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Chapter 1846: The Commotion In the Mystical Sky Mansion

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the end, Gu Li was still unable to change Duan Ling Tian’s mind.

In fact, no matter who it was, n.o.body could change his mind. This was because he was confident he could defeat Di Jue and s.n.a.t.c.h the opportunity to enter the dragon clan’s Saint Land, the Dragon Cleansing Pool!

After Gu Li went to the Azure Cloud Platform, Duan Ling Tian returned to his father’s residence and returned to the room that his mother had long prepared for him.

In the entire Azure Cloud Mansion, other than those special Spirit Pools, the residence of Mansion Master Duan Ru Feng was undoubtedly the best cultivation place. After all, it was directly linked to the quasi third-grade Saint Stone reserve.

This place was shrouded with Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy all year round similar to fog surrounding a mountain.

However, with Duan Ling Tian’s current needs, the Spirit Pool did not suit him even though it was good.

This was because he would quickly finish absorbing the liquified Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy in the Spirit Pool in a short time. At that time, the Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy in the surroundings might deplete and affect his cultivation. Not only that, the supply would not be able to meet his demand even if all of the Spirit Pools in the Azure Cloud Mansion were given to him.

For this reason, it was better for him to obediently stay in his father’s residence to cultivate.

Despite Duan Ling Tian being in the Azure Cloud Mansion for so many days now, this news did not spread out at all.

Even in the Azure Cloud Mansion, only a few people were privy to him being the Young Mansion Master.

Currently, only those few Exemplary Saint Stage powerhouses below his father and some of the trustworthy members in the mansion knew he was the Young Mansion Master.

Those who knew he was in the Azure Cloud Mansion were even fewer. The reason he kept such a low profile was due to the Devilseal Tablet in his hands.

The Devilseal Tablet was one of the ten great Super Saint Weapons in the Dao Martial Saint Land’s Ten Great Saint Weapons Ranking. Even an Upper Province powerhouse would covet the weapon.

For this reason, for Duan Ling Tian and the Azure Cloud Mansion’s safety, Duan Ru Feng did not announce the news of Duan Ling Tian being his son since the name ‘Duan Ling Tian’ was currently very sensitive in the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land.

As long as this name was mentioned, the Devilseal Tablet would come to mind immediately!

‘The most important thing right now is to transform the Golden Crow’s Wings to the second form. At that time, I’ll be able to break through to the Early Eminent Saint Stage as well! After I’ve broken through to the Early Eminent Saint Stage, it won’t be a problem for me to further raise it to the Intermediate Eminent Saint Stage before the five-year pact reaches its deadline.’ Although sounded like he was very confident before this, he was mainly trying to boost his morale.

Was the Elementary Devouring Tactic something he could master just because he wanted to?

Could he break through to the Intermediate Eminent Saint Stage just because he wanted to?

If he could not master the high-grade Divine Ability, the Elementary Devouring Tactic, and was unable to break through to the Intermediate Eminent Saint Stage, what could he use to battle with Di Jue the Five-clawed Golden Dragon apart from using the Jasper Celestial Sword?

If he did not have the Elementary Devouring Tactic, and his cultivation base did not break through to the Intermediate Eminent Saint Stage, he was not confident he would be able to defeat Di Jue without using the Jasper Celestial Sword even if he had comprehended the third stage of the Sovereign Heart Sword and relied on the Divine Ability, the Golden Crow’s Wings.

In terms of brute strength, he did not have any advantage at all! Although his body was a lot stronger than a Six-clawed Divine Dragon with the same cultivation base, and a Five-clawed Divine Dragon could not compare to him at all, even if he had broken through to the Intermediate Eminent Saint Stage, his body would be equivalent to the body of a Six-clawed Divine Dragon at the Mastery Eminent Saint Stage at most.

Although a Six-clawed Divine Dragon was much tougher than a Five-clawed Divine Dragon, how could a Mastery Eminent Saint Stage Six-clawed Divine Dragon be compared to a Five-clawed Golden Dragon at the peak of the Divine Saint Stage when it came to the toughness of body?

The Five-clawed Golden Dragons were the elites among the Five-clawed Divine Dragons. No matter which aspect it was, they were much superior compared to Six-clawed Divine Dragons!

‘I almost forgot that Di Jue’s strength is not something a human Martial Cultivator can compare to!’ The moment Duan Ling Tian thought of the dragon’s powerful body, his expression turned grim immediately.

Previously, he was confident because he had forgotten Di Jue was different from an ordinary Martial Cultivator at the peak of the Divine Saint Stage and the Early Exemplary Saint Stage.

He only just remembered that Di Jue was a Five-clawed Golden Dragon!

A Five-clawed Golden Dragon at the peak of the Divine Saint Stage possessed a ridiculously strong body. What about a Five-clawed Golden Dragon at the Early Exemplary Saint Stage then?

Duan Ling Tian felt chills running up his spine just by thinking about it.

He instantly felt the pressure bearing down on him. It felt so heavy that he almost suffocated.

Faced with this pressure, Duan Ling Tian immediately entered the third level of the Seven Treasures Exquisite PaG.o.da and greedily absorbed the Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy to temper his Golden Crow’s Wings.

The Golden Crow’s Wings was changing at every minute and second. It would not take long before it would successfully transform into its second form!

At that time, he would no longer have to suppress his cultivation base, and he could break through to the Early Eminent Saint Stage in one fell swoop!

While Duan Ling Tian was working hard in tempering the Golden Crow’s Wings, it was not tranquil in the faraway Mystical Sky Mansion.

“D-Deng’er?!” When the Mystical Sky Mansion’s Guardian Zhao Jin saw the shattered Soul Pearl, his eyes turned as wide as saucers.

