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Chapter 3404 Power of a Main G.o.d

Moment G.o.d and Han Sen stood in the reverse of time. A scary river of time went through her body, but it did not touch her G.o.d body once.Moment G.o.d looked at Han Sen coldly as she said, “You are the leader of Time Sky, but you do not wield time-element powers. My body can resist damage from the powers of time. In a fight like this, you have no choice but to submit to defeat.”

“Perhaps not.” Han Sen coldly dropped his two words and did not elaborate.

Moment G.o.d’s needle and the needle of the sky clock were madly spinning in reverse. The reversal of time was becoming scarier and scarier. If an ordinary Break World beast were there, beyond being turned back into an egg, they would probably be taken back to a time before their mother was even born and disappear into s.p.a.ce.

“This is a pure time power fight,” an elite watching the fight said. “It is a real G.o.d fight. I wonder which one of them has the supreme command of time. I suppose we will receive the answer when the fight is over.”

At the same time, Human King, who had become the leader of the 25th sky, watched the fight. All of the Blood Legion members were taken to the 25th sky.

A Blood Legion member saw the two of them standing in the flow of reversed time. It was unclear which one of them had an advantage, so he said, “Leader, look at Han Sen and Moment G.o.d. Which would you say has the superior command of time power?”

Human King’s eyes were like water, but they looked really s.h.i.+ny as he said, “It is too early to tell which of the two is winning or losing. They have not truly tried to show off the full breadth of their powers yet.”

“They are already such scary time powers. Is that not all of their power? Are they still hiding some of their powers?” The members looked at Han Sen and Moment G.o.d in disbelief.

“I do not know what kind of power Han Sen is hiding, but Moment G.o.d has yet to use her sub-G.o.d power,” Human King said. “She has not tried her best yet.”

“The two of them are scary. Is this going to trouble our plan?” An old member looked worried.

“Powerful power might not be our resistance. Perhaps it will end up being our help.” Human King was not worried. In fact, he actually smiled.

The group of Blood Legion members and students were all looking at one another. They knew Human King was confident about being able to control the geno tablet, but their opponents were very strong. They thought they would suffer great trouble. They could not think how something like this would end up helping them.

If Human King was not speaking, the members could not ask anything. Therefore, all they could do was watch.

The speed of time’s reversal was becoming faster and faster. The sky clock’s three needles were almost gone. Moment G.o.d’s needle was spinning too.

In the reversal of time, neither of them was moving. They just looked at each other from afar, weathering the corrosion of time.

“Moment G.o.d’s time G.o.d body is not as strong as Han Sen’s body and its reversal power,” Bury Path G.o.d said with shock. He was currently in Dust Sky.

“What makes you say that?” an elder of the G.o.d Chaos Party asked with some moderate confusion. From what he saw, the powers of Moment G.o.d and Han Sen should have been even. Neither of the two had displayed any flaws in their performances.

“Look at Moment G.o.d’s G.o.d clothing,” Bury Path G.o.d said.

After Bury Path G.o.d said that, all the members of the G.o.d Chaos Party looked at Moment G.o.d and her G.o.d clothing. The G.o.d clothes were dreamy. It was like they were perfect.

The G.o.d clothing looked very holy. It released a s.h.i.+ny G.o.d light. Most elders were not able to discern any problems with it.

“Bury Path G.o.d, is there a problem with the G.o.d clothing?” a G.o.d Chaos Party member asked. “Forgive me for being so dumb, but I do not see an issue with the G.o.d clothing.”

The other G.o.d Chaos Party members did not ask anything, but they still looked at Bury Path G.o.d with confusion. Clearly, they did not see the problem with the clothes either.

“Do you not see it?” Bury Path G.o.d coldly asked. “The G.o.d clothes are newer than before.”

“Newer?” The people went for a closer look, but they did not see any difference.

Seeing that they did not spot the issue, Bury Path G.o.d said, “If you guys have a proper look at Moment G.o.d’s G.o.d clothes, you should see her G.o.d clothes are cleaner. That proves there is a problem. The time-reversal is working on her clothes. Look at Han Sen. His clothes have not had any changes. If Moment G.o.d does not have any other powers, this is a fight Han Sen is sure to win.”

The other G.o.d Chaos Party members did not think there was an issue with newer or older clothes, but if Bury Path G.o.d had said there was, they did not think he was incorrect.

“Then, according to the vice president’s opinion, is Han Sen going to be the victor in this fight?” someone asked.

“Perhaps not. They still haven’t used their true powers yet. It is too soon to determine which of the two will be a victor.” Bury Path G.o.d squinted his eyes and said to himself. “There should be time.”

Bury Path G.o.d had only just said this when Moment G.o.d’s eyes looked frozen. Her G.o.d light blew up and exploded into the sky like a light shadow rising up from her body.

It was a giant shadow that looked like a dragon. It was just a shadow. It was not solid. Even so, it made people feel very afraid of it.

One of its eyes was like a sun, whereas the other was eerily reminiscent of a moon. The sun and the moon looked like wheels as they spun. Time was flying. When the sun and moon dragon revealed itself, Moment G.o.d’s time power became even scarier. The needle, which had already reached a maximum speed, moved even faster.

“This is an Annihilation-cla.s.s wild sun moon G.o.d dragon. It is the same as Moment G.o.d in that it wields a time element. With the buffing of the sun moon G.o.d dragon, Moment G.o.d’s time power will be stronger. That is the benefit of being a main G.o.d.” King Qin was very worried. He did not know if Han Sen, who ruled the G.o.d of Wealth Temple, could fight Moment G.o.d, who was a main G.o.d.

Han Sen did not bother summoning a sub-G.o.d for a boon. Moment G.o.d’s body wielded an even scarier shadow. Another sub-G.o.d buffing power landed. It was a jade cicada. It screamed. One of its wings displayed an old word that read “spring,” and the other wing had a word that meant “autumn.”

“It is a spring autumn cicada. It is another time-element wild G.o.d.” Many of the elites watching the fight were in shock, but this was not the end. Moment G.o.d kept flas.h.i.+ng with scary lights. Many light shadows appeared. They were all powerful time wild G.o.ds. There were 10 of them. Each of the G.o.d shadows was as strong as the sun moon G.o.d dragon.

As the 10 sub-G.o.ds’ powerful powers buffed Moment G.o.d, it made her power stronger. It made the time power scarier.

The needle was spinning fast. It was moving faster than the sky clock. It became a main reverse power.


The reversal of time suddenly went forward. Everything in the reverse time went back to normal, including the stone clocks. Time Sky’s stone clocks were shaking because of the reverse power. All of the stone clock powers were being reversed.

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