The Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time Book 11: Character Summary (2)

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Book 11: Character Summary (2)

Takkard Alcrem – Human, 60 years old, male

This is the first spring of Takkard’s sixties (as his birthday is in October). He has recently been through many trying things – two of his close subordinates have become fanatical followers of Vandalieu, another of them turned out to be a Mimic Human, and he has been trying to deal with a series of bizarre murders in his duchy.

As a result, he has been losing hair rapidly and his stomach is frequently irritated. However, he cannot be said to be the biggest victim of this volume.

The fact that the ‘Knight of Collapsed Mountains’ and his family were Mimic Humans would have been true even if Vandalieu never visited the duchy. The same goes for the fact that their creator, the Evil G.o.d of Cannibalism Zerzoregin, would have made his move to achieve his ambitions in several centuries’ time.

With the revelation of the true ident.i.ty of Goldie and his family and the destruction of Zerzoregin, the impending destruction looming over the Alcrem Duchy in several centuries’ time was prevented.

Takkard ended up joining forces with the Demon King, but the Demon King’s blessing (the V Cream) has brought Takkard’s scalp, which was on the path to ruin, new late-spring sprouts.

He was anxious about Juliana but has now promised not to meddle with her matters, and he has decided to align his duchy with Vida fundamentalism instead of Alda’s peaceful faction.

He is the first of the Orbaume Kingdom’s twelve dukes to join forces with Vandalieu.

Bravatiyu – Human, 65 years old, male

His hair and beard are both completely white, but he is a spirited old knight who, unlike Takkard, is showing no signs of balding. He has always been hot-blooded since he was young, but he has become overly suspicious with age, and often spouts baseless conspiracy theories.

But as he possesses no information network of his own, does not have exceptional deductive skills, and is not particularly perceptive, his reasoning is rarely correct.

These conspiracy theories cause trouble for his master Takkard, but despite being over sixty years old, he remains the ‘Knight of Roaring Flames,’ one of the Five Knights of Alcrem, because his strength in battle is equivalent to that of an A-cla.s.s adventurer and because of his loyalty to Takkard.

Goldie said that he was ‘no more than the average standard of the Five Knights of Alcrem,’ but looking at it another way, Bravatiyu still possesses strength that meets the average standard in spite of his age.

He is a proficient swordsman and, as his t.i.tle suggests, he enchants his sword with magical flames in battle.

He prays to Alda, but only because his master Takkard does so; now that Takkard has converted to Vida’s faith, Bravatiyu will likely follow suit.

Bravatiyu hails from a house of earls whose lineage can be traced back to the Alcrem Kingdom, before it became the Alcrem Duchy. His house is managed by his son.

Serjio – Human, 27 years old, male

The youngest of the Five Knights of Alcrem, the ‘Knight of Distant Thunder.’ He usually speaks in a polite but sarcastic tone, but his tone of speech becomes rougher in times of emergency and during battle.

He distinguished himself in his knights’ order in his youth and became one of the Five Knights of Alcrem in his twenties, but is a problematic youth who calls Bravatiyu, who is far senior to him, ‘old man,’ and once tried to flirt with Baldiria, the oldest of the Five Knights, having mistaken her for an apprentice maid.

However, his loyalty is true and he is prepared to give his life for the duke’s house at any moment. He is from a family that has historically produced numerous great individuals who became a part of the Five Knights of Alcrem, and he bears the pride of his house. That was why he felt a sense of fellows.h.i.+p with Goldie, whose family was the most recent to accept a bride from Serjio’s house, but…

Like Bravatiyu, he likes to use a combination of physical combat techniques and magic, but he is most proficient at the lightning attacks that he conjures at a distance with wind-attribute spells. The reach of these attacks is greater than that of a bow, and that is why he is known as the ‘Knight of Distant Thunder.’

His family is a house of viscounts, and he is actually the head. Incidentally, he is single.

Ralmeya – Human, 31 years old, male

One of the Five Knights of Alcrem, the ‘Knight of Keen Insight.’ However, other than for ceremonies, he prefers wearing light equipment like that of a scout rather than a suit of armor. His favorite weapons are also daggers and other weapons that are easily carried rather than something like a sword.

