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Chapter 1659 Suppressing All of the Tribe

Even Illusion Elder and the other three elders were in shock. They had used the Ancient Sky Mirror because it was a safe haven, but now they found themselves unable to escape from their refuge.

Some super elites began to wish that they had never used the mirror at all.

“You've only just now noticed?” Han Sen said with dark amus.e.m.e.nt. The red color continued to spread across the mirror.

It was a Real Blood invasion. Real Blood's takeover always started out slow, but the more of the geno core Real Blood gained control over, the faster the process would go.


The super elites wanted to escape, but they could only hit the b.l.o.o.d.y reflective surface. They couldn't exit like they had earlier.

All the creatures and spirits kept pounding the mirror, like a swarm of imprisoned monsters. They were terrified as they struck the gla.s.s wall that stood between them and freedom. They couldn't get out.

“*sshole! What did you do?” The few elders looked surprised.

When the super creatures were killed,they'd end up locked inside the mirror. And as Han Sen watched them try to escape, it felt like he was watching a horde of rabid demons from h.e.l.l.

Han Sen was delighted that he had managed to take control of Ancient Sky Mirror, though. Not only could the object revive fallen comrades, but it could also trap others inside. Han Sen hadn't expected the mirror to have such versatility.

Real Blood gained full control of the mirror, and a connection was established directly between the captive mirror and Han Sen's brain.

The creatures and spirits all crowded to the front of the mirror in a frightened and angry mob. They kept pounding the b.l.o.o.d.y surface, Han Sen thought they looked like a horde of zombies trapped inside a container.

Han Sen and Death G.o.ddess proceeded to kill the remaining spirits and creatures that were outside the mirror. Once that was done, all their enemies were trapped inside the mirror.

Han Sen then took control of the mirror, forcing it to rise up slowly into the sky.

Rocks broke and tumbled away from the base of the mirror as it rose, and cracks shot across the length of the valley. “Impossible! How can the mirror be controlled!? Impossible!” The beings in the mirror were all so shocked.

The mirror's power was special, so finding someone else of the same element to control it was thought to be impossible.

They had been happy to add their reflections to the mirror. It did not matter if they were injured or killed; they could come back. In many ways, they were invincible.

But they knew the implications of the mirror being under someone's control. If someone gained possession of the mirror, that person would control all the reflections that the mirror held.

They really didn't want to believe that Han Sen had a.s.serted control over the thing. Unfortunately, it was an undeniable truth.


Ancient Sky Mirror tore its way up out of the ground. The place where the mirror had rested was now seeping blood like a red fountain.

It was like a spring of infinite power. Han Sen realized now that the mirror was using that as a source of constant energy. It was how it kept on reviving the elites who had died.

“Skysword! This grudge seems to reside between you and Illusion only; let us go. If you touch the rest of us, that means you will be going up against the rest of the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary!” one of the elites yelled.

“Yeah! This has nothing to do with us. Let us go or Yin Demon will come after you.”

“The Manlong are heroes. If you kill me, they'll kill you.”

“I, Longmei…”

G.o.ddess was inside there, as well. She was in shock, and she shouted, “Han Sen, if you let us go, Sacred will forgive the grudge it has with you!”

Han Sen did not care, though. All he did was stare at them, letting them yell in anger, sadness, and desperation. Whatever their expression, Han Sen did not care.

The mirror slowly flew to Han Sen, and as it did, it became smaller. When it reached his hand, it was only around the size of his palm. He was easily able to grab it.

“Skysword, if you touch us, you will die!” Illusion Elder roared, but he was obviously trying to suppress his fear.

“Die!” Han Sen used his mind to blow up Illusion Elder's body. The mirror was dyed red once more.

“Berserk Super Creature Illusion Beast killed. No beast soul gained. Geno core destroyed. The flesh has been destroyed. The Life Geno Essence is missing.”

Han Sen was surprised. This was the first he had never received a Life Geno Essence.

After watching Illusion Elder's sudden demise, everyone became angry and shocked. The rest of Illusion went mad. Han Sen used his mind to kill all the yelling monsters. And seeing that, none of the others dared to speak now. They were all in shock.

But the creatures that were killed inside the mirror did not leave anything behind. He noticed there really weren't any Life Geno Essences being made available.

They had Life Geno Essences, but the mirror absorbed them. They made the mirror stronger.

Han Sen took the mirror and went to sit on Little Star's back. He wanted to leave the valley. Death G.o.ddess came to sit down on it, too. She did so naturally, as if it was something she was used to doing.

Han Sen felt as if he had a bit of a headache. But since Han Sen couldn't undo what had happened, and she seemed to consider him family, he was willing to take her back.

News of the fight spread across all of the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary. The stories of the fight seemed impossible, but many spirits and creatures had come to watch the attack on Death G.o.ddess. There were too many witnesses for the stories to all be lies.

Han Sen and Death G.o.ddess killed the elites of many tribes, and he had even taken the mirror. News of this was everywhere, on the tip of every tongue in the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary.

The most shocking news was that Death G.o.ddess was Skysword's daughter. It was difficult to believe, but Death G.o.ddess had said it herself. It was rather surprising.

And as they were all shocked, many were also angry. A storm was brewing.

Han Sen knew things wouldn't be resolved quickly if he was willing to let the creatures and spirits he had collected go.

And of course, Han Sen was not going to do that So, when he returned, he prepared for a fight.

Before, Han Sen might have been scared at the prospect of taking on the whole sanctuary. After all, it was hard to fight with fists. No matter how strong he was, people would be affected.

But with Ancient Sky Mirror, things were now very different Han Sen did not have to be afraid.

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