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In a moment, the atmosphere in the film studio solidified into a big block of ice.

The person who was normally very easy-going and was always so relaxed like a good-for-nothing man from a wealthy family suddenly became a demon. A terrifying aura emanated from all around him.

Even the cameraman and other workers were dumbstruck by this sudden explosion of dreadful aura, much less Luo Chen who was in the heart of the typhoon.

Luo Chen was trembling. There was no color on his face at all; his thin lips were in a straight line, and his entire body almost combusted into flames by the deafening tongue las.h.i.+ng he got. He really wished he could disappear into the air.

Ye Wanwan curbed her anger slightly but the coldness on her face did not lessen as she said, "Now, this is your last chance. If you keep this up, our collaboration shall end here."

When Luo Chen heard the last five words, his eyes constricted and he lifted his head immediately.

Am I... going to be given up on once again...

His contract with Dazzling hadn't ended yet. If Ye Bai gave up on him now, his management would return to Zhou Wen Bin's hands.

Ye Wanwan swept her gaze over the workers. "Everyone, get ready."

All the workers were stunned for a long time before returning to their senses. The cameraman quickly adjusted the angle, the lighting director adjusted the light accordingly and the makeup artist rushed over to wipe Luo Chen's sweat and retouched his makeup.

Seeing the boy's pale white face, the makeup artist sympathized with him but couldn't help him; the entertainment industry was a place where the weak fell prey to the strong. Although what Ye Bai said was pretty harsh, it was the truth.

Very soon, everything was in place and the light shone on Luo Chen alone.

Everyone's eyes were on that boy in white top standing in the middle of the spotlight.

Luo Chen stood there vacant and lifeless, unable to free himself from Ye Wanwan's words. He looked so fragile like he could break with just one touch.

It feels as if... I was abandoned by the entire world...


Following Ye Wanwan's order to begin, the red light on the camera started flas.h.i.+ng.

Everyone held their breath subconsciously.

One second went by, two seconds went by, three seconds went by...

Luo Chen still stood there like he'd lost his soul, not moving or speaking at all.

After a few seconds, there was still no reaction from Luo Chen; he was like a lifeless puppet.

The makeup artist shook her head, feeling sorry for him while the cameraman also sighed and prepared to turn his camera off. The face of the young man sitting on the seat opposite was gradually turning frosty as well. 

Ending the unendurable dead silence, Ye Wanwan finally spoke up, "Since this is the case..."

The moment Ye Wanwan spoke, a low and hoa.r.s.e laugh resounded in the huge filming studio, "Ha..."

Under the spotlight, Luo Chen lowered his gaze and suddenly let out a chuckle.

Luo Chen shortly raised his head. His clear eyes swept across everyone in the room. "It was a sin for me to be born... my entire life... was a sin..." 

The teenager's clear gaze was like a trapped beast raging in an attempt to charge out of its cage; it was as if he was using all his energy to suppress the surging feelings in him, "I, Lin Luo Chen... haven't done anything untoward to any of you, yet each one you, all of you, are aggressively forcing me to my doom..."

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