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Since the five gold flame-level men were killed in a single hit, the store owners and visitors, who were ready to watch an exciting show, returned to the stores. They proceeded to do what they were doing and pretended not to have seen anything. Besides showing his stunning ability off, Lin Huang had just sent everyone a message that he was a crimson flame-level genius who had the ability of an immortal-level. Everyone knew that such a genius must be a core member of a top organization. People who dared to touch him would suffer a horrible death.

Lin Huang brought Yao Huanhuan deeper into the alley. As soon as they disappeared, a few people dashed towards the dead bodies. In less than a second, the bodies were taken away, and there were even two individuals who fought each other for a dead body. To ordinary people, a dead human body was useless. However, to many of the business owners in the black market, it was something valuable that could be sold to puppeteers or witches. A complete gold flame-level human body could be sold at a higher price than a gold flame-level monster carca.s.s.

Of course, Lin Huang had no idea about all that. Even if he did, he had no one to sell the bodies to. As they entered the alley, they soon arrived at the main street of the black market. There were more stores there, but business was slow. Including Lin Huang and Yao Huanhuan, the number of visitors were less than half of the number of stores that were available.

"It's so quiet." Yao Huanhuan was upset as she walked into the alley. She did not speak until she saw the actual black market.

"Most of the trading is done online now, so fewer people are shopping at the brick and mortar stores," Lin Huang turned around and explained to her.

"Then, why didn't you do it online?" Yao Huanhuan asked.

"There're many scammers online who sell fake stuff and fake information. I prefer to shop at the stores. There are fewer scammers here," Lin Huang explained patiently.

"But what if there are scammers at the stores? They might just close their stores and leave after scamming you." Yao Huanhuan was determined to get to the bottom of this.

"If that happens, I'll try to look for the scammer when I have the time and make him pay for the price." Although Lin Huang's tone was calm, Yao Huanhuan could sense that the cold tone in it. She recalled the dead bodies at the entrance of the black market.

"Do you… always kill?" Yao Huanhuan asked after a moment of silence.

"If I don't kill, they would've killed me." Lin Huang did not answer her question directly.

"Is this why you refuse to tell me your real name? Are you afraid that I'm here to kill you?" Yao Huanhuan knew the name that he had given her was fake. She had just been pretending earlier.

"Too many people want to kill me, so I have to be careful," Lin Huang admitted that he had his guard up against Yao Huanhuan.

They became silent after that conversation. Soon, Lin Huang finally found the store selling information that Sun Ba had told him about.

"Wait for me at the hall. Don't run around and create trouble. There are many people like the five men in the black market, and there are even more powerful people than that," Lin Huang reminded Yao Huanhuan again as they walked into the store.

Lin Huang then followed the female staff into a room. There was a lady who was in her early 30's in the room. She had a voluptuous body, but she was not fat. Her combat level seemed to be hidden using a relic, so Lin Huang could only sense that her aura was just like an average person's.

"Dear Sir, what would you like to know?" The lady sounded extraordinarily sweet which made Lin Huang feel comfortable. She did not use any bewitching skills, but her voice was distinctive.

"I want to know all the details of holy fire-level and immortal-level triple mutated monsters that are located in Division 3. Also, I need all the details of the danger zones and forbidden lands as well as the monsters in them," Lin Huang requested directly.

The lady raised her eyebrow and smiled.

"Not many people ask for such information. It's a ma.s.sive amount of data, and I'll need some time to put them together. Could you come back tomorrow?"

"Sure." Lin Huang nodded.

"Is there anything else that you need?" The lady asked.

Lin Huang thought about it and nodded. "All the details of the organizations in the Division 3 footholds."

"That's tough. I can only provide you info on to C-grade footholds although the C-grade foothold data is just a tough one, let alone the D-grade. But it seems like no organization wants to take over the D-grade footholds," the lady explained.

" to C-grade are good enough." Lin Huang nodded.

"If you're not in a hurry, you can collect all of them tomorrow." The lady smiled at Lin Huang.


After transferring the fee, Lin Huang gave her Lin Xie's contact number.

"Just send everything to this number tomorrow."

"Please come back soon!" Lin Huang left after hearing the lady's sweet voice. He soon noticed that Yao Huanhuan was no longer at the hall. He frowned and asked the staff who had brought him into the room, "Do you know where the lady went?"

"She went into another trading room after you left," the staff explained.

Soon, Yao Huanhuan returned.

"Didn't I ask you not to leave?"

"I heard from the staff that they sell information here. I happen to have something to ask. Moreover, I didn't leave this store. That's not considered leaving!" Yao Huanhuan denied.

Lin Huang did not want to argue with her.

After leaving the store, Lin Huang shopped at the black market with Yao Huanhuan just like he promised. She would stop whenever she saw something interesting like a curious kid who stopped to look at fun things. After shopping at most of the stores, Yao Huanhuan bought many peculiar things that Lin Huang did not know about. She said she spent all her money on items that she had never seen before as collectibles. Lin Huang did not bother to tell her that some of the odd pots that she had bought were spittoons from the olden days.

They finally got out of the black market when it was past 6 p.m. Yao Huanhuan projected the map, pinned the location, and summoned her Tweedle Bird. She then waved at Lin Huang.

"Let's go! I'll bring you somewhere good!"

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