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Chapter 999: There's More Than One G.o.d in This World!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Time flew by and soon two days had pa.s.sed.

Lin Huang spent the past two days in the hotel room practicing his sword skills. He even handed the task of eavesdropping on the G.o.d Bless members to b.l.o.o.d.y which relayed the important messages to him.

Apart from learning about the time and venue of the Crow G.o.d Ceremony, he did not only learned about the mission this time, but he even heard many G.o.d Bless secrets.

The founder of G.o.d Bless was called the Master G.o.d and his combat strength and ability were unknown. He had been in hiding for hundreds of years and had just come back to take over G.o.d Bless again.

That was also the reason why G.o.d Bless was active lately all of a sudden.

Below the Master G.o.d were four G.o.d's Messengers whose combat strength was unknown as well.

However, judging from Shen Yu's respect towards the G.o.d's Messengers, the four of them might most probably be virtual G.o.d-level powerhouses. Shen Yu was a demiG.o.d himself, after all, and only Virtual G.o.ds could make a demiG.o.d fear for them.

Then, there were Commanders below the four G.o.d's Messengers.

The Commanders were in charge of all of the branches in the entire safety zone. Some safety zones had one Commander while some had a main Commander and a Deputy Commander.

The guy with the surname Feng whom Shen Yu mentioned earlier was Commander Feng Li. He was currently leading G.o.d Bless in Division 3, and he managed all three branches in Division 3.

The reason Shen Yu despised him was that the latter who had more experience was supposed to be appointed as the new Commander since the past Division 3 Commander was re-a.s.signed. Never had he thought that Feng Li would appear out of nowhere. Not only Feng Li was given a ma.s.sive amount of G.o.d's blood and elevated to perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level despite only going on very few missions, but he was also a.s.signed to be the Commander of Division 3.

Since Shen Yu secretly had the most complaints towards Feng Li, b.l.o.o.d.y knew a lot about him.

Almost half of the Commanders from G.o.d Bless had the same combat strength as Feng Li whereby they were on perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level.

Perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level would mean that 100% of the Life Power in the demiG.o.d-levels' bodies could transform into Divine Power. On a certain level, such a person was close to Virtual G.o.d. Powerhouses on perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level would have their flesh and soul washed completely with a sea of Divine Power, practically reaching Virtual G.o.d standard. Their ability was comparable with a virtual G.o.d-level rank-1 who had just elevated. People would easily mistake their combat strength as a virtual G.o.d-level powerhouse by sense.

However, the broken G.o.dhead in their bodies made the construction of G.o.d Territory impossible. They could not produce Divine Power naturally, and could only replenish it from external sources.

Below Commanders were the Captains of each branch, which was Shen Yu's current position at G.o.d Bless.

All of the Captains of G.o.d Bless had demiG.o.d-level combat strength; that was the mandatory condition of being a Captain.

G.o.d Bless had a couple of branches in the three core safety zones. For instance, Division 3 had three branches while Division 1 and Division 2 had more.

After the Captains came the normal members.

G.o.d Bless did not have many members. They were basically on high immortal-level and imperial-level. Each branch had few members with only 20 to 30 members or over 100 members at the most.

Comparatively, G.o.d Bless might have more spies allocated in each organization than their members.

Naturally, the spies followed another system that was entirely different from the system Shen Yu and the rest followed. Even the intel branches of each division were unrelated.

Shen Yu only chatted about that with his few underlings once and it was just a short conversation, so b.l.o.o.d.y obtained very limited information from that.

Lin Huang frowned when b.l.o.o.d.y was telling him that information.

“Are you sure those four G.o.d's Messengers are Virtual G.o.ds?” That was the first question Lin Huang asked after hearing what b.l.o.o.d.y said.

“It's confirmed. Shen Yu has no respect for this perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level Feng Li. Him taking Shen Yu's position aside, Feng Li is just a demiG.o.d to him even though he's on perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level. He's not as powerful as Shen Yu who could easily get to perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level as long as he obtains sufficient G.o.d's blood. Therefore, he has no respect for Commanders.

“However, he's always calling G.o.d's Messengers ‘Master G.o.d's Messenger' and dares not cross the line. He clearly respects them. It's impossible for Shen Yu to fear perfect-stage demiG.o.d-levels.

“However, according to the cultivation system in our gravel world, it's impossible for someone to elevate to Virtual G.o.d.” Lin Huang was very much aware of the current cultivation system's flaw. Indeed, just like what the stone tablet said, it was impossible for someone to elevate to Virtual G.o.d.

“The current cultivation system can't do that, but what if they're cultivating using the old cultivation system?” b.l.o.o.d.y voiced its opinion, “Or maybe they're like Mr. Fu whereby they're Virtual G.o.ds who survived the ancient era?”

“According to historical records, many powerhouses' bodies weren't found during the battle 800 years ago. Perhaps most of them were eaten by monsters but we can't rule out the possibility that there were some Virtual G.o.ds who hid and healed from the battle.”

Lin Huang could not argue about what b.l.o.o.d.y said because it was indeed possible.

“I personally think that these Virtual G.o.ds elevated by integrating G.o.dheads,” the stone tablet voiced its opinion out of the blue.

“Why would you say that?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“Otherwise, where did the G.o.dheads of G.o.ds who died during the ancient era go when their bodies were found?” The stone tablet was calm as it posed the question.

What the stone tablet said terrified Lin Huang. There might be millions of G.o.ds that died during the ancient era. Even if most of them remained unfound, as long as a minority of the G.o.dheads were found by major organizations, they could manufacture many G.o.ds from there.

“Judging from what you said, it's very possible that the Master G.o.d of G.o.d Bless is a True G.o.d.” Lin Huang thought his view of the world was now completely shaken.

He had always thought Mr. Fu was the only G.o.d in this gravel world. However, now it seemed like this gravel world was much more dangerous than he imagined.

“If that's the case, fighting G.o.d Bless is much more difficult than I expected.” Lin Huang looked helpless.

“I was thinking why would G.o.d Bless have to be secretive in their missions if they really had such power, especially when b.l.o.o.d.y mentioned they might have four Virtual G.o.ds? They could totally wipe out all the organizations in the entire world under the sun, making them the overlord of the gravel world.

“However, now it seems like organizations such as the Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation might have more hidden G.o.d-level powerhouses. G.o.d Bless doesn't announce their power not because they can't, but because they know very well that there are even more powerful organizations that exist in this world.”

Lin Huang soon connected the dots after the stone tablet reminded him about it.

“These G.o.d-level powerhouses haven't shown up for hundreds of years. They might've come to an agreement with all the organizations not to reveal themselves. Just like the game theory of deterrent forces that all the countries applied on Earth…”

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