He is unusual among the Five Knights in that he was originally a part of the intelligence organization that serves the duke, which is why he uses such equipment.

His main duty is gathering information with his ‘Demon Eye of Appraisal,’ which allows him to see the Attribute Values and Skills that are currently in use by the target… This Demon Eye is an inferior version of the ‘Demon Eye of a.n.a.lysis,’ which allows the user to see the target’s entire Status with a single glance, but they are still extremely valuable, as almost n.o.body possesses the ‘Demon Eye of a.n.a.lysis’ (two humans with this Skill existing in the same period of time is unusual, three such humans existing simultaneously is extraordinary).

Ralmeya used the ‘Plentiful Sandwich’ Sandy, one of the members of the Alcrem Food Cart Pentagram, as a p.a.w.n in his plan without Sandy realizing it; he had her cross paths with Vandalieu and instigate a peaceful duel. It was a clever plan.

However, by looking at Vandalieu with his Demon Eye, Ralmeya fell victim to the ‘Abyss’ Skill. Abnormal effects on his mind were caused by coming into contact with Vandalieu’s deformed soul, resulting in him becoming a fully-fledged fanatical follower of Vandalieu.

There were also changes to his appearance, including the healing of skin damage and reversing of some signs of age, but his hair remains white. His pupils dilate when he is speaking of Vandalieu, and it seems that his physical capabilities are increasing as a result of Vandalieu’s guidance.

However, the fact that he has sworn loyalty to the Alcrem house has not changed. He has simply changed his religious beliefs to wors.h.i.+p Vandalieu.

With the ‘Demon Eye of Appraisal,’ he has come into contact with Vandalieu’s Status, as well as the most important and confidential information in the Demon Empire of Vidal – the body measurements and weights of Darcia, Kachia, Gizania, Privel, and Myuze. However, Vandalieu has forgiven him on the condition that he does not share this information with anyone else.

Ralmeya feels a great sense of superiority and devotion to Vandalieu from the fact that he has been allowed to keep his knowledge of his secrets.

Originally an orphan, he is the only one of the Five Knights who is not a n.o.ble. His ability in combat was previously barely equivalent to that of a B-cla.s.s adventurer, but with his improved physical abilities from the effects of Vandalieu’s guidance, it has slightly improved.

Baldiria – Dwarf, 78 years old, female

One of the Five Knights of Alcrem, the ‘Knight of a Thousand Blades.’ She is the oldest of the Five Knights and has the most experience as a knight.

Her t.i.tle originates from the fact that she possesses a variety of combat-related Skills, not just ‘Axe Technique,’ and is particularly proficient at using martial skills that unleash attacks in quick succession. Her offensive power exceeds that of Bravatiyu.

However, she is of short stature because she is a Dwarf, and has a childish face as well, so she is often mistaken for an apprentice maid when she is not wearing her armor.

Her appearance was a complex for her when she was younger, but since she is now in her seventies, she has long since stopped caring about it.

Even if newly-appointed knights and soldiers mistake her for an apprentice maid, she does not get angry; she laughs and tells them that she will see them for training later and lets them get away with just a little stricter training than the others.

When Serjio was still a newly-appointed knight, he once attempted to hit on her with the lines: “Hey, the nice lady over there. How about having a cup of tea with me? Just do your work later.”

Baldiria happily replied, “I’ll spend as many days with you as you want, not just a cup of tea,” and imposed seven days of harsh training on him.

The training was so harsh that ordinary rookies would have admitted defeat after a single day of it, but seeing Serjio persist through the entirety of it, she decided that he had potential, wrote a letter of recommendation for him to the duke, and supported him in secret.

Formally, Baldiria was a part of the all-female troop of knights led by Juliana. However, Baldiria was one of the Five Knights and Juliana’s social standing was complicated, so Baldiria kept her distance, thinking that getting too close to her would bring about unwanted consequences.

