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Prince Swordstar stared furiously at Han Sen's back. "Let's go."

"Prince, you are just going to leave like this?" Prince Swordstar's remaining guard looked angry as he spoke.

Prince Swordstar said coldly, "My people will not die for nothing. He dared to kill in King's Garden, and so the blood kirin will die. Let's go to the sentencing court."

Han Sen rode the blood kirin to the king tree. In his heart, he was thinking, "The blood kirin's desire to kill is way too strong. If he wants to kill, there is nothing I can do to stop him. Fortunately, it was only a guard. I can negotiate and explain his actions."

As he got closer and closer to the king tree, Han Sen was unable to find any primary root king dragons. Han Sen kept moving forward.

The primary root king dragons appeared in different locations each and every time. Han Sen was not lucky today, though. He didn't run into any of them on his way.

There were many princes and princesses following him, however. Han Sen mostly ignored their presence, but after a while, he noticed that they had fallen back and stopped following him forward. That was a little concerning.

Han Sen looked around and found that he was close to the king tree. It was so thick, like a giant pillar in front of him. There were one hundred miles of land between him and the tree.

Han Sen could see that there were some wrinkles in the tree's bark that were as wide as entire valleys. But the king dragons he had seen were not as big as that.

Han Sen slowed down the speed of his approach. This place was quite different than he had imagined. Getting closer to the tree didn't result in him finding more and more of the primary root king dragons.

Han Sen soon found a king dragon, with a man in a white robe standing before it. Han Sen remembered the information given to him by Mister White, and he quickly recognized the man.

Prince Seventeen, Bai Qing Xia, was known as the prettiest man in the entirety of King's Kingdom.

The man was so handsome that his good looks made him practically invincible.

While Qing Xia was very handsome, the legends also said that he was quite weak. His mother had been injured while she was pregnant, and her baby had been injured as well. So, he was born damaged. He was a very weak person among the Extreme King, and his body wasn't like one of the royal bloodline. He was weaker than a commoner.

Prince Qing Xia was very handsome, but he wasn't good at anything except for being eye candy. He didn't join the fights for authority. If anyone mentioned him in conversation, it was just to talk about his face.

"Brother Seventeen, what are you doing?" Han Sen rode the blood kirin over to Prince Qing Xia, but the man didn't respond. Han Sen wanted to know why Prince Seventeen was the only one there, though; all the other royal children were gone.

Prince Qing Xia's eyes were like stars, and his facial features were sharp. He was like a carving, wrought from a block of marble. But he didn't look good. In fact, he looked pale and sick.

He hadn't expected Han Sen to approach and talk to him. Prince Qing Xia looked at Han Sen and said, "I am here to get protection from King Wen. Aren't you doing the same, Brother Sixteen?"

"Um... I'm just walking around." Han Sen didn't think he had come at the right time. He didn't know what "protection from King Wen" meant.

"Maybe it is something connected to the Kingese scrawl upon the king leaves, but how will that help him? Is he going to pick a leaf off the king tree?" Han Sen thought to himself.

Prince Qing Xia smiled and said, "There is no need to hide since you are here now. If you are strong enough to claim the alpha's statue, then of course you can gain the protection of King's Cover."

"If you want the Kingese, then I should not disturb you. I will continue walking around," Han Sen said, then readied himself to depart.

He hadn't figured out how to get the Kingese, and if he wasn't careful, he could risk being exposed. He had to get out of there now and figure out the Kingese later.

Prince Qing Xia suddenly jumped. His body teleported in front of Han Sen, barring his departure.

"The Kingese hasn't woken up yet. I am curious how you were able to understand the alpha's statue. Please teach me, Brother Sixteen," Prince Qing Xia said. Before Han Sen agreed, he threw a slap at Han Sen.

His fingers were long, and they glowed with light. It was a pretty sight, but somehow, it was still masculine at the same time.

Han Sen saw his slap and noticed how light it was, and how there was no power. But even so, the move felt as if it would be very difficult to predict. Han Sen was shocked by it.

"People say Prince Qing Xia is quite weak, and it would be difficult for him to evolve. But now, I do not think those claims are true. His slap is something very special," Han Sen frowned.

The blood kirin sat down and roared. It wanted to jump away, but Han Sen prevented it from doing so.

There was a rule in the King's Garden that forbade killing. It was intended to protect princes and princesses only, though. There were options if a guard was killed, but killing a prince wouldn't just lead to the blood kirin being punished; Han Sen would be, too.

After stopping the blood kirin, Han Sen leaped off of the blood kirin's back and punched towards Prince Qing Xia.

His fist flew forward in the traditional Extreme King Shocking Sky Punch. He had learned it from the alpha statue. The rest of the Extreme King had only seen the shadow, but Han Sen had watched the alpha statue actually perform the skill.


The fist and the palm came against each other. Han Sen and Prince Qing Xia felt their bodies vibrate as they were pushed back. Neither of them gained the upper-hand.

Han Sen's punch included the Original Water King Body power. Although it was only on the first tier of area powers, it was still quite strong, and Prince Qing Xia could fight against Han Sen as an equal. It seemed as if the rumors of the Prince's weakened body were not quite accurate.

"Extreme King really does have many elites. I can never underestimate anyone." Han Sen was shocked.

Many princes and princesses were watching from a distance, and they found themselves surprised again.

Bai Yi was well-known for being quite reckless and exceptionally greedy. Bai Qing Xia was known for being very weak and sick. For two princes like that to fight under the king tree was quite weird.

It might have been an understandable conflict if it took place somewhere else, but the king tree was only a hundred miles away. Both princes were beneath the King's Cover. Even geniuses like Bai Wuchang and Bai Ling Shuang wouldn't enter that place. And those two princes had.

The King's Cover wasn't a dangerous place, but it had the king tree's king air blessing. If the king tree gave them its approval, they would earn its protection. They'd be protected by the Kingese.

If they were not approved, then they would simply stand there and nothing would happen.

Many princes and princesses hoped to earn the protection of the Kingese, but amidst their uncertainty, none wished to try. If they didn't earn the protection of King's Cover or have much Kingese, they would be laughed at for being unlucky.

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