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Chapter 2531 Earning Money and Not Afraid of Trouble

After Dia Robber departed, Han Sen and the others continued their search for the Sea Sky Eye. They were unable to find the Sea Sky Eye, but they did find royal knights of the Extreme King.

When crown prince Bai Wan Jie saw Han Sen and the others, he brought the royal knights with him to fly over and meet with them. He looked at Dollar and said, “Brother Dollar, this is a coincidence. I didn't expect to meet you here.”

“Has the crown prince been looking for me?” Han Sen asked, looking at Bai Wan Jie. He frowned and thought, “Why would Bai Wan Jie be here? And why has he brought so many royal knights with him? Surely, it cannot be for me.”

“I guess. I would like to hire Brother Dollar to hunt a xenogeneic. Please, name your price,” Bai Wan Jie said.

“What kind of xenogeneic are you looking to kill?” Han Sen had a bad feeling about this.

“The Sea Sky Eye,” Bai Wan Jie said simply, not trying to hide his intentions.

The name rippled over Han Sen and the others in a wave. They couldn't believe such a coincidence had come about. Bai Wan Jie had picked this time to come and kill the Sea Sky Eye.

Li Keer's face looked shocked, but in her heart, she had known that this might happen. She didn't really need to kill the Sea Sky Eye. She had only asked Han Sen to kill a xenogeneic with her so that she would have an opportunity to get close to him.

She knew the Extreme King wanted to slay the Sea Sky Eye, which was why she had picked this deified in particular. She wanted to see how Dollar might react to the Extreme King stepping on his toes. If Han Sen offended the Extreme King, she could step in and smooth things over. That way, Han Sen would owe her a favor.

Han Sen hesitated, but he still admitted the truth to Bai Wan Jie. “My Prince, I am sorry. I have already accepted the task of slaying the Sea Sky Eye.”

Bai Wan Jie's eyes widened. He looked at Dragon One, squinted his eyes, and asked, “Dragon One, the Dragon have just hunted the Gold Armor General. Now you are here to hunt the Sea Sky Eye? You are richer than I thought.”

Dragon One shook his head. “This time, we aren't the ones who have hired him. The Dragons aren't after the Sea Sky Eye.”

“Then who? The Destroyed?” Bai Wan Jie looked at Han Sen with a raised eyebrow.

“It is me.” Li Keer immediately stepped forward, not waiting for Han Sen to answer.

“Are you from Sky Palace?” Upon seeing Li Keer there, Bai Wan Jie frowned.

Sky Palace wasn't stronger than the Extreme King, but they had the Very High backing them up. Because of that, the Extreme King had to be careful about offending the Sky.

The Extreme King's name was enough to back down the Dragon and the Destroyed, but it couldn't put much pressure on Sky Palace.

“What if I am?” Li Keer replied coldly.

“Compet.i.tion is good fun. Let's see which of us has what it takes, then.” Bai Wan Jie smiled. Then, he spoke to Han Sen. “If Brother Dollar is willing to help us, then no price is too high. I believe you know all about the power of the Extreme King. We can offer you much help, so you can kill the Sea Sky Eye with far greater ease.”

“My Prince, thank you, but no thank you. Business is established on the foundation of trust. I have already accepted Li Keer's task. I must keep my promise to her,” Han Sen said.

“In that case, I won't force you to help us. If you change your mind, however, come and look for me.” Bai Wan Jie nodded, then led the royal knights away.

“Brother Dollar, the Extreme King isn't like an ordinary high race. You might not be afraid of them in the core area, but if they come after you outside the core area, you are sure to encounter a lot of trouble.” Dragon One frowned at Han Sen.

Han Sen wasn't afraid of the Extreme King. It would be impossible for the Extreme King to find him, and even if they could, he had already offended them. Insulting them further couldn't make things any worse than they currently were.

“If Brother Dollar thinks something is amiss, then we can cancel our deal,” Li Keer offered gently.

Han Sen laughed. “If you don't want to hunt the Sea Sky Eye, that's fine. But if you still want to, I will do my best to help you kill it.”‘

“Of course I want to hunt the fiend, but I don't want to bring you unnecessary trouble,” Li Keer said.

“I don't mind trouble as long as I can earn money.” Han Sen chuckled again.

After Bai Wan Jie left with his people, Nightmare Knight approached and said, “My Prince, Dollar is going to hunt the Sea Sky Eye. What are we going to do about that?”

“Let us find Sea Sky Eye first. We will have to kill it before he does. We cannot miss it this time,” Bai Wan Jie rumbled.

At first, he had wanted to ask Dollar for help. That way, there would be a greater chance of success, and many rare Extreme King items and resources wouldn't have to be wasted. But he had failed to hire Dollar, and he was now in compet.i.tion with the man. Bai Wan Jie couldn't dwell on this too much. He needed to kill the Sea Sky Eye before his opposition. He couldn't accept having another repeat of what went down with the Gold Armor General.

Giving up the Gold Armor General hadn't cost Bai Wan Jie too much, but he couldn't just abandon his hunt for the Sea Sky Eye. It wouldn't happen again.

The people of the Extreme King were fervently seeking the Sea Sky Eye. Han Sen knew he couldn't search any faster than the Extreme King could, so he didn't bother searching by himself. He decided to follow the Extreme King.

If they found the Sea Sky Eye and had a battle, things would quickly become chaotic. He might have an opportunity.

“Keer, can you tell me what the Sea Sky Eye does?” Han Sen watched the Extreme King look for the Sea Sky Eye like mad, and he found his curiosity piqued.

Li Keer hesitated, but then said, “I suppose I can tell you. The Sea Sky Eye core xenogeneic gene is the primary material for creating Sky Eye replicas.”

“Sky Eye replicas? Like Sky Palace's Sky Eyes?” Dragon One grunted. He looked at Li Keer in disbelief.

Li Keer nodded, but she didn't elaborate any further.

Dragon One's face was shocked. “I see. No wonder Bai Wan Jie wants to kill the Sea Sky Eye so badly. With their power, killing most deified core xenogeneics would take more valuable resources than they stand to earn if they are victorious. If Sea Sky Eye can make a replica Sky Eye, however, the price they are paying will be worth it.”

“What is a Sky Eye?” Han Sen asked with confusion. He had been in Sky Palace for a long time, but he had never heard of them before.

Dragon One looked at Li Keer and didn't answer Han Sen.

Li Keer laughed harshly and said, “The Sky Eye is the primary defense of Sky Palace. All of Sky Palace's defensive systems depend on their Sky Eye. In regards to the strength of the defensive systems, Sky Palace's defenses are stronger than the Extreme King's. And that is all because of the Sky Eye. The Extreme King want to kill the Sea Sky Eye to create a defensive system as powerful as the Sky's. While this core xenogeneic might not yield a genuine Sky Eye, it could greatly increase the defensive power of the Extreme King.”

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