His eyes were completely bloodshot.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Zhao Jin’s robes fluttered on his body as his hairband snapped and his salt and pepper hair fluttered in the air as well. The table and chair in the huge side palace suddenly trembled and before the sound of a crack sounded.

“No matter who you are, you’ll have to repay with your life for daring to kill my son!” Zhao Jin said unhurriedly. One could see his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. Although his voice was not loud, it contained terrifying killing intent.

The shattered Soul Pearl belonged to Vice Mansion Master Zhao Deng from the Mystical Sky Mansion who died in the Azure Cloud Mansion.

Naturally, Zhao Jin was unaware that Zhao Deng had gone to the Azure Cloud Mansion and had even died there.

Faced with the powerful Rong Yuan, Zhao Deng did not even have time to send a message before he died.

In less than one month, his grandson and son had died. This greatly affected Zhao Jin. He was so furious he almost went crazy. Meanwhile, an uproar had also broken out in the Mystical Sky Mansion.

Zhao Deng, the Vice Mansion Master of Mystical Sku Mansion, did not only leave behind one Soul Pearl in the Mystical Sky Mansion. Other than the Soul Pearl in his own residence, he had another Soul Pearl in the inner mansion of the Main Mansion of Mystical Sky Mansion.

Today, when a Mystical Sky Mansion’s disciple performed his daily routine and checked on the Soul Pearls, he noticed that Zhao Deng’s Soul Pearl had shattered!

The Mystical Sky Mansion’s disciple was horrified, and he immediately reported the matter.

There was no wall in this world that did not have a crack. Once the news was reported, it spread like wildfire through the Mystical Sky Mansion.

“Hey, did you hear? Vice Mansion Master Zhao Deng is dead!”

“No way! Vice Mansion Master Zhao Deng is strong. Apart from that, his father is Guardian Zhao Jin, who would dare to kill him? Are you sure your news is not fake?”

“It must be real! It’s said that his Soul Pearl has shattered!”

“Who would be so daring to kill Vice Mansion Master Zhao Deng?!”

As an uproar broke out in the Mystical Sky Mansion, Mansion Master Meng Qing of Mystical Sky was also alerted by this matter. He immediately gathered all the high-ranking officials who were in the Mystical Sky Mansion’s estate.

Among these high-ranking officials, the ones with lower positions were the four peaks’ elders while the ones with the higher positions were the Vice Mansion Masters and the Guardians!

When Guardian Gu Ci Yun arrived, everyone had arrived except for Zhao Jin. However, after waiting for a moment, he finally made his appearance.

“My condolences, Guardian Zhao.” When Meng Qing saw Zhao Jin, he sighed and gave his condolences.

“My condolences, Guardian Zhao.” After Meng Qing, the group of Mystical Sky Mansion’s high-ranking officials, including Gu Ci Yun, also spoke up to console him.

Naturally, some of the words were just empty words. There was a hint of pleasure in their eyes instead.

“Thank you, Mansion Master. Thank you, everyone.” Zhao Jin’s voice was a little hoa.r.s.e. His body emitted a cold and unapproachable aura.

“Guardian Zhao, I’ve gathered everyone here to discuss the death of Vice Mansion Master Zhao. No matter who the killer is, the Mystical Sky Mansion won’t let him go for being so bold as to kill a Vice Mansion Master of the Mystical Sky Mansion!” Meng Qing voiced out his stance.

“Naturally, the most important thing now is to find who killed Vice Mansion Master Zhao. Does anyone have any clues about Vice Mansion Master Zhao’s whereabouts?” Meng Qing glanced at everyone present on the scene.

“Lord Mansion Master!” The moment Meng Qing’s words left his mouth, a Mystical Sky Mansion’s elder chimed in, “A few days ago, I was on patrol near the Earth Palace, and I saw Vice Mansion Master Zhao rus.h.i.+ng in the direction of the south. That’s right! Before he left, Gu Li, Guardian Gu’s son, was also headed south!”

In the Mystical Sky Mansion, the Heaven, Earth, Mystical, and Yellow Palaces were each situated at the north, south, west, and east.

When one left the Main Mansion to head south, one would definitely have to pa.s.s the Earth Palace!

“South?” Meng Qing frowned.

When Gu Ci Yun heard this Mystical Sky Mansion’s elder words, his expression turned grave as his heart jolted. ‘The moment my son left, Zhao Deng also headed south? It seems like he intended to tail my son to find Little Tian!’

As one of the two Mystical Sky Mansion’s Guardians, Gu Ci Yun was a veteran. It was not difficult for him to figure this out.

The moment he thought of this, he broke out in cold sweat for his son. However, when he remembered how Zhao Deng had died but his son’s Soul Pearl was still intact, he heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, he could faintly figure out what had happened. “To think Zhao Deng actually dared to have ill-intention toward Little Tian. I think it’s very likely he’s killed by a powerhouse from the Azure Cloud Mansion!”

Naturally, he did not verbalize his thoughts even though he had guessed the cause of Zhao Deng’s death.

Although he and Zhao Jin were Guardians of the Mystical Sky Mansion, they did not interact much with each other.

Apart from that, his son had suffered from several attempts before. He had suspected it was Zhao Jin’s doings, but it was unfortunate he could not find any proof.

It was only until his son had announced that he did not intend to remain in the Mystical Sky Mansion and was thinking of heading to the Upper Province that the attempts had stopped.

At that time, he had already confirmed that the person who was behind the attempts was Zhao Jin. Part of it was also because he found out unintentionally that Zhao Jin wanted a disciple from the Zhao Clan to be the Mansion Master of Mystical Sky Mansion. For this reason, he tried to destroy everyone who obstructed his plan.

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