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Chapter 3192: G.o.d Chaos Party Old Nest

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Han Sen returned to the Feng family castle, he felt a bit depressed. The xuan holy turtle was good stuff. It was a rare gene race. It was just that it was a newborn baby that had recently hatched. It had a scary level of defense. After combining with it, one had a xuan holy body. It enabled the body’s strength to increase and gave it a shake-back power.

The xuan holy turtle was good at everything. The only problem was the fact the xuan holy turtle used earth elemental powers. It did not go well with the Dongxuan Sutra or Jadeskin. Therefore, it could not be used with the reverse gene races of those two skills.

Han Sen was wondering if G.o.d Hall Leader was enacting payback for his behavior in the G.o.d fights. While giving him a decent reward might have seemed great, it was basically G.o.d Hall Leader giving him a gene race Han Sen had no use for. It made Han Sen feel terrible.

“It looks like I will have to go to that buffer zone. Otherwise, getting rare gene races will be too difficult,” Han Sen said with a sigh. He still used the black crystal armor to evolve the xuan holy turtle.

Although he could not use it as a reverse gene race, it was still Han Sen’s first rare gene race. If he was able to find a G.o.d Spirit Blood-Pulse that went well with it, he could level it up as a G.o.d Spirit gene race. It would at least be useful in some capacity.

Seeing the xuan holy turtle in his Sea of Soul swallow the black crystal armor, it turned into a black orb. Han Sen remembered the things G.o.d Hall Leader told him.

According to the theories of G.o.d Hall Leader, the powers to break the world were called Break World. Not many elites were actually able to use Break World. G.o.d Chaos Party’s leader was one such individual, and Qin Xin was barely half of that, but others couldn’t.

The reason Qin Xiu was only half of that was that he used a glitch in the world to access the geno universe. He did not use his own power to accomplish that.

Han Sen was unable to break the world. The reason he was able to go to the universe of kingdoms was because of World G.o.d King’s power.

The Super G.o.d Spirit mode was strong, but he could not use it to break into another world. Han Sen had only just reached the Break World level. He was practically a beginner. He was still far away from the real Break World level.

In fact, Han Sen was not just able to break the world. Even G.o.d Chaos Party’s leader, who was the vice-president of the G.o.d Chaos Party in the past, was unable to reach a Break World level.

When there was a big fight and the universe had to be rebooted, the world was fractured with glitches. Now, G.o.d Chaos Party’s leader was planning to use those glitches to make a tunnel that would enable access to the other universe.

Han Sen did not know how forging a path between the worlds would benefit the G.o.d Chaos Party, so he asked about it.

G.o.d Hall Leader looked at Han Sen, licked his lips, and said, “The two are made from opposites. To the geno universe, the universe of kingdoms is the anti-material world. To the universe of kingdoms, the geno universe is the anti-material world. That means to one universe, the other can be considered h.e.l.l. When the tunnel between both worlds opens, the creatures of these two universes can go between the universes. That would be like demons from h.e.l.l crawling into the ordinary world. The two universes would be in chaos.”

Han Sen rubbed his nose. He knew G.o.d Hall Leader meant he was a demon, and he had nothing to defend himself against that claim. Since he had been in the universe of kingdoms, he hadn’t exactly done anything positive.

G.o.d Hall Leader also told Han Sen the creatures of the universe of kingdoms would have an extremely hard time when trying to practice Break World powers. If the two worlds were to be opened, there would be many creatures like Han Sen or Qin Xiu appearing who could easily learn Break World powers. The G.o.d Chaos Party wanted to absorb those creatures.

If that situation did come to pa.s.s, there would be too many Break World people appearing. Even G.o.d Spirits would be unable to maintain control of the world. The aftermath would undoubtedly be something quite severe. Fortunately, for now, the world had glitches. Breaking the worlds would not be easy. The G.o.d Chaos Party was only in the initial stages of planning. Putting aside if it would work, if they wanted to break through it and did work, it would take a billion years to punch through a hole in the fabric of the universe.

The G.o.d Hall Leader did not really expect Han Sen to be capable of destroying the G.o.d Chaos Party. He only wanted Han Sen to give the G.o.d Chaos Party some trouble.

After rebooting, the two universe’s buffer zones had been torn to shreds. Each layer did not connect. The Outer Sky, which belonged to the Very High, was just one layer. It was the one that was the closest to the geno universe.

There were 33 buffer zones in existence, similar to that of the Outer Sky. They were in places G.o.d Spirits were unable to occupy. It was dangerous for G.o.d Spirits to venture to such places.

Because the two universes had a s.p.a.ce between them, the geno hall and the G.o.d temple palaces would be unable to work. If the G.o.d Spirits died there, they would be unable to resp.a.w.n in their G.o.d temples.

According to the news he had received in the past, the G.o.d Chaos Party had broken seven layers near the universe of kingdoms. It would still take them a long time to break through the rest. Now, the seven layers were all occupied by the G.o.d Chaos Party. If G.o.d Spirits entered such a place, they would have to be careful. It had been a long time since news of their progress had been received.

G.o.d Hall Leader was saying he wanted Han Sen to get in there and kill as many members of the G.o.d Chaos Party as he was able to. If he was unable to kill them, he could at least harvest some information. That way, he could find out how many layers the G.o.d Chaos Party had managed to breakthrough.

G.o.d Hall Leader promised that if Han Sen delivered him accurate news, he could give Han Sen a very special and rare gene race. Apparently, Han Sen was going to love it.

It was a tempting proposition, but the territory of the G.o.d Chaos Party was not the sort of place one could freely waltz into. The only thing Han Sen had on his side was that the two universe’s powers would not be suppressed when inside a buffer zone. By being there, Han Sen could use all of his powers and not be restricted.

Of course, what tempted Han Sen even more was the G.o.d temples of the G.o.d Chaos Party’s members. By destroying G.o.d temples, he could get more G.o.d bases. No one wanted fewer G.o.d bases.

Han Sen had asked G.o.d Hall Leader why the members of the G.o.d Chaos Party were not called G.o.d Spirits despite them having G.o.d temples and G.o.d bases. The G.o.d Hall Leader did not answer him. He just told Han Sen how to get there.

Han Sen was interested to see it. Before that, he wanted to see the Qin Kingdom’s alpha temple.

“The Qin Kingdom must have had people who could break the world. Let’s not mention anyone else, but Jian Bu Gu must have been a Break World elite. My powers are restricted by the universe. Breaking an alpha temple would be difficult.” Han Sen kept thinking. He still planned on sneaking into the alpha temple to have a look.

To prevent trouble pursuing him, Han Sen went looking for Qin Bai. He planned to take Qin Bai with him to the alpha temple. Having the Qin Kingdom’s future king Qin Bai there could make a big problem become a very small problem if he was discovered. He could turn a very small problem into not a problem at all. He could avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles.

“Qin Bai, is Bao’er at home?” When Qin Bai went to the Feng family castle, he did not go inside. He asked his men to bring Han Sen out. He looked angry.

“I am playing in the garden with Feng Yin Yin,” Han Sen said with a smile. “If the crown prince wants her, then I can go get her.”

“No, no, no.” Qin Bai’s face turned white as he pulled Han Sen.

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