expression when she heard that. How should she start? Emperor Ji's ring was bid on by her own man, and the item from her S+-rank escort mission was also stolen by her own man…

And the only mission she could finish involved his hair, so she had to consider his safety too.

After some careful thought about this… seriously! Si Yehan mistreated her a thousand times, but she still treated him like her first love. Wasn't this situation twisted?

“Um… Master… Actually, I came here today because I had a matter to request of you, Master…” Ye Wanwan began guiltily.

After all, she was inquiring after information regarding the mission poster of an S-rank mission, something that was extremely cla.s.sified regardless of which mercenary academy they were in.

If the mission poster's information could be easily uncovered, who would dare to come to the three great mercenary academies and issue a mission again?

What if the mission was to some major figure?

If a small investigation could uncover information about the mission poster, that would be disastrous!

Hence, in the Independent State, whether it was the three great mercenary academies or some smaller mercenary academes, they considered protecting the mission poster's ident.i.ty their top principle.

As a result, Ye Wanwan really found it awkward to request such a thing from Elder Gong out of principle.

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