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1712 Planet Kate

In the plaza, there was music playing. There was a fountain, and there was a statue depicting a cat. It stood at a height of forty meters, and it was situated in the direct center of the plaza. It looked to have been made of gold.

Han Sen was sitting on the foot of the statue, and he looked at everything in disbelief.

He had only just gotten his vision back, and now it seemed everyone present was looking at him. Not with hostility, luckily, but with surprise and curiosity. It was akin to animals meeting one of a different species in a zoo.

What was most unbelievable about the crowd was that they looked mostly human. But their heads possessed cat ears, and their rears possessed tails. The pupils were cat-like, too. They were round and cute. The rest of their bodies were practically human.

The cat people were all dressed in individual ways. There were some in elegant clothing, some in simple clothing, some in s.e.xy clothing, and some in very manly clothing.

Some beautiful women wore skirts and tank tops, showcasing their snow-white arms and legs. They looked gorgeous.

There were cars and motorcycles traveling along the streets. Aircraft were visible in the sky, and all the cat people were carrying swords. It was a weird sight.

Han Sen did not feel happy about this, though. Especially when a few of the cat people brought swords to his neck.

Han Sen wanted to gather up power and fight, but he felt his body start to sink. It was incredibly difficult to just stand, so making an expert combat move was out of the question.

One of the cat people then said something to Han Sen. But strangely, he could not understand. He used his Dongxuan Sutra to try to understand what the cat meant.

But the Dongxuan Aura was strangely suppressed. It wouldn't leave his body, and he immediately wanted to cough up some blood.

“Old Cat! Where are you?” Han Sen looked around but could not see him. It didn't seem as if he had come here.

Without being able to find Old Cat, Han Sen tried talking to the people before him. But they did not seem to speak his language. The soldier-looking cat people brought Han Sen to a jail-looking construct and threw him in a cell.

Han Sen was unsure what was going on, and his body was suppressed. He couldn't fight, so he all he could do was helplessly sit and watch.

The cat people seemed very civilized. They didn't look savage or murderous at all, so he wasn't worried, at least.

“What is going on?” Han Sen wondered as he sat in the jail cell. The place was quite different than he had imagined.

Han Sen had expected to arrive in a horrible place when he left the sanctuaries. He thought there'd be horrible monsters around, looking to tear him limb from limb, requiring constant combat to survive. He expected he'd be running for his life, each and every single day.

But this was very different from what he imagined, and it went against everything Han Sen had believed about the outside.

“Is this really the outside world? Why can the elites of the sanctuary not return?” Han Sen did not understand.

Han Sen tried to cast The Story of Genes and the Dongxuan Sutra. They now ran perfectly. They hadn't been suppressed or stolen, so he could still use them. But the thing was, the powers in the outside world were ma.s.sive. They made Han Sen feel dwarfed and extremely weak.

He realized he could no longer even fly. There was a strong suction restricting his powers.

The cat people seemed civilized. And while he might have been locked up, at least he was not being tortured. No one had taken his things, either. And cats that looked like wardens even brought him food.

Han Sen could not get out, though. And neither could he speak to them. So, he just remained in the jail where he was, practicing what he could. He hoped to finally be able to generate a geno armor.

“Where did Old Cat go? We went through the same vortex, so where could he have gone?” Han Sen was now hoping Old Cat could help him out. If he didn't receive help from the only person he knew out here, he was screwed.

Over the next few days, a few cat people came over to try and talk with him. Unfortunately, they couldn't establish any communication. And all the while, Han Sen was locked in the same cell.

Han Sen saw many different cat people, but the most shocking thing was that they all had geno armors. And they were all on a 1:1 power ratio with the armor.

His incarceration did not last too long, though. A week later, Han Sen was taken out of his cell and brought to an interrogation room.

After entering the room, Han Sen's eyes opened wide.

In the room, a beautiful woman sat on the other side of the table. She wore a white uniform. Her hair and ears were snow white. Even her tail was, too. She looked very pretty, and she filled out the uniform very well. Her legs were displayed, and they looked nice and long.

“Outsider; where are you from? Why are you on Planet Kate? What do you want?” The beautiful kitty policewoman asked Han Sen in a special language.

It wasn't a language Han Sen knew, but for some reason, he was able to understand. It seemed as if the woman had a special power of some sort

“I am from Planet Roca. I entered a black hole and somehow just ended up here,” Han Sen said.

The beautiful cat lady understood, but she did not seem to know where Planet Roca was. She stared at Han Sen, and after a while of silence, she said, “Okay. According to the laws of Planet Kate, we will have to conduct a test and have you monitored for a while longer; particularly when you work. When we have confirmed you are able to behave, we can consider getting you residency. Come, let's perform a test. We can see what you are able to do.”

After that, the cat lady opened a door. Han Sen followed her through it. Things were turning out far better than his direst predictions. If this was the outside world, it wasn't so scary. And the cat people seemed rather nice.

Han Sen followed her to the station's exit. She slid into a car that looked like a ladybug and told him to get in.

“My name is Lan Se. And here, I will be in charge of your work duties. You can ask me anything you would like to. Do you mind telling me what level your geno armor is, though?” The pretty cat lady had started to drive when she asked this.

“I don't have geno armor yet,” Han Sen answered.

Lan Se was very shocked, and she opened her eyes wide when looking back at Han Sen. “You are quite old. And you don't even have geno armor yet? What race do you belong to? Why are you so weak?”

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