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Chapter 1803: A Deal

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The secret underground room was very neat and tidy. Other than a stone bed, there was nothing else at all. An unconscious young man lay on the stone bed.

If Duan Ling Tian was here, he would be able to identify this young man as Xu Jing, the Young Mansion Master of Rising Sky Mansion, whom he had ‘killed' by piercing the s.p.a.ce between his brows during the Rising Sky Ranking Battle.

Xu Jing was lying on the stone bed motionlessly.

“Father, can we wake him up now?” Zhao Ji could not help but ask Zhao Deng as he stood next to the stone bed.

His eyes shone greedily when he looked at Xu Jing who was lying on the bed. Those who were not in the know might even think Zhao Ji was h.o.m.os.e.xual and was interested in Xu Jing based on his gaze. Naturally, Zhao Ji's gaze was like that because he was interested in the top-rated Devil Dao Cultivation Method stored in Xu Jing's mind.

“No.” Upon hearing Zhao Ji's words, Zhao Deng shook his head. “Currently, the only thing keeping him alive is the remnants of his soul. We must wait until his soul has recovered before we can wake him up. At the very least, his soul has to recover by at least 80% before he can even wake up.”

“Then is he aware of what's happening around him?” Zhao Ji asked again.

“He should be.” Zhao Deng nodded. “However, I've tried to communicate with his soul through Voice Transmission, but I didn't get any response at all. I don't know whether it's because he had intentionally ignored me or he just couldn't hear my Voice Transmission.”

“Voice Transmission?” Zhao Ji's eyes lit up immediately. “Father, you mean Divine Consciousness Voice Transmission?”

In the Dao Martial Saint Land, those at the Saint Stage possessed an extra technique to their Voice Transmission.

Before breaking through to the Saint Stage, one could only use their own strength to transmit their voices. However, once they had broken through to the Saint Stage, they could use their Divine Consciousness that was transformed from their Spiritual Energy to transmit their voices. This type of Voice Transmission was called the Divine Consciousness Voice Transmission. It was commonly used by powerhouses above the Saint Stage to transmit their voices.

“Yes.” Zhao Deng nodded again. “Although his soul is very weak, it should not hinder his awareness of the outer world. By right, he should be able to use his weak Divine Consciousness to transmit his voice.”

This time, Zhao Ji did not continue to talk. Instead, he stared at Xu Jing with a burning gaze.

At the same time, his Divine Consciousness extended out into Xu Jing's mind as he transmitted his voice. “Xu Jing, do you remember me? I'm Zhao Ji from the Mystical Sky Mansion. We've met once a few years back.”

Zhao Ji's voice was transmitted to Xu Jing, but he did not receive any response. However, he did not give up.

“Xu Jing, I know that you're aware of your surroundings, and you must already know that it's Mystical Sky Mansion that annihilated your Rising Sky Mansion. Moreover, I'm sure you know our Mystical Sky Mansion is after the top-rated Devil Dao Cultivation Method you cultivated” Although there was no response from Xu Jing, Zhao Ji continued talking to him.

At the same time, Zhao Ji's Divine Consciousness could clearly sense that the remnants of Xu Jing's soul had flickered faintly. He became certain that Xu Jing was already aware of his surroundings.

“Did you know how our Mystical Sky Mansion found out that you've cultivated a top-rated Devil Dao Cultivation Method?” Zhao Ji continued to communicate with Xu Jing through his Divine Consciousness Voice Transmission.

However, this time, the remnants of Xu Jing's soul did not show any movement. It was apparent that he was on guard now and did not make the mistake he had made earlier.

“I know you must be very curious about this. Let me tell you! The reason our Mystical Sky Mansion found out you're cultivating a top-rated Devil Dao Cultivation Method is all thanks to Li Feng!”

Li Feng!

The moment Zhao Ji's words left his mouth, his Divine Consciousness could sense the movement on the remnants of Xu Jing's soul again. Moreover, it seemed that he was getting agitated.

“In the eyes of the people, you're killed by Li Feng. However, Li Feng had taken possession of your Spatial Ring. I'm certain when he failed to claim Blood Owners.h.i.+p on your Spatial Ring, he knows you're still alive and that you must have cultivated a Devil Dao Cultivation Method that contains the Soul Congregation technique!” Zhao Ji said in his Voice Transmission, “A Devil Dao Cultivation Method that contains the Soul Congregation technique would usually be a top-rated one, am I right?”

“Li Feng's from your Mystical Sky Mansion?” Finally, a voice seething with anger entered Zhao Ji's Divine Consciousness.

The person who transmitted the voice through Divine Consciousness to Zhao Ji was none other than Xu Jing who was lying on the bed.

When Zhao Ji mentioned Li Feng, he could no longer suppress his emotion. In the end, he no longer bothered to conceal himself anymore.

“Li Feng's not from our Mystical Sky Mansion but his Junior Brother is! His junior brother is an enemy of mine!” Zhao Ji was not surprised when he heard Xu Jing's words.

The reason he mentioned Li Feng earlier was to infuriate Xu Jing. After all, Xu Jing had ended up in such a wretched state because of Li Feng.

As it turned out, Zhao Ji was successful. Xu Jing had taken the bait.

“He was the one who gave the information about you possessing a top-rated Devil Dao Cultivation Method to the Mystical Sky Mansion. Although that fellow did not make any move at all from the beginning until the end to capture you, most of the credit goes to him since he was the one who had provided the information.” Zhao Ji transmitted his voice calmly.

