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"You're my sister, there's no need for you to be so polite with me," Ke'er's elder sister shook her head before saying, "I've already said what I wanted to say. If you still insist on leaving the Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect and the Upper Province to search for your man in the Lower Province, I'll personally escort you and your daughter to reunite with him."
"No! I won't go anymore!" Ke'er shook her head.
Although she missed her Young Master a lot and hoped that her daughter would be able to reunite with her father, the moment she thought of how she might put her Young Master in danger if she and her daughter returned, she instantly dismissed the idea. She would rather die than see something happen to her Young Master. In her opinion, her Young Master's life was even more important than her own life. He was someone she was willing to give up her life for!
At the moment when Ke'er's sister sighed in relief after listening to Ke'er's words, an angry voice resonated high in the sky. "Gan Ru Yan! How dare you!"
Ke'er's sister, Gan Ru Yan, turned horrified instantly as soon as she heard this voice. She could tell whose voice it was just by listening to it. It was none other than Jiang Qin, one of the Vice Hall Masters of the Enforcement Hall of Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect.
Gan Ru Yan saw four figures hovering in the sky when she looked up.
The person in the lead was a middle-aged man. He had an ordinary appearance, but his eyes looked as sharp as an eagle's eyes, especially now that he was looking down at her. It sent chills up her spine immediately.
The middle-aged man was none other than Jiang Qin, one of the Vice Hall Masters of the Enforcement Hall of Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect.
Three people stood behind Jiang Qin. Two of them were young men with an aloof expression. It was not difficult for Gan Ru Yan to guess they were most likely disciples from the Enforcement Hall.
However, her expression turned grave immediately when she the last person standing behind Jiang Qin. The final person was a s.e.xy and beautiful young woman.
Naturally, in terms of beauty, this woman was not as beautiful as Gan Ru Yan.
At this moment, hints of pleasure that was derived from Gan Ru Yan's misfortune could be seen in that woman's eyes. At the same time, she said through Voice Transmission mockingly, "Gan Ru Yan, congratulations for finding your long-lost sister. However, I'm afraid that even your Master, Guardian Qing Huo, wouldn't be able to intervene and help you remove the sin of hiding the Saint Girl who has violated the sect rules, right? Oh, I almost forgot, your good sister didn't only violate the sect rules by losing her virginity, but she even gave birth to a child as well! What a blasphemy to the Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect! Both of you will be found guilty twice!"
At the end of the Voice Transmission, the woman's tone was filled with arrogance.
Gan Ru Yan was not sure how the woman found out about this matter, she could not help but ask through Voice Transmission, "Wen Yan, you're the one who went and looked for Vice Hall Master Jiang?" Her tone was filled with anger.

"What do you mean by I went and looked for Vice Hall Master Jiang? Gan Ru Yan, don't tell me you think I'm so petty as to take personal revenge in the name of public interest?" The tone of Wen Yan's Voice Transmission was smug. "As a Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect's disciple, all of us are obligated to uphold the sect rules. If you think I'm taking revenge because of a personal vendetta, you can always complain to Vice Hall Master Jiang and ask to bring his men away."
The moment her words left her mouth, a spiteful smile appeared on her face.
She and Gan Ru Yan were both outstanding Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect's disciples, but she had always been inferior to Gan Ru Yan. She had been living in Gan Ru Yan's shadow. This matter made her feel unwilling and angry.
Some time ago, she had noticed Gan Ru Yan secretly bringing someone back to the sect. After spending two years thoroughly investigating the matter, she finally discovered who that person was.
She finally found a reason to strike at Gan Ru Yan. Prior to this, she had never won against Gan Ru Yan once. However, she had finally won today!
Although the method of her victory was despicable and low, she did not care since she only cared about the outcome.
A gust of cold wind blew past, accompanied by the sound of wind whistling in the air, Jiang Qin, the Vice Hall Master of the Enforcement Hall of the Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect descended and soon arrived in front of Ke'er. His pair of keen eyes were gleaming terrifyingly as he stared at her intently. "Hmm… you look identical to Gan Ru Yan. There's no doubt you're Saint Girl Yu Yan who had been kidnapped last time!"
Ke'er was not unfamiliar to the name Gan Yu Yan. She had learned about her original name after following her sister here. She was called Gan Yu Yan, and her name was only one word different from her sister's name.
"I'm not Gan Yu Yan nor am I the Saint Girl! Ever since I can remember, I'm called Ke'er!" Ke'er announced nonchalantly faced with Jiang Qin's intent stare.
At this moment, naturally, she knew somebody was trying to harm her sister. Due to this reason, she decided to feign ignorance.
In fact, she was telling the truth. Ever since she could remember, she was called Ke'er. From her earliest memory, she and her mother had lived a difficult life and depended on each other for survival.
She only met her Young Master after her mother died, and she planned to sell herself to give her mother a proper burial. Ever since then, she had risen from a pheasant to a phoenix, living a life she did not dare to dream of before. She was already satisfied enough by this.
