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Chapter 3433: Using Power to Strike Power

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Self-power could not be used. Han Sen planned on using power to defeat opposing power. It was the most primitive and complicated technique he could perform. Many people knew it but beating power by using power was not often used in a real fight.

Normally, it was the stronger person who would beat the weaker person. They used power to whittle down the confidence of an opponent. In a real fight between two people who were of the same level, or when the weak fought against the strong, using powers to beat power skills was hard to use in an actual fight.

Using power to beat power was something Han Sen was very good at. When Bai Yishan taught him how to use Yin Yang Blast, Han Sen had spent time researching how to beat power by using power.

Now, he was unable to activate his body’s power. Because his body had enough strength, it was not too hard for him to use power to beat power.


He felt the starlight land on him. Han Sen’s muscles and bones started to adjust their angles lightly. When the starlight hit, there were weird changes.

“I say, people like Han Sen should not be able to reach the top four. Although he might be an Annihilation-cla.s.s G.o.d Spirit, he is not one of the top 12 main G.o.ds. Wild G.o.ds will forever be wild G.o.ds. They cannot be compared to main G.o.ds.”

“His body is strong. I will give him that. He has been pummeled by starlight for so long now, and he has not yet pa.s.sed out.”

“To be humiliated like this, why not reverse the tide and concede?”

“I am afraid he might not even be able to concede. Why? With no power, why bother to climb so high? Everyone knows the higher you climb, the farther you fall.”

In the universe of kingdoms, many n.o.bles were brutally mocking Han Sen.

At this time, suddenly, some weird changes were going on with Han Sen’s body. The starlight that landed on him was like light falling on a mirror. It was reflected from Han Sen’s body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The beams of light that were bounced away from Han Sen’s body struck other starlight. When they collided, there was a scary shockwave and light. The whole battleground was s.h.i.+ning. It was like fireworks.

More and more starlight was reflected out by Han Sen’s body. It did not just stop the starlight coming down on Han Sen. A lot of starlights were going for Myrtle.

“He is using power to beat power. That is quite impressive, but it will not be enough.” Myrtle’s eyes flashed. A sky full of stars changed along with his will. The starlight that came for Han Sen was now different from what it was before.

Han Sen’s body felt the changes in the starlight. When the starlight came down, it was violently rus.h.i.+ng everywhere. Now, the starlight was changing in accordance with its elements.

Victory did not seem to be in reach. The fire was nothing normal. Water would be soft. Gold would be strong. Earth was heavy. Every power carried different features to create different powers.

Millions of starlight were falling. Not a single starlight was a repeat of the last. There were screw powers, breaking powers, explosive powers, shooting powers, Yin soft powers, and all kinds of powers. They all landed on Han Sen to make it harder for Han Sen to borrow that power.

“Do you think you can stop me from taking your powers? You are too naive if that is what you think.” Han Sen lifted his lips. His body was still shaking a little.

A different power landed on him. It triggered some changes in his body that one could not see. It blasted him with starlight.

Now, Han Sen was not being stopped by starlight. All of the starlights landed on him, and then it all went to Myrtle.

The races of the universe were all in shock. Han Sen was now rather like a mirror, reflecting all of the powers back at Myrtle.

The 10,000 races of the universe were all in shock. Han Sen had become like a mirror and was sending everything back at Myrtle.


The universe of kingdoms was dead silent while the geno universe erupted with laughter and cheer.

“Master Dollar really is Master Dollar! That Myrtle can definitely not take down Master Dollar.”

“Master Dollar is so scary. Even though there are 10,000 starlights with each starlight possessing a different power, he can forego the individual differences and bounce them all away. He can control them freely. He really can’t use his power.”

“That kid is borrowing power to use power. I am afraid he has the level of a proper G.o.d.”

The geno universe was deep in discussion. Even elites like Sky Palace Leader complimented Han Sen by saying, “To be able to use borrowing power skills this well, he has to be the No. 1 at it.”

Very High Leader, who was by his side, said, “That is because of his body. If his body was not that strong, it would not matter how great his borrowing powers were. They would not work. A famous theorist in this universe once said that if you give someone a support point and a stick that was long enough, he could lift the universe. But where can one find a stick that long that can carry the weight of the universe and not break? I really am curious about how Han Sen’s body became this strong.”

Sky Palace Leader shook his head with a wry smile. “The people in s.p.a.ce Garden are all special. They are all unique, and Han Sen is the best amongst them. I do not understand his body right now though.”

Tai Yi saw Han Sen move. He laughed. “That kid has evolved in such a scary way. It looks like he can accept everything that has been thrown at him. Even so, he does not quite fit into the rules of this universe.”

Moon G.o.d looked at Han Sen and asked, “Is he going to take that step?”

Tai Yi shook his head. “No. Not even I have managed to take that step, but I have walked half of the step. I can feel some of that step’s power. Now, Han Sen’s power is different, so I cannot be entirely sure of his current situation.”

Moon G.o.d knew there was no answer to be had, but she still asked, “In that case, what is his situation? Can he walk that step before he ends up fighting Human King?”

“I do not know.” Tai Yi shook his head. He went silent for a bit before saying, “I do think this is why Myrtle came. He wants to know how far Han Sen’s body has developed and see if he really can make that step.”

“ Myrtle chose Han Sen,” Moon G.o.d said with a frown. “He must have known how Han Sen would turn out.”

Tai Yi laughed. “Do you really think he is a G.o.d that knows everything? If he was able to control everything, there would be no xenogeneics growing up. At least, he wouldn’t be able to control Han Sen.”

“In that case, why did he choose Han Sen?” Moon G.o.d did not understand a G.o.d Spirit like Myrtle selecting a person he would be unable to control.

“That is because the unknown always harbors possibilities. He does not want another Myrtle. He wants Han Sen, who can beat Qin Xiu or Human King.” Tai Yi looked at Han Sen with his eyes on fire. “I just don’t know if Myrtle is correct.” Myrtle was looking funny. Seeing the sky full of starlight come, he was neither happy nor sad. The starlight landed on him like raindrops in the sea. They all disappeared.

No matter how much starlight descended on Myrtle, they did not do anything to his clothes.

Han Sen felt a chill run down his spine. He knew Myrtle was strong, but to see a strength of that magnitude still shocked him.

“This Myrtle cannot be that guy in the geno hall.” Han Sen started to wonder. Aside from that guy in the geno hall, he could not think of a G.o.d Spirit this strong.

“You are not bad, but we are only just getting started.” Myrtle had been still, but now he moved.

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