Unbeknownst even to her master, Baldiria attempted to persuade Goldie to turn himself in because of her sense of companions.h.i.+p with the others of the Five Knights and because she felt pity for his wife and child… although Goldie, his wife and his child had all turned out to be Mimic Humans.

Baldiria has also been guided by Vandalieu after her life was saved by Darcia, making her another fanatical follower of Vandalieu. She views Darcia with utmost respect.

She is from a house of earls, but she is the third daughter, not the head of the house. Her older brother is the current head. She married into the Redgorder family, another house of Dwarf n.o.bles with the court rank of earl, but she is a widow; her husband was lost in a battle with monsters. Her daughter is currently a countess, despite not yet being of age.

Sandy – Human, 35 years old, female

Sandy is a member of the Alcrem Food Cart Pentagram, with the t.i.tle of ‘Plentiful Sandwich.’

She is a woman with a good physique and while she is not a bad person, she is quick to make a.s.sumptions.

She claims that she was a thin, beautiful girl in the past, but became fat after marrying her husband who ran a sandwich cart on his own.

Unaware that this was a part of Ralmeya’s plan, she challenged Vandalieu to a cooking duel. She put up a good effort and the duel ended with a handshake and praise of each other’s efforts.

The other members of the Alcrem Food Cart Pentagram are the ‘Soup on a Whim’ Sing, the ‘Red-hot Rice’ Paparus, the ‘Chaos Rice Ball’ Michem, and the ‘Sweet, Sweet Sweets’ Tom.

Bashas – G.o.ddess of Rain Clouds

A wind-attribute G.o.d who reached G.o.dhood approximately fifty thousand years ago. She was not a hero on the battlefield like Fitun; she was chosen by Nineroad because she saved many people by warning them of ill omens through her weather forecasts and divination.

She is a G.o.ddess who warns of ominous things, but the people later misunderstood her to be the G.o.ddess who rules over ominous things.

She is a G.o.ddess who rules over the rain and encourages cultivation and good harvests, but many wors.h.i.+ppers a.s.sociate her with damage-causing rains and storms, and treat her as a cursed G.o.d.

She was aware of Arthur and his talent before she gave him her divine protection. He never sought her divine protection, and her divine protection wouldn’t have been of any use for him in changing the environment he was in (she expected it would only cause the villagers to fear him more), so she never gave it to him.

However, after the G.o.d of Law and Fate Alda ordered the G.o.ds serving him to raise heroes, Bashas considered several candidates, but could not think of a reason to give her divine protection to one of them over Arthur, so she gave it to him.

The situation then changed completely after she became guided by Vandalieu and Arthur left the village after meeting Miriam.

She reached out to Zelzeria and Hamul, who also had doubts in Alda, made a plan to change sides and join Vida’s faction, and succeeded.

Zelzeria – G.o.ddess of Dark Nights

Although Zelzeria is a G.o.ddess who rules over dark nights, she is not an evil G.o.d; she is a respectable light-attribute G.o.ddess. (In Lambda, darkness is considered to be the state of an absence of light, and an aspect of the light attribute.)

Statues and religious images depict her as a gloomy but beautiful woman, and her role is to protect the people on dark nights when the moon and stars don’t s.h.i.+ne. However, she is also often considered to be a patron deity of prost.i.tutes and the G.o.ddess of good sleep. She is also used in legends as a G.o.ddess who tests innocent travelers and monks by trying to seduce them.

Perhaps for these reasons, she acquired the image of a wicked woman after her death. Her positive aspect was already covered by Mill, the G.o.ddess of Slumber, who already had a long history. Few people wors.h.i.+p her.

Now, there are almost no temples that are mainly dedicated to the wors.h.i.+p of Zelzeria; at most, she is depicted in carvings as one of Alda’s subordinate G.o.ds.

Zelzeria considered this to be a result of the role that the people wanted her to play and quietly continued to do her duties to maintain the world’s existence, but she was greatly bewildered by Alda’s command to raise a hero.