"Hurmph! Do you think you can deny you're our Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect's Saint Girl just because you feigned ignorance? Our Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect's Saint Girl is Gan Ru Yan's twin sister. This is something everyone in the sect knows. It's useless even if you don't admit it. Based on your appearance alone, it's enough to prove you're Gan Ru Yan's twin sister and also the Saint Girl of our Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect, Gan Yu Yan!" At this moment, Wen Yan had also descended from the sky as she glared at Ke'er viciously. A sneer had already appeared on her face. "It's unfortunate while you were wandering outside, you'd acted without self-respect. Not only did you lose your virginity, but you actually got pregnant with some unknown man's illegitimate child. What's even more preposterous is you actually gave birth to that illegitimate child!"
Illegitimate child?
Upon hearing Wen Yan's words, Ke'er was, naturally, furious. n.o.body could insult her daughter. Ke'er's outburst was similar to that of a tigress protecting her tiger cubs.
However, how could she possibly be a match for Wen Yan with her meager strength? Wen Yan merely lifted a hand before she restrained her immediately. "Tsk tsk. Previously, everyone kept saying the Saint Girl's innate talent is much higher than Gan Ru Yan. That was why you were chosen as our Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect's Saint Girl! I can't believe the outer world has turned you into such a waste. Any random disciple from the sect is 100 times stronger than you!"
"Wen Yan!" At this moment, an angry but delicate sounded before Gan Ru Yan made her move. She instantly sent Wen Yan, who was unprepared, flying back with just a move.
"Gan Ru Yan!" Wen Yan did not expect Gan Ru Yan to act so mercilessly to her. Her expression turned grave, and she glared at Gan Ru Yan angrily as she wiped the traces of blood on her mouth using the back of her hand.
"What? You've just been defeated by me, and you still want to fight?" Gan Ru Yan mocked Wen Yan with a smirk.
Although Wen Yan could be considered strong among the younger generation in the Fire Wors.h.i.+p Sect, she was not worth mentioning when compared to Gan Ru Yan.
Wen Yan's face turned green before it paled when she heard Gan Ru Yan's words.
"Bring that child out," Jiang Qin ordered without any warning.
The Enforcement Hall's disciples who had followed Jiang Qin here instantly charged into Gan Ru Yan's residence and disappeared like two bolts of lightning.
"Vice Hall Master Jiang, she's only a child!" Upon hearing that, Gan Ru Yan was horrified. She wanted to make a move to stop the two Enforcement Hall's disciples but was blocked by Jiang Qin instead.
"Gan Ru Yan, you've violated the sect rules for harboring the Saint Girl who has also violated the sect rules! In consideration of the fact that you're Guardian Qing Huo's last disciple, I won't make things difficult for you now. However, the Enforcement Hall wants an explanation from Guardian Qing Huo regarding this matter!" Jiang Qin continued to say nonchalantly, "As for the Saint Girl and her illegitimate child, I'll bring them to the Enforcement Hall. After I've consulted and discussed this with the Sect Leader, we'll deal with the matter according to the sect rules."
The moment his words left his mouth, the two Enforcement Hall's disciples who had barged into Gan Ru Yan's residence had also come out. One of them was hugging a child in his arms.
"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Let me go! I'll ask Aunty to kill you if you don't let me go! My aunt is very powerful!" The girl shouted in her childish voice as she struggled.
"Si Ling!" Horror dawned on Ke'er's face. She made a move to rescue her daughter but was instantly stopped by Wen Yan. At this moment, Wen Yan was no longer angry from being humiliated. There was a smile on her face instead. "Saint Girl, it's time for you and your beloved daughter to make a trip to the Enforcement Hall."
"Vice Hall Master Jiang, don't you have even a shred of mercy for this young child?" Gan Ru Yan's eyes brimmed with tears as she stared at Jiang Qin. Even her voice was trembling when she spoke.
Although she was quite outstanding, she was still far from being comparable to the Enforcement Hall's Vice Hall Master.
It was impossible for her to s.n.a.t.c.h the child away from his grip.
"Let's go!" Jiang Qin ignored Gan Ru Yan. The moment his words left his mouth, he instantly rose up into the air and raised a hand. An invisible force began to restrain and guide Ke'er as they flew away.
The two Enforcement Hall's disciples followed closely behind.
"Elder Sister, please save Si Ling. I don't care about what happens to me, but nothing can happen to Si Ling. She's only two years old, and she hasn't even seen her father and her grandparents yet!" Ke'er's almost desperate and trembling voice entered Gan Ru Yan's ears clearly.
Upon hearing Ke'er's words, Gan Ru Yan's eyes instantly turned red. She could no longer hold it back as she stared directly at one of the Enforcement Hall's disciples. Specifically, the one who was holding Duan Si Ling.
However, before Gan Ru Yan managed to touch the Enforcement Hall's disciple, a horrifying wave of energy swept across the sky and struck her, sending her flying.
An extremely cold voice sounded in the next moment. "Gan Ru Yan, if you continue to hinder the Enforcement Hall from carrying out its duty, we won't show you any mercy even if you're Guardian Qing Huo's last disciple!"
Jiang Qin glanced at Gan Ru Yan who was sent flying coldly before he brought the two Enforcement Hall's disciples, Ke'er, and her daughter away.
Wen Yan looked at Gan Ru Yan and smirked. "Gan Ru Yan, why don't you take care of yourself first before taking care of others? Your sin this time is pretty big, you know?"

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