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Chapter 1258: Clan Suppressing Martial Skill
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Usually, a Beast Core could only be formed in the body of a powerful fierce beast or a Demon Beast.

However, usually, only a fierce beast or the Demon beast who stood at the summit of the Cloud Continent, which was also known as the Demon Emperor, could have left a Beast Core behind upon its death.

Everyone knew that once a fierce beast broke through to the Void Prying Stage, it would undergo a transformation to become a Demon Beast.

The moment the fierce beast transformed into a Demon Beast, the Beast Core in his body would form a tight bond with its body's energy that could also be referred to as a symbiotic relations.h.i.+p.

If one did not make a breakthrough to the Martial Emperor Stage, this symbiotic relations.h.i.+p would not be able to be called off.

For this reason, even if an ordinary Demon beast was killed, it would not leave behind a Beast Core because at that very second, the Beast Core would be shattered along with the dissipation of its energy.

Only a powerful Demon beast who had made a breakthrough to the Martial Emperor could separate the Beast Core and its body's energy. By that time, if it were killed, the Beast Core would become a gift to somebody else as well.

If a Demon Emperor's Beast Core was consumed by a Demon Monarch, it would allow him to raise his cultivation base at a swift speed.

As long as the Demon Monarch, whose cultivation base was originally high, could comprehend the Emperor Stage Profundity, it would not be difficult for him to make a breakthrough to the Demon Emperor Stage with the help of the Demon Emperor's Beast Core.

Of course, only a Demon Monarch could consume the Demon Emperors' Beast Core directly.

If a human Martial Monarch wanted to consume it, he could just ask a grade one alchemist to spend some time to make it into a pill along with some other ingredients.

Of course, the success rate of forming such a pill was very low as well even if it was created by a very outstanding grade one Alchemist.

For this reason, the boost that a Demon Emperor's Beast core offered to a human Martial Monarch was not as great as what a Demon Monarch would receive.

"That's right. This is a Demon Emperor's Beast Core!" In the face of the excited Gold Thug, Little Gold nodded her head. At the same time, she pa.s.sed the Demon Emperor's Beast Core to the Gold Thug.

When the Gold Thug had taken the Beast Core in his hands, both of his hands trembled even more violently.

"Demon Emperor's Beast Core?" By the side, Xiong Quan was astonished. "L-Little Gold, you've killed a D-Demon Emperor?"

"Yes," Little Gold nodded and answered casually, "I killed a brainless fella."

"Wasn't your target the first-rate force of the south of the Inner Land? Why did you attack a Demon Emperor instead?" Xiong Quan was confused.

"Well, my target was indeed a first-rate force… but that Demon Emperor seemed to have owed a favor to that force since many years ago. For this reason, it rushed out in a timely manner, wanting to protect that force. He dared to actually cast an attack at me first but in the end, I killed him instead," Little Gold answered as though she was reciting an unimportant manner.

"I can't believe that a first-rate force actually has a Demon Emperor protecting them!" Xiong Quan mused.

"Well, it's only a First Level Demon Emperor," Little Gold answered nonchalantly. Although she did not make it clear, one could still hear the disdain in her tone.

"Only a First Level Demon Emperor?" Upon hearing Little Gold's words, Xiong Quan and the Gold Thug, who had just returned to his senses, exchanged glances with each other. They both stood rooted to the ground in a daze.

To them, even a First Level Demon Emperor was already enough to crush them with just one finger.

"Young Miss, I'll go back and cultivate first." After receiving the Demon Emperor's Beast Core, Gold Thug was itching to go back to cultivate. He believed that it would not take him long to make a breakthrough to the Ninth Level Demon Emperor Stage successfully with the help of this Demon Emperor's Core Beast.

Once he had comprehended the Emperor Stage Profundity, he would be able to make a breakthrough to the Demon Emperor Stage in one fell swoop and become a Demon Emperor.

"Alright, go cultivate as soon as possible then… After you've made your breakthrough to the Demon Emperor Stage, I'll bring you out abroad for some trips. There are many Demon Emperors abroad and when we reach there, you can get yourself more Demon Emperor's Beast Cores." Little Gold nodded. As she reached the end of her sentence, her eyes gleamed brightly.

"Yes!" Upon hearing this, the Gold Thug's blood was boiling with excitement as well. Hastily, he left and quickly went to cultivate.

After the Gold Thug left, Xiong Quan studied Little Gold up and down and asked curiously, "Little Gold, you can even kill a First Level Demon Emperor now… What level is your cultivation base now actually?"

It had never crossed his mind that the plain-looking little gold mouse last time had now come to achieve such an achievement. She elicited an inexplicable sense of amazement from the bottom of his heart.

"Young Master, please come back as fast as possible… Come back and look at the three little fellas and Miss Xue Nai as well," Xiong Quan muttered in his heart.

In the face of Xiong Quan's question, Little Gold merely smiled mysteriously and did not answer.


The next moment, Little Gold vanished from the air in front of Xiong Quan. It was apparent that she had already left.

Upon seeing this, Xiong Quan only smiled as he shook his head.

With the move from Han Xue Nai, Little Black, Little White, and Little Gold, the first-rate forces in the south of the Inner Land were subdued one by one. Each of them soon became affiliated forces of the Ling Tian Sect.

At once, the Ling Tian Sect's fame became very influential in the southern area of the Inner Land in the Cloud Continent like the sun in mid-sky.

As for the rest of the first-rate forces that had not fallen yet, each of them was overwhelmed with fear for they knew that not long in the future, the Ling Tian Sect would make its move on them.

