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Chapter 3434: I Will Show You How It Breaks

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen had encountered many elites in his time traveling across the world. There had always been a few that he considered extremely powerful.

None were like this Myrtle, who made him feel as if he was being put under a microscope. The man made him feel as if his body was being watched.

His whole body, the whole conspiracy, and the deepest secrets he held in his heart were all seen by the eyes of that man. There were no longer any secrets. Myrtle’s fingers pointed directly at him. It did not seem to be done in any special kind of way. It was just a random finger aimed to touch Han Sen’s forehead.

There was no lightning speed. There were no shadows.. There was no sense of this being a combat move. It was a random, ordinary lift of one’s finger. There were no skills or anything of the sort involved.

A random finger made Han Sen unsure of what to do.

“No… This does not work. This does not work either.” Han Sen suddenly realized that under the eyes watching him, a very normal finger became the strongest skill the universe had ever seen.

Han Sen suddenly snapped out of his daze. “ Myrtle’s finger is not all that special. What is special are his eyes, which can peer into one’s heart. With those eyes, my thoughts all seem to be exposed. It does not matter how I want to deal with things. Myrtle seems to understand. He can turn that finger into a deadly attack. As long as those eyes that can peer into people’s hearts are here, how I react to the finger will be incorrect.”

Moon G.o.d saw how powerful that finger was, and it made her lift her lips. “ Myrtle is such a bully. He is the master of the geno hall. He is the ruler of the universe. He can use the universe’s rule powers to look into people’s souls. He is using that to deal with Han Sen. That is certainly quite cheap.”


Tai Yi shook his head. “To beat Human King, he must endure through this trial. You know Qin Xiu has the old leader’s genes and blood. He may not be complete, and the future says he cannot do it, but he can see through an opponent’s soul.”

Moon G.o.d nodded. “How is Han Sen supposed to win? He cannot use geno arts. He has to use his body. This is how amazing soul skills are. They are scarier than prophecies. The future can be changed, but the thoughts in people’s souls cannot lie. It is like Han Sen is openly admitting his thoughts with honesty, and then fighting per those thoughts. He can’t lie, so how is he supposed to win?”

Tai Yi said, “Soldiers are weird. People who use soldiers always win weirdly. People are always happy about it. The famous generals that can leave dark ink stains across history always use weird ways to win and become famous. But people always forget weird ways are risky ways. To do something once, there is no guarantee it can be repeated for a second time. The real generals that never lose have no big achievements, but they can still keep on fighting without dying. Do you know why?”

“Are you talking about King Path?” Moon G.o.d quietly asked.

Tai Yi nodded. “Spending one dollar to do something that is only worth a dollar or spending 10 dollars to do something that is worth 10 dollars, you do not earn more than you should or lose more than you should. If 10 people fight five people, the 10 are bound to win. If 1,000 people battle 800 people, the 1,000 must win. To tell your opponent about everything, the opponent cannot win. They only watch and lose. Do what you can. Do not take risks. This is the King Path.”

“King Path is a battle of power. If Han Sen’s body was normal, he could use King Path to take down Myrtle, but his body is currently unable to use powers. Therefore, how can he use King Path?” Moon G.o.d did not realize that.

“That entirely depends on whether or not Han Sen can take it to the next stage.” Tai Yi gave her a useless answer.

Han Sen’s heart felt like it was fighting the sky and a human. It did not matter if he made a move. It did not matter if he fought. It did not matter if he evaded. He could not escape that menacing finger. Losing seemed like the only way.

If he tried to retreat, Myrtle’s attacks would continue, and he would be unable to get away.

Han Sen knew King Path, and he knew more than Tai Yi. He thought about King Path enabling him to break Myrtle’s finger, but it was just as Moon G.o.d said. He had no power. How was he supposed to use King Path?

A small soldier facing a million big soldiers was not a King Path. Even if a real king was left alone to fight a million soldiers, even if one spoke about King Path, it would be as funny as a clown.

“What do I have now that is stronger than Myrtle?” Han Sen looked at Myrtle’s fingers coming. He thought about a million ideas, but his body did not move.

Seeing Myrtle’s finger was coming to touch his finger, Han Sen’s eyes opened. The G.o.d light in his eyes appeared. He leaned his head back and used it to hit Myrtle’s finger. Myrtle’s finger hit Han Sen on the head. Myrtle was blasted away. Han Sen clutched his head and fell to the ground with his lips and teeth in pain.

“It is a very bad idea for you to use brute force.” Myrtle used another hand to rub his damaged finger. His fingertip was a little red, but he still smiled at Han Sen.

“It is not about me being obscene or not. If you have power, you should just kill me.” Han Sen smiled.

This sounded bad, but Han Sen had been through everything. He did not care about his reputation. Myrtle squinted with his eyes. He lifted his lips, looked at Han Sen, and smiled. “Do you think I am unable to do anything to your body?”

“Yes, that is right,” Han Sen answered.

“OK. I will show you how I can break it.” Myrtle lifted his finger. He went for Han Sen. He was still using the same finger.

In fact, if Myrtle wanted to kill someone, he would not have to use skills or powers. If he wanted to kill someone, he would just use his thoughts.

The universe did not have many creatures that forced Myrtle to draw his lethal finger. It was even rarer for that finger to ever fail to kill its target.

So, Myrtle did not require skill. The finger was already enough to kill G.o.ds and fairies. It could kill the universe.

Han Sen’s face looked a bit dim. The finger looked the same, but he knew if Myrtle really was the person he believed him to be. That finger was not just a finger.

Han Sen could not think of a way in which he could break it. He held onto his scalp tightly to hit Myrtle’s finger again.

“Don’t you want to touch me? Now you can touch it.” Han Sen gathered up power on his head. He was going to hit Myrtle’s finger. Myrtle’s finger did not change. It was just like last time when it hit Han Sen’s head hard. This time, things were different.

Han Sen’s head felt as if there was a nail inside it. It was so painful that it felt as if it would blow up.

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