The majority of her scarce believers were prost.i.tutes – women of the night, so to speak. They were not adventurers and knights who wanted to be heroes; she could not send a person who had never fought a battle in their life to fight against the Demon King. With this in mind, she never selected a believer to grant her divine protection.

The other G.o.ds never paid her any attention, so her actions were never noticed. After some time pa.s.sed, Bashas, whom she had spoken to before because she was another social outcast among the G.o.ds, reached out to her. She then decided to join Vida’s faction and granted Kalinia her divine protection.

Hamul – G.o.d of Shadows

Hamul was originally a familiar spirit created by Alda with no personality of his own. After his birth, he gained experience, developed his own personality, and ascended to G.o.dhood. Thus, he was born long before G.o.ds like Bashas and Fitun.

He is a G.o.d with an undefined gender, and his teachings are not very clear. It may be more accurate to say that he exists to carry out the role of a G.o.d who rules over shadows rather than for the purpose of ruling over shadows.

Naturally, there are almost no temples that are mainly dedicated to wors.h.i.+pping Hamul; he only makes small appearances in the carvings found at the temples of other G.o.ds.

Thus, he has few wors.h.i.+ppers and when he received Alda’s order to raise a hero, he hesitated to select someone as a potential hero, just like Zelzeria… though he may have obeyed Alda’s order if it had been to grant a divine protection to a potential hero chosen by one of the other G.o.ds.

Bashas reached out to him, and he decided to join Vida’s faction and grant his divine protection to Borzofoy.

Borgadon – G.o.d of Mountains

After the eleven great G.o.ds created the world of Lambda, Borgadon existed as a spirit of the earth, but Botin, Mother of the Earth and G.o.ddess of Craftsmans.h.i.+p, raised him to G.o.dhood. Thus, he is technically a G.o.d of nature and without gender, though people do consider him to be a male G.o.d.

In the Age of the G.o.ds, people would use entire mountains and oddly-shaped boulders found on mountains as objects to personify, pray to, and wors.h.i.+p him. Only in religious images is he depicted as a large, st.u.r.dy man with his face concealed by a shadow.

Borgadon fought alongside the champions against the army led by the Demon King, but he was heavily wounded in battle.

At the same time, the Evil G.o.d of Cannibalism Zerzoregin and the Evil G.o.d of Pillaging Forzajibal began their conflict in the sky over the mountains. Farmaun Gold, one of the champions, took advantage of this and heavily wounded both of them.

Seeing this, Borgadon decided to seal the evil G.o.ds away along with himself and charged at them, knowing that he would not be able to fight any longer due to the severeness of his own wounds. The mountains crumbled and he succeeded in sealing Zerzoregin and Forzajibal away… or least, it appeared that way, but he was instead a.s.similated by Zerzoregin.

His consciousness blacked out, and the next thing he knew, he was inside Vandalieu’s mouth, having been rescued like a helpless damsel in distress despite being a G.o.d. After learning that Zerzoregin stole his name for over a hundred thousand years, he lost all confidence in himself.

Zerzoregin used Borgadon’s name to pretend to be one of the G.o.ds of Alda’s forces, but Borgadon was never a part of either Alda’s forces or Vida’s faction. By the time Alda and Vida parted ways and fought against one another, Borgadon had already been a.s.similated by Zerzoregin.

However, Borgadon’s sense of values is similar to Botin’s, who chose Hillwillow as her champion – a creation-oriented champion like Zakkart. He also feels grat.i.tude towards Vandalieu for saving him, so he has aligned himself with Vida’s faction for now.

Borgadon made this decision because he considers the fact that Vandalieu fought against Zerzoregin while defending the city of Alcrem as a significant thing.

According to the fabricated story created by Vandalieu, Borgadon sealed the evil G.o.d away once more, and the people give their thanks and prayers to him as a result, and that makes him feel a little guilty.

Randolf – Elf, ? years old, male

Randolf has entered the city of Morksi in disguise to see what kind of person Vandalieu is with his own eyes. He is disguised as a blue-haired Elf bard named Rudolf.

While he was away, an unimaginable situation occurred in the capital of Alcrem, more than two weeks’ worth of travel away from Morksi, and he only learned of the events that transpired after everything was already over.

