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Han Sen had just remembered that Little Angel was a.s.sociated with a holy element. Ghost Bone powers seemed to be afraid of light or something like that, as those two powers did not connect. There was nothing too unusual about Little Angel being unable to absorb that stuff.

"In that case, there is only one thing to try. Dongxuan Sutra and The Story of Genes are difficult to level up, and even with the Ghost Bone powers here, bringing them up to Duke won't be something that can be achieved in a short amount of time.

Han Sen was thinking about how he might be able to break the trappings of the palace and get out. It was then that the blood kirin came running out the mountain.

Han Sen did not realize it, at first, as it always used to keep running out. It was something that Han Sen had gotten used to. But now that he took a look, he was given a shock.

That blood kirin's body was demonstrating some new changes this time. It was the size of a bull previously, but it was smaller now. Now it was the size of an adult lion.

Its scales were like jade. Its colors that were previously dark red were now bright red. The horns on its head were also transparent now, too.

As Han Sen was looking at the blood kirin, he thought something about the guy had changed. He couldn't tell what had changed, though.

Amidst Han Sen's confusion, that blood kirin came running to the foothills of that mountain. It looked up at Han Sen, and in its mouth, it was holding something.

Han Sen looked closer, and he noticed it was a red vine. The vine was holding a fruit on it. It was similar to a pear and it was around the size of a fist. The body of the fruit was red, but you could see its core in its center.

The blood kirin tossed the vine and shouted at Han Sen. It used its legs to nudge the vine towards Han Sen. What it was doing was obvious.

Han Sen was shocked, and so he thought, "Is this guy feeling grateful about being allowed to drink my blood? Is he giving me this pear as some form of payment?"

Seeing Han Sen not make a move, the blood kirin shouted at Han Sen again. And once more, it pushed the vine forward. Then, it took a step back and shouted at Han Sen. It was as if it was telling Han Sen that there was no need for him to be afraid.

Han Sen was not afraid. He walked down the mountain and picked up the vine.

The blood kirin, when he saw him pick up the vine, turned around and ran back towards the lotus mountain.

Han Sen could feel the blood pear possess a strong lifeforce. It was certainly not something common, but his body had a lot of Ghost Bone power inside it already. It would be a waste to consume more nutrients before the former had been refined.

Han Sen let Bao'er out, and he decided to give her the pear. Bao'er looked very happy receiving it, and she picked the pear off of the vine.

But strangely, when the pear left the vine, the blood vine became blood. It just vaporized.

Seeing Bao'er bite into the pear, the juice went everywhere. The sweetness that permeated the air smelled so good. And that lifeforce was bursting out everywhere.

"I do not know what kind of fruit that is. Pears should grow on a tree, but that was growing on a vine. It should be a different species," Han Sen thought to himself.

Bao'er ate the pear, but there were no changes to her. She was still the same as usual. When she grew to her form of around a five or a six year old child, her growth had come to a standstill. She had not continued to grow.

That made Han Sen wonder whether or not Bao'er would require an extra gourd if she was to grow up further.

Han Sen returned Bao'er to Destiny's Tower, even though she was not fond of the place.

Han Sen returned to the palace. He wanted to investigate the weakness of the trappings, and gauge whether or not he was strong enough to break it yet.

If what he tried did not work, then Fox Queen would grow suspicious. That would mean he would be unable to escape there.

"I do not know what you men think of all day long. Is practicing more fun than playing with a pretty woman?" Fox Queen's body was spread out across the jade bed. Her eyes were staring at Han Sen in a seductive manner.

The entire time he had been there, Fox Queen had used all manners of tricks to try and seduce Han Sen. It was fun, but Han Sen never acted on anything. That just annoyed her.

She was a deified fox. She had a talent when it came to luring others, and countless amounts of deified men had been forced to kneel beneath her skirt. Han Sen did not do anything with her, though, and that was something of an insult.

So, Fox Queen used all her skill to deliberately seduce Han Sen. But even so, nothing she tried worked. That surprised Fox Queen.

If a deified man would manage to not fall for her charms, then that was okay and rather expected. But Han Sen was only a Duke. It was very surprising that he did not do anything, and it altered her perception of him.

"It is no wonder he was able to destroy Ghost Bone's will. He is remarkably talented. His will must be as strong as a deified elite for sure." Fox Queen started to admire Han Sen.

But that did not mean she would stop trying to seduce Han Sen. Being imprisoned for so long was a very boring and lonely thing. She had just found a toy to play with, so she was not going to give it up so easily.

Fox Queen was not someone who did not have any patience. So, she had been watching Han Sen with the determination to find out what sort of woman Han Sen liked.

But sadly, what made Fox Queen so upset was that Han Sen was not a picky man. Fox Queen tried to approach Han Sen with every type of woman, and she was easily seen through. Han Sen admired her, but it was a different type of admiration.

That is what made Fox Queen feel so strange. With her experience, she knew those type of men were the easiest to seduce. But Han Sen could withstand her seductive ways and it was rather confusing.

Fox Queen was not going to give up, though. And that was mainly due to the fact it was so boring otherwise. And she wanted her deified pride back. So, Fox Queen prepared Han Sen a large meal.

Han Sen looked around and saw the mouth of the fish statue, where the water was coming out from. That seemed to the most likely way of exiting. If Han Sen did not look at there, Fox Queen would not have grown suspicious.

Han Sen kept looking, though, and he said, "Have you not heard of that old saying?"

"What old saying?" Fox Queen toned her voice with a sultry drawl.

"Life is precious, and love is even more valuable. If we died for freedom, both of them would be lost. Now that I do not have freedom, how can I think of anything else?" Han Sen sighed.

"You are such a wood. Have you not heard of the saying, 'Life is short', and so you should have as much fun as you can?" Fox Queen spoke with a l.u.s.tful voice.

"I have..." Han Sen looked at Fox Queen, but the look he saw froze him. Fox Queen's big, black and white eyes were extremely attractive. It looked as if there was a power inside them. They made Han Sen lose his focus, and he suddenly found himself attracted to her via the eyes.

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