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Chapter 2085: Father and son interaction

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Jiang Yan stared at his Lord's son, who suddenly popped out of nowhere, and took a deep breath to calm himself down. He then smiled faintly and said, “Young Master, his Lord is reading over doc.u.ments right now and hasn't finished his work yet. Are you hungry? How about I take you to grab a bite first, Young Master? After his Lord is finished working…”

Although he still couldn't accept the fact that the vixen contaminated his Lord, he couldn't help but act reverently toward this miniature version of his Lord.

“Take me to see my Daddy now,” Tangtang expressionlessly ordered.

Jiang Yan: “…” Didn't I say my Lord is busy right now?

“Young Master, your father, he's…”

Tangtang frowned lightly and interrupted Jiang Yan: “Do I need to repeat myself a second time?”

Jiang Yan: “…”

Jiang Yan was certain that this young master of the Nie family was absolutely his Lord's biological son without a doubt! From his tone of speech to his mannerisms, he was basically a copy of his Lord!

“Um… Alright.”

Helpless to do anything else, Jiang Yan could only guide Tangtang toward Lord Asura's study.

Halfway there, Jiang Yan looked at Tangtang and suggested, “Young Master, this path is difficult to walk on. How about I carry you?”

“No need.” Tangtang shook his head.

“Um… how about I hold your hand?” Jiang Yan offered.

Tangtang glanced at Jiang Yan. Although Tangtang's face didn't change a smidgen, his black eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with unconcealed disdain.

Jiang Yan wanted to cry. Did all the children nowadays not require adults to hold their hands? He was actually disdained by his Young Master.

Soon, Jiang Yan arrived in front of Lord Asura's study with Tangtang and knocked on the door.

However, he didn't receive any response.

“My Lord, Young Master is here!” Jiang Yan explained.

A few seconds later, the door to the study was finally opened. The man stood by the door, his eyes landing on Tangtang.

Almost simultaneously, the father and son duo met each other's eyes, but they stayed silent for a long time without speaking.

Next to them, Jiang Yan felt a bit awkward. Wasn't this father and son duo's style of interaction a bit strange?

“Come in.” Si Yehan took Tangtang's hand and led him inside the study.

Jiang Yan followed behind them, wanting to use this opportunity to make some reports. Before he could enter the office though, the door was slammed shut with a *bang*.

Inside the office, Tangtang sat on the side while Si Yehan continued to read his doc.u.ments.

“Where's your mom?” Si Yehan asked as he read the doc.u.ment in hand without looking away.

“At home,” Tangtang replied while looking at Si Yehan.

“En.” Si Yehan then proceeded to work.

“Are you hungry?”

A moment later, Si Yehan spoke again.

“I've eaten,” Tangtang responded.

After that, the father and son duo entered an odd silence again.

When Si Yehan finished going over the doc.u.ments, it was late at night already.

During that period of time, Si Yehan had Jiang Yan send some food to them.

“Are you tired?” Si Yehan asked Tangtang as he set his pen on the desk.

“I'm fine,” Tangtang replied.

“Time to rest.”

Si Yehan stood up and took Tangtang's hand before leading him outside the study.

About 15 minutes later, Si Yehan arrived at his bedroom with Tangtang in tow.

“Do you know how to shower by yourself?” Si Yehan questioned.

“I do.”

Tangtang nodded and turned to enter the bathroom.

“Didn't you not know before?”

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