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Chapter 1663 Death is Coming

Because Han Sen could not provide the geno armor, he was unable to strike a deal with G.o.d's Retribution.

But Han Sen wasn't expecting anyone to help him in the first place. He might be in danger in the Alliance, but he didn't think G.o.d's Organization could bring him any harm in the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary.

After sending G.o.d's Retribution away, Han Sen returned to the Alliance. Then, he allowed Zero to follow him back into the sanctuary.

When Zero entered the sanctuary, she appeared next to him. Han Sen told her to look after the shelter in his absence, and if anything awry occurred, to contact him as soon as possible.

“How do I call Dad and tell him not to generate a geno armor?” Han Sen thought to himself. Unfortunately, he was unable to come up with a solution.

To prevent G.o.d's Organization from finding him, Han Yufei did not leave a way for Han Sen to contact him.

“It looks like I'm going to have to go to Planet Tariq.” Han Sen prepared to fly his unicorn beetle to Planet Tariq. It was the headquarters of the New Community.

Before Han Sen left, Zero came from the shelter and told Han Sen something had happened. Han Yufei had said it would take him two years to generate the geno armor, so he wouldn't be done yet. Han Sen decided to run back to the sanctuary.

Ancient Sky Mirror was in Han Sen's shelter. The creatures there could not be harmed, but a few creatures had been killed not too far from the shelter.

“Boss, you are here! Blacksteel Wolf died somehow, and there were no wounds.” Cheap Sheep had some people guarding the body, and he ran up to Han Sen when he showed up.

The creatures in Shadow Shelter were very proud and fearless because of the presence of the mi「「o「. Now that the mirror no longer seemed to work, and a creature had flat-out died, fear started to take hold. Even the sheep was scared.

Han Sen didn't say anything. He walked to a few corpses and asked Gu Qingcheng who was looking after them, “Sister Gu, how did they die?”

Gu Qingcheng stood up and shook her head. “I don't see a wound on any of them. Even if there were wounds, with the mirror there, they shouldn't have died.”

Han Sen frowned. Gu Qingcheng did not have an answer, either. If the mirror hadn't protected them, then the way they died must have been unique.

Han Sen squatted and checked the dead bodies. Even while using his Dongxuan Aura, he was unable to discern anything.

Han Sen did not hesitate as he drew outTaia. He cut open Blacksteel Wolfs body to get a look inside, and see if there was anything the others had missed. There was nothing to be seen that way, either. There was nothing out of the ordinary, and it seemed as if they had died of natural causes.

“Bury them,” Han Sen commanded Cheap Sheep as he stood up. Then he went on to say, “Get everyone back to the shelter. No one leaves the shelter without my permission.”

Cheap Sheep and Green Cow went off to do their thing, while Gu Qingcheng and Han Sen went back to the shelter.

“Found anything?” Gu Qingcheng asked.

“No.” Han Sen shook his head. He couldn't tell how the enemy had killed Blacksteel Wolf.

The only 廿ling he knew for certain was that the power could defy the mirror.

Han Sen also knew that if the enemy could now circ.u.mvent the mirror, they wouldn't stop killing anytime soon. So, Han Sen made sure everyone returned to the shelter to see if he could draw the enemy out that way.

If he was able to learn what power they were using, Han Sen could figure out what would best work against it.

Back in the shelter, Han Sen sat in the spirit hall using his Dongxuan Sutra. He was able to watch the movement of every creature in every corner of the vicinity with a close eye.

No movement would be able to escape Han Sen's attention now. So he waited for the enemy to strike again.

“Father.” As Han Sen took a swig of tea in the hall, Death G.o.ddess approached.

“Menger, come have tea with me.” Han Sen beckoned her near and got her to sit down. Then, he poured her a cup of tea.

Having been with her for a while, Han Sen noticed how sincere she was when she referred to him as her father. Her mind was surprisingly naive, and she wasn't really all that evil. Han Sen took her as a daughter and gave her the name Han Menger, in return.

Han Sen wasn't very good at naming things, so it was something simple enough. Death G.o.ddess was now his daughter, and with everything feeling like a dream lately, he used that name.

Death G.o.ddess sat down near Han Sen and downed her tea in one shot. She was like a robot, and it didn't look as if she was enjoying the tea.

“That is not how you drink tea. You need to slow down.” Han Sen smiled and poured her more tea. Then, he showed her.

Han Menger looked at Han Sen, and then looked at his face. She tried to mimic his manner of tea etiquette, but she still looked rather robotic in her attempt

“Is there a special meaning behind the way you drink?” After she drank it, her black eyes showed visible confusion.

To her, drinking tea like that was simply slower. The sips were smaller, and that was the only difference.

Han Sen smiled and stroked her hair that was like a waterfall. He told her, “You are still young, so I don't expect you to understand right now. You'll get it when you grow up.”

Han Menger nodded. She still tried to drink as Han Sen did, but that confusion never left her face. Han Menger looked at Han Sen and copied a lot of his precise movements.

Han Sen brought her some dim sum. She looked powerful in the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary, and thus far, no one had been able to beat her. And that was with her being a kid who had only just been born.

Bao'er came out of nowhere and sat on Han Sen's chest. She said, “Daddy, Bao'er wants dim sum.”

Han Sen gave some dim sum to Bao'er then, and the three of them ate merrily. Days like that were lovely, and it would only have been more perfect if Ji Yanran and Littleflower were there.

But not long after, Han Sen's face changed. He stood up and teleported to the tower.

He saw a guard, Bone Witch—who had a gold geno core—was lying dead on the ground. But there were no visible wounds.

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