He was aware of the ‘Face-tearing Demon,’ but he let the matter be because the only victims were criminals, and he hadn’t received any request to deal with it.

Goldie – Mimic Human, ? years old

One of the Five Knights of Alcrem with the t.i.tle of ‘Knight of the Collapsed Mountains.’ He belonged to a family that existed since long before the foundation of the Orbaume Kingdom and Amid Empire, a family that protected the seal on Forzajibal while praying to Borgadon in the ‘Sacred Wastelands.’

He was granted the court rank of earl, and the ‘Sacred Wastelands’ and the surrounding area were considered his land, but he did none of the things that ordinary n.o.blemen do. He protected the Alcrem Duchy as a knight and a clergyman.

That was the person he was to the public, but in truth, he was a Mimic Human, a monster created by Zerzoregin.

Mimic Humans were able to mimic Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. However, they were unable to mimic members of Vida’s races whose bodies have parts that differ significantly from humans, such as Arachne, Lamia, and Scylla.

Like humans, Mimic Humans were able to gain Jobs, but as a side effect of that, their Ranks were a fixed, low number.

They were monsters that specialized in mimicking humans.

However, after Zerzoregin a.s.similated Forzajibal, the entire Mimic Human race gained the ability to steal the Skills of others.

As Skills are engraved in the souls of those who possess them, it is normally impossible to steal them, but by consuming a certain portion of their targets’ bodies, Mimic Humans were able to steal the surface layer of the souls where the Skills are engraved, transplanting that layer to their own souls and stealing them.

It was a powerful ability that allowed them to steal any Skill, but that is why the conditions needed to steal Skills were difficult to meet. The target needed to have a soul residing in its body – in other words, it needed to be alive. On top of that, in order to steal a Skill from a human-sized creature, a Mimic Human needed to consume at least half a limb.

Mimic Humans were able to choose which Skills to steal to some extent, but they had no ability to see the Status of their targets. Thus, they had to make these choices with broad parameters such as ‘the combat-related Skill with the highest Level’ or ‘the most often-used magic-related Skill.’

This is why they would fail to steal Skills from enemies that were stronger than them unless they used a surprise attack.

That was the kind of monster that Mimic Humans were, and they protected Alcrem in order to conceal Zerzoregin and their own ident.i.ty and to make the humans wors.h.i.+p Zerzoregin, who was disguised as Borgadon.

Every ‘Knight of the Collapsed Mountains’ was a Mimic Human like Goldie, and those acting as their wives and children were all Mimic Humans as well; the ‘Sacred Wastelands’ were a Mimic Human nest.

Humans would marry into the family or join them as priests, but the Mimic Humans protected their secret by killing such individuals and replacing them with Mimic Humans.

Under Zerzoregin’s orders, Goldie carried out crimes imitating the ‘Face-tearing Demon’ along with a Mimic Human that acted as his partner, spreading unrest in the capital of Alcrem and shaking the people’s faith in Alda, the G.o.d of Law and Fate. He also successfully stole from Vandalieu the Skill that made him the Demon King as well as the magic of an attribute that only he could use.

He succeeded in this, but unexpected events followed this, including the fact that Vandalieu attempted to kill him without any hesitation, but even so, he was able to split himself and send the ‘Demon King’ Skill to Zerzoregin.

However, he was defeated by Darcia and the others after that.

After Zerzoregin’s destruction, Vandalieu and Takkard manipulated the information released to the public. According to the story they fabricated, the Face-tearing Demon attacked the villa and Goldie fought him. After that, he died in the battle between the manifested evil G.o.d and Borgadon. His remains could not be recovered, and his broken treasured sword was buried in his coffin… and that is the story the public knows.

His funeral is scheduled to be held at a later date.

Incidentally, the Satan Blood Mimic Slime Kühl mimicked Goldie and played his role during Vandalieu’s fabricated show for the people. It was an ironic outcome, with a Mimic Human being mimicked.