“Li Feng's Junior Brother?” Xu Jing's voice was filled with rage. It was as though he wanted to personally kill Li Feng's Junior Brother.

“That's right! Li Feng's Junior Brother!” Zhao Ji continued to transmit his voice. “He's called Ling Tian, and he has the same master as Li Feng. I'm afraid there's no hope for you if you plan to seek revenge from Li Feng because he has already gone to the Upper Province. However, it won't be difficult if you want to seek revenge from Ling Tian!”

“Seek revenge from him? Aren't all of you from the Mystical Sky Mansion? Are you toying with me?” Xu Jing snorted.

“That's right. We're both from the Mystical Sky Mansion, but despite being a part of the Mystical Sky Mansion, he's my enemy! My mortal enemy! If you want to kill him to vent your anger and indirectly seek revenge from Li Feng, we can work together…” Zhao Ji replied.

“Work together with you? How?” Xu Jing asked as though he was curious and was looking forward to hearing what Zhao Ji had to say.

“Before we work together, I'd like to know first whether the top-rated Devil Dao Cultivation Method you cultivated is the normal type or the inhumane type?” Zhao Ji asked. This was something he had always wanted to know.

“Since you already know that I cultivated a top-rated Devil Dao Cultivation Method, I'm sure you must have heard that it only took me a year for my cultivation base to break through to the peak of the Refined Saint Stage from the Early Refined Saint Stage. Do you think that a normal Devil Dao Cultivation Method would be able to do that?” Xu Jing replied.

“Then, what kind of inhumane things you need to do to cultivate that top-rated Devil Dao Cultivation Method?” Zhao Ji asked again.

“Hehe… Nothing much. I just have to devour the vital energies and blood of young women until they turn into dried corpses! If there are enough virgin girls, I'll be able to yield twice the result with half the effort if I devour their vital energies and blood to cultivate. My cultivation base rose so quickly in that one year was because I've devoured many vital energies and blood of young virgin girls to cultivate. Naturally, all of them turned into dried corpses in the end!” When Xu Jing spoke, he fondly recalled the memory of that time.

When Zhao Ji heard his words, he could not help but feel chills running up his spine. At the same time, a thought appeared in his mind, shocking him. He asked through Voice Transmission, “Why does the method you described sounds similar to the cultivation method of a Devil Dao powerhouse who appeared many years ago in the Lower Province? Don't tell me the method you cultivated is the Devouring Dark Devil Technique?”

The Devouring Dark Devil Technique was a Devil Dao Cultivation Method that incited fear in the people in the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land many years ago.

At that time, a Devil Dao powerhouse who had cultivated this devil technique had run rampant for a period of time. In the end, after incurring the wrath of the public, he was attacked by many elite powerhouses from the Lower Province. Finally, he ran to the Upper Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land, heavily injured.

Although many years had gone by, the Devil Dao powerhouse's deeds were still remembered by the quasi third-rate forces. The Devouring Dark Devil Technique he had cultivated became very famous as well.

It was exactly because of this, Zhao Ji knew it was the Devouring Dark Devil Technique.

“It's surprising you know about the Devouring Dark Devil Technique. That's right! The one that I cultivate is the Devouring Dark Devil Technique! Come to think of it, what I obtained is the legacy of that Devil Dao powerhouse who ran rampant in the Lower Province many years ago,” Xu Jing replied.

“If I'm not mistaken, the strongest person in your Rising Sky Mansion was killed by that Devil Dao powerhouse, right? It was precisely because the strongest person in your Rising Sky Mansion was killed that your Rising Sky Mansion began to decline into a fourth-rate force after several generations.” Zhao Ji also knew about this history. “Speaking of, that Devil Dao powerhouse who cultivated the Devouring Dark Devil Technique is your Rising Sky Mansion's mortal enemy. How did you manage to cultivate the Devouring Dark Devil Technique? How could those old fellows from the Rising Sky Mansion allow you to cultivate their mortal enemy's Devouring Dark Devil Technique?”

“They didn't know I cultivated the Devouring Dark Devil Technique. As for myself, I don't really care what kind of Devil technique it is! As long as it could raise my strength in a short time, then I consider it a good cultivation technique! I can't be bothered with the others, and I don't give a d.a.m.n at all!” Xu Jing spoke without restraint. It had also affected Zhao Ji to a certain extent.

“Xu Jing!” After a while, Zhai Ji transmitted his voice to Xu Jing. “A year and a half later, somebody will perform the Soul Searching Secret Tactic on you. At that time, the Devil technique you cultivated will belong to the Mystical Sky Mansion! Due to the reason that it's the Devouring Dark Devil Technique, the Mansion Master of Mystical Sky Mansion will never allow anyone to cultivate it. At that time, you'll be killed!”

When Zhao Ji reached this part of his sentence, he tried to tempt Xu Jing. “How about this? Let's make a deal. You pa.s.s that Devouring Dark Devil Technique to me now, and after you die, I'll kill Li Feng's Junior Brother, Ling Tian, to seek revenge for you! What do you think?”

The moment his words left his mouth, Xu Jing did not reply immediately. After a few moments, he finally replied through Voice Transmission, “I must admit your suggestion sounds pretty tempting, but on what basis should I believe in you?”

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