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2792 Controlling the Garden

The red-robed child kept flailing his limbs, but he could not escape no matter how much he tried.

“If you listen to what I say, perhaps you won’t suffer much. Otherwise, you will end up like this thing.” Han Sen waved his hand and cut the xenogeneic plant next to them in half.

The red-robed child quietened down. He nibbled his lips and stopped screaming and struggling, but his eyes were still red with tears. He was looking at Han Sen as if he had just been bullied.

“Get those xenogeneic plants out of the way,” Han Sen commanded the red-robed child.

The red-robed child did not speak or move. Han Sen raised his hand to pretend he was going to hit the boy and shouted, “Yeah!” He saw the xenogeneic plants simply part to pave a way. Even the deified xenogeneic plants were doing it.

Han Sen thought, The power to control these plant xenogeneics is weird. I wonder if he can control plant xenogeneics of an even higher level. If he can, that would surely be awesome. He then addressed the Flower G.o.d Leader and said, “Leader, can you please take a look if the flower seed is still there?”

The Flower G.o.d Leader quickly ran to the vine tower that held the flower seed. Everyone followed him. The vine tower was a mess inside, but there was no flower seed.

While looking directly at the red-robed child, the Flower G.o.d Leader said, “It is gone. I would wager that he is the flower seed. His body bears the presence of that flower seed.”

Han Sen nodded and looked at the red-robed child. He was thinking about how best to deal with the child. First and foremost, it all depended on whether or not he could control the s.p.a.ce Garden.

Although the red-robed child did not like this, his power had been restricted by Han Sen. He was not able to defeat him or escape. He now had to listen to Han Sen’s commands.

Han Sen let the red-robed child find all the Flower G.o.ds there. With the red-robed child present, all the plant xenogeneics in the s.p.a.ce Garden listened to him. It was easy for them to gather the rest of the Flower G.o.d people.

Han Sen used his phoenix flame to clear away the vegetation that had claimed their heads to bring them back to normal.

Upon seeing what Han Sen had done and with the red-robed child adhering to what Han Sen told him to do, the Flower G.o.d people did not dare break their promise or raise qualms with the new sheriff. They had to stay, listen, and do whatever Han Sen and Xie Qing King ordered them to do. They had become a subordinate race. There was no doubt about that.

Han Sen rounded up the displaced deified elites and commanded the red-robed child to open the s.p.a.ce Garden’s door to send them away.

“Farewell.” Before Long Bamboo left, he smiled at Han Sen. It seemed as if he knew who San Mu really was but simply did not want to expose him.

When all the deified elites departed, Han Sen did not worry too much about others learning about the s.p.a.ce Garden.

Even if they knew about it, the knowledge was pointless to them. The s.p.a.ce Garden was a scary xenogeneic ganoderma lucidum. Even true G.o.d elites were not able to overcome the power of the ganoderma lucidum. As long as Han Sen kept a tight leash on the red-robed child, no one else would be able to enter the s.p.a.ce Garden.

“From now on, we have a territory to call our own. Now, all we need to do is light up a lantern.” Xie Qing King and Han Sen were relaxing in the garden. They were having a barbecue and drinking beer.

The red-robed child was sitting next to Han Sen. He was holding some grilled meat, and he really enjoyed it.

“Breaking the door and lighting a lantern would not be difficult, but we need to think about which lantern we should replace,” Han Sen said.

“Do we need to think about it?” Xie Qing King asked. “The Flower G.o.ds and Tree Men already have a grudge. We can use the name of the Flower G.o.ds to get rid of the Tree Men.”

Han Sen shook his head and said, “By doing that, we will be helping the Flower G.o.ds light up the lantern. It would have nothing to do with humans and spirits. We will have to light up our own lantern. We cannot use the name of some other race.”

“Does it really matter?” Xie Qing King asked with a laugh.

“From what I can tell, there is a problem with the human name. Many scary people in this universe are in search of humans. If I use that name to light up the lantern, it will probably attract many disasters and bring danger to the s.p.a.ce Garden.”

After pausing, Han Sen said, “There is no rush. I have another plan. We should use this time to get our people to the s.p.a.ce Garden. I need to watch this little guy in case he tries to stir up some mischief. I suppose you will have to do the people-ferrying service.”

Xie Qing King agreed and said, “That will be easy. I will go to Sky Palace and pick up Bao’er and the others. As for the other guys, I will just have to let them know.”

Han Sen nodded. He really missed Bao’er, Zero, Little Angel, and Han Yan. Previously, he did not have a territory of his own, but now he did. He was going to bring them there.

Han Sen was worried about one thing. The Sky Vine Radish’s gene power was too strong. After it had been absorbed by the s.p.a.ce Garden, the s.p.a.ce Garden was continuously evolving. Many plant xenogeneics and the flower fields leveled up to become humongous. And, they did so quickly. There were many deified xenogeneics around. Han Sen thought, If things keep going like this, there will be trans.m.u.tation or even larvae cla.s.s deified xenogeneics running about. If he was not able to claim the red-robed child to keep everything under control, he was sure to end up in trouble.

Unfortunately, that red-robed child did not accept anything. He was listening to Han Sen’s commands for now, but Han Sen sensed that as soon as he had the chance he would revolt.

Han Sen thought, It looks like I will have to wait until Bao’er gets here. I can’t wait to see what Bao’er will do to this little guy. If Bao’er is unable to tame him, we’ll have no choice but to lock him up.

After the Flower G.o.ds lost the flowers on their heads, their levels had significantly dropped. Now, even a King cla.s.s Flower G.o.d was rare to find. Luckily, they only had to make geno fluid, and that never cost them much power.

Because the s.p.a.ce Garden had mutated, many of the xenogeneic plants had leveled up. They used their old formulas to make geno fluids because the ingredients were now better. That meant the effect the fluids had on geno arts was able to increase. That greatly surprised them.

With the talent the Flower G.o.ds had for synthesizing geno fluids, they could reproduce the genes of the xenogeneics. One geno fluid was able to concentrate a few or even a dozen xenogeneic genes. After humans used them, their genes increased quickly. They did not have to waste time by digesting flesh.

“Technology really does make things much easier,” Han Sen said. “If I knew there was a skill like this, I would never have had to practice a digesting geno art.”

But Han Sen’s deified genes had already reached 100. He did not need to drink geno fluid anymore.

Which battle body should I increase first? Han Sen was in his room. He was thinking about which geno art he should evolve first.

By having 100 deified genes, it made one’s battle body evolve. Han Sen did not hesitate much. He leveled up his The Story of Genes.

The Story of Genes was the hardest to evolve. Therefore, Han Sen chose it. Now that he had the s.p.a.ce Garden, it was easy to collect more deified genes. He did not have to worry too much.

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