Zerzoregin – Evil G.o.d of Cannibalism

An evil G.o.d who was a part of the Demon King’s army and created Mimic Humans, monsters that could mimic humans. At the time, the monsters created by the Demon King’s army did not possess intelligence or special abilities, and qualities like strength and toughness were emphasized. Thus, Zerzoregin was quite unusual to have created monsters that specialized in disguise.

That allowed him to successfully claim a significant achievement, but once humanity’s numbers had dwindled rapidly, there were no more weaknesses for Mimic Humans to take advantage of, and he was subsequently attacked by the Evil G.o.d of Pillaging Forzajibal, who saw this as a moment of weakness. Farmaun used the opportunity of the conflict between the two of them to cut both evil G.o.ds down, and Borgadon charged at Zerzoregin as well.

However, Zerzoregin a.s.similated Forzajibal and regained enough strength to absorb Borgadon as well when he charged in. After that, he pretended to have been sealed away, a.s.sumed Borgadon’s ident.i.ty, and spent more than a hundred thousand years in hiding.

Once his power was fully recovered, he intended to a.s.similate the G.o.ds of Alda’s forces, the G.o.ds of Vida’s faction, and the remnants of the Demon King’s army, until he became Lambda’s only G.o.d.

He would then act as both G.o.d and Demon King, allowing the people to flourish to a certain degree while also inflicting an equivalent amount of suffering upon them and controlling their numbers. His ambition was to continue this cycle and rule over Lambda forever.

However, Zerzoregin was forced to change his plans due to the appearance of Vandalieu in Morksi, one of the Alcrem Duchy’s cities. There was the possibility that Vandalieu would take an interest in the ‘Sacred Wastelands’ where fragments of the Demon King and evil G.o.ds were sealed away, revealing the ident.i.ty of the Mimic Humans and the fact that the Borgadon being wors.h.i.+pped there was a fake.

Even if Vandalieu didn’t take notice of Zerzoregin, Alda and the G.o.ds who served him certainly would have. Thus, rather than simply hope that the storm would pa.s.s, Zerzoregin involved Vandalieu in his plan and sped up its schedule.

He stole the ‘Demon King’ Skill from Vandalieu, bringing the fragments of the Demon King under his complete control. He then intended to a.s.similate Vandalieu, who was weakened after losing the ‘Demon King’ and ‘Dark King Magic’ Skills, gain his powers, and fight the rest of the G.o.ds.

That was his plan, but… Vandalieu wasn’t as weakened as Zerzoregin imagined he would be, and Zerzoregin ended up being defeated at Vandalieu’s hands.

In his final moments, his body was taken over by the small piece of Vandalieu’s soul that he had a.s.similated along with the ‘Demon King’ Skill, and Vandalieu consumed him.

In the world where he was born, he ruled over a race of creatures that regularly practiced cannibalism. At the time, he was not a particularly powerful G.o.d, and his mimicking ability was a technique that he acquired in order to make up for his weakness and survive.

Forzajibal – Evil G.o.d of Pillaging

The G.o.d who may be the most unfortunate character in this volume. He was a.s.similated by Zerzoregin, who ended up trying to use his soul as bait to feed Vandalieu, and so he was destroyed when his soul was consumed.

However, in the farce that took place afterwards, the public was told that the enormous Golem that was once Zerzoregin’s vessel was actually Forzajibal, so one could say that Forzajibal stole Zerzoregin’s appearance.

In the world where he was born, he ruled over a race of creatures that stole the territory and nests of others.

After becoming a G.o.d, he considered stealing from others to be the greatest pleasure, and he was one of the generals of the Demon King’s army who was greatly excited by the prospect of invading and stealing the world of Lambda from the humans.

Thus, if it were him that escaped from Borgadon’s charging attack rather than Zerzoregin, he would likely have shown himself again soon afterwards and been sealed away properly.

Urgen Tercatanis – Human, 65 years old, male

The Prime Minister who rules the royal realm of the Orbaume Kingdom, which is also known as ‘Orbaume Central.’ There are many who consider him to be the effective head of the Orbaume Kingdom’s politics, not the king.