"The Ling Tian Sect is crazy! Does it intend to unify the entire southern area of the Inner Land?" At every part of the southern area of the Inner Land, people from all over the place speculated.

Indeed, the crazy Ling Tian Sect did intend to do that right then.

However, just as the first-rate forces in the south of the Inner Land were frightened out of their wits, Han Xue Nai and the other three had returned to the Ling Tian Sect in unison as though they had already planned it out.

Indeed, they had already planned it beforehand.

"In the next period, all of you mustn't be careless. You must patrol everywhere of the Ling Tian Peak more… Calculating the time now, I think they'll make their way here soon," Han Xue Nai told Little Black, Little White, and Little Gold.

In her words, it was as though she was worried that somebody would come to attack the Ling Tian Sect.

"Yes, Sister Xue Nai." Little Black and the other two nodded their heads obediently. Compared to their decisiveness to kill outside, they seemed to have transformed into other people.

Time continued to pa.s.s by quietly.

Seven days quickly pa.s.sed by in just the blink of an eye.


The air whirled outside Ling Tian Peak as a figure appeared out of thin air.

This was a plain-looking old man in gray. However, his eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with radiating vigor and his face was very calm as though he would not even bat an eye even if a mountain collapsed in front of him.

Suddenly, his gaze turned sharp instantly as he glared at the dangerously steep peak not far away before he muttered, "Ling Tian Sect?"

The next second, he disappeared again and by the time he showed up, he was already on the other side of the Ling Tian Peak.

"Hold it right there!" However, before he entered Ling Tian Peak, he was already blocked by somebody.

The voice that had shouted out loudly at him was a young little girl's voice, stunning him for a while.

By the time he had already returned to his senses, he noticed that the person who blocked his pathway was an inconspicuous little girl in gold.

"Demon Emperor?" However, he did not look down on her although she appeared to be just a little girl in front of her. Instead, his face turned grave right away.

In the face of his questioning tone, Little Gold did not give a d.a.m.n at all. Instead, she asked nonchalantly, "Are you the old man from the Han Clan?"

"Are you the one who killed Han Jing?" Cold brilliance shone from his eyes as he asked in a deep voice.

"Han Jing?" Little Gold was taken aback at first before returning to her senses. "Looks like you're really the old man from the Han Clan… Are you here to avenge the brainless guy?"

As she reached the end of her sentence, her eyes gleamed brilliantly with chilliness.

"No matter who you are, if you kill a member of my Han Clan, you'll have to pay the price!" He said nonchalantly, his words filled with a tone that allowed no doubt.

Before Little Gold returned to her senses, an apathetic voice resonated from far, "Really?" By the time the voice entered the ears of the old man and Little Gold, a figure had already appeared in a timely manner.

It was a teenage girl in yellow who appeared to be about fifteen or sixteen years old. The face that appeared to be slightly childish-looking was pretty. In just one glance, one could easily know that this girl would grow up to become a beauty so enchanting that she would topple nations.

She had a pair of mischievous eyes. One could easily see that she was a playful person.

However, right now, her expression was slightly glum as though the sky was filled with clouds and was about to rain.

"It's better for an unrelated person to leave now… Don't blame me if the city gates catch fire!" Looking at the teenage girl, the old man in gray warned in a calm tone. His words were filled with threats.

"Unrelated person?" After the teenage girl studied him for some time, she finally replied calmly, "What if I was the one who killed that person that you said?"

At once, his expression changed in a flash. Murderous intent radiated from his face as though he was about to devour somebody.

"Sister Xue Nai, leave this old man to me," Little Gold looked at the yellow-clad teenage girl and said in antic.i.p.ation.

The yellow-clad teenage girl was none other than Han Xue Nai.

As Han Xue Nai had said, Han Jing, the Han Clan's powerhouse, did indeed die in her hands that time.

"I'll give him to you if you want him," Han Xue Nai replied as though she was not at all concerned that she was not the one going against the old man in gray by herself.

"Thank you, Sister Xue Nai." Upon receiving Han Xue Nai's approval, Little Gold's eyes lit up right away. Then, staring at the old man glaring fixedly at Han Xue Nai, she snarled coldly, "Hey, old man! I'm your opponent!"

The moment the words left her mouth, she made her move. As though she had transformed into a golden lightning bolt, she blasted out towards the old man who snapped back to reality and started to be locked in a battle with Little Gold.

Both of them were evenly matched in first in the battle.

However, as time continued to pa.s.s, Little Gold soon fell into a disadvantageous position and appeared to be very wretched. The grey-clad old man, on the other hand, seized this chance to pursue and cast his attack on her, intending to kill Little Gold, the little girl who looked not more than ten years old.

"Help me, Sister Xue Nai!" At once, Little Gold asked Han Xue Nai for help hastily. This was not a time to be playful now. If she really got killed at that second, it would mean that everything would be over for her now.

"Hmph!" Almost at the second Little Gold's words left her mouth, Han Xue Nai snorted in a low voice and raised her hand. No other movement could be seen from her.


A loud bang resonated. The old man who was pursuing Little Gold suddenly was sent flying by a blast. As he flew out, he left behind a trail of blooming b.l.o.o.d.y flowers. It was blood that gushed out of his mouth.

"The Air Shadowless Palm! H-How did you know my Han Clan's Clan Suppressing Martial Skill?" Soon, horror dawned on the old man who had finally managed to come to a halt with difficulty after being sent flying.

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