He appears to be aware of the threat that Vandalieu poses, but precisely speaking, it is unclear as to whether he really is.

He believes that maintaining the Orbaume Kingdom’s society as it is now is justice, and in order to achieve that, he would not hesitate to sacrifice those who suffer under the current system.

Ordinarily, he would not be welcoming of Alda’s peaceful faction, but it seems that he considers that to be a far better alternative to the Vida fundamentalism preached by Vandalieu and his companions.

Fatherick Dolmad – Human, 53 years old, male

A person who looks like a good-natured person in appearance. He is easily recognized by his plump physique and his mustache that resembles the whiskers of a catfish.

Although he doesn’t look like a military man, he holds the position of marshal and doesn’t trust any information other than that gathered by himself and his own subordinates. He is the legal guardian of Rudel Sauron, and it is he who advised him to sacrifice the resistance.

He is also able to make contact with Randolf through his great grandmother… although he has never actually met her.

He tends to judge people based on whether or not he is able to use them, and is a rationalist… or rather, a self-interested person who pretends to be one.

He has only recently taken notice of Vandalieu’s existence, but his attention is focused on him, as he suspects that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Incidentally, he once led a knights’ order when he was younger, and his prowess in combat and his leaders.h.i.+p were praised as first-rate. However, there were problems with the way he did things, and he was ‘promoted’ to a post that did not involve directly commanding knights and soldiers within less than a year.

Joseph Smith – Human, 33 years old, male

On Earth, his name was Sumida s.h.i.+ro. He was a teacher and a colleague of Murakami’s. He has been reincarnated as the ‘Druid’ Joseph Smith.

He was trying to go to university and use his ability for plant research when the Bravers were formed and he was made to join them. After that, he was traumatized by the gruesome disaster sites he came across, and he retired from the dangerous frontlines after suffering even more mental scars from battles with terrorists. (This is why he was not present in the final battle against the Eighth Guidance.)

After his retirement from the frontlines, he engaged in work where he would not be a part of combat, such as rebuilding and agricultural support, while undergoing counseling.

However, he has recovered from his mental wounds after encountering Vandalieu in his dreams and receiving a piece of his soul. In the Amemiya residence, he met Banda and learned of what Rikudou truly is.

Katie Hartner – Human, 4 years old, female

The little girl who is the reincarnation of the ‘Urðr’ Kei Mackenzie. Before her memories and personality returned, she was an innocent little lady, but she is now aware that her life is in even more of a hard mode than her previous life.

Rodcorte requested that she kill Vandalieu, but she refused, so Rodcorte had her reincarnated as a member of the Hartner family, which has a history with Vandalieu.

However, she still has no intention of doing what Rodcorte wants her to; she believes that it would be best to make peace with Vandalieu while keeping the lives of her family in this life safe.

She will likely become very shocked and stressed once she sees the Hartner family’s past using ‘Urðr,’ and it is unclear as to whether she will be able to withstand that shock and stress.






Princess Levia





Valkyrie (Legion)






Isis (Legion)







Kalinia (NEW!)







Ereshkigal (Legion)





Baldiria (NEW!)

Izanami (Legion)


Kanako Tsuchiya

Melissa J. Saotome



Minuma Hitomi (Legion)






Pluto (Legion)

Miriam (NEW!)


Pauvina (RANK UP!)

Baba Yaga (Legion)

Gufadgarn (Vessel)


Shade (Legion)



Impossible to measure, honorary consultants: Yamata and Tiamat

Pauvina’s ranking has improved, and newcomers Miriam, Baldiria, and Kalinia have joined the rankings.

(Jessie, Holly, Bashas, and Zelzeria are not in the rankings as Jessie is unaware that they exist, Holly declined to be a part of it, and Bashas and Zelzeria currently do not inhabit vessels.)

The development of Talosheim

Total population including the Demon Continent: Approximately 73,000 (Approximately 23,000 in Talosheim, 50,000 on the Demon Continent)

Ghouls, Undead, Black Goblins, Anubises, Orcuses, t.i.tans, humans, Beast-kin, Dwarves, Scylla, half-Elves, Elves, Lizardmen, Armans, Vampires, Skogsrå, Les.h.i.+, Gehenna Bees, Kiryujin, Maryujin, Lamia, Drakonids, Kijin, Harpies, Centaurs, Merfolk, Chaos Elves, n.o.ble Orcs, Orcs, High Kobolds, Kobolds, High Goblins, Goblins, Majin, Arachne, Empusa, Dark Humans, Dark Beast-kin, Dvergr, half-Minotaurs

Golems and Cursed Weapons are not included in the population. The migration of the Dark Elves in the western region of the continent has just begun.

Facilities in Talosheim

Mercury mirror Golems

Explorers’ Guild (Trading post, distribution center, Job-changing room)

Church of Vida (with statues of Vida’s subordinate G.o.ds, the G.o.ds of her faction, Zuruwarn, Ricklent, Zantark and Farmaun)

Public bathhouses

Carts of all kinds

Publicly managed casino

Immortal Ent forest (Has had Gante Ents planted, Skogsrå and Les.h.i.+ proliferating)

Golem factories of all kinds

Monster Plant fields

Training dummy grounds (inhabited by Undead heroes from Alda’s faction)


Artistic paintings that remain in the minds of those who view them (entire paintings cannot be viewed except from the sky)

The root of life

Group housing facilities for immigration applicants

Dormitory for immigrants from human societies

Talosheim Castle

Gehenna Bee Castle

Enormous statue of Vandalieu (Under construction)

B-cla.s.s Dungeon x2 (+1), C-cla.s.s Dungeon x2, D-cla.s.s Dungeon x3, E-cla.s.s Dungeon x1

Dungeon for cultivating pine trees for wine x1

Amus.e.m.e.nt beach Dungeon

Dungeon for fis.h.i.+ng industry

Dungeon to temporarily house Demon army (attached to Vandalieu’s underground workshop)

Marshlands, Lizardmen district

Capricorn farm

Capricorn milking factory

Explorers’ Guild branch

Small shrine to Fidirg, the Dragon G.o.d of Five Sins

Mental Encroachment stone circle

D-cla.s.s Dungeon x1, B-cla.s.s Dungeon x1

Marshlands, Scylla district

Paddy fields (Demon Ducks being used for farming)

Mud bath hot springs

Small shrine to Merrebeveil, the heroic G.o.ddess of the Scylla

Explorers’ Guild branch

Huge Capybara farm

Duck farm

Mental Encroachment stone circle

Small Dungeon for teleportation

Sauron Liberation Front base (Former Scylla territory)

Mental Encroachment stone circle

Automatic Undead-creating magic circle (Used to recycle members of Duke Marme’s army)

D-cla.s.s Dungeon

Small Dungeon for teleportation

Main station of the Dark Night Knights’ Order

Crude-quality Undead army

Dark Continent

Zantark’s temporary Divine Realm


Hot springs

Enormous statue of Vandalieu (Under construction)

Dungeons x Countless number

Temporary facilities

Knochen concert arena

Sam’s Job-changing room

Nations within the Boundary Mountain Range under the influence of the Dark Dream Demon Creation Path (Nations personally visited by Vandalieu):

n.o.ble Orc kingdom (Population: Approximately 100,000)

Za.n.a.lpadna (Population: Approximately 100,000)

Ghoul nation (Population: Approximately 5,000)

High Kobold nation (Population: Approximately 16,000)

High Goblin nation (Population: Approximately 10,000)

Majin nation (Population: Approximately 100,000, of which approximately 1,000 are Majin)

Kijin nation (Population: Approximately 10,000)

Drakonid nation (Population: Approximately 5,000)

Centaur nation (Population: Approximately 15,000)

Harpy nation (Population: Approximately 27,000)

Lamia nation (Population: Approximately 20,000)

Dark Elf nation (Population: Approximately 10,000)

Vida’s Resting Grounds

Merfolk nation (Population: Approximately 40,000)

(Unofficially) allied nations:

Alcrem Duchy

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