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Chapter 2516 Mecha?

“what makes you think you can?” the corners of duan ling tian’s lips instinctively curved into a disdainful sneer as he coldly looked at the young man who was staring at tang xiao xiao lecherously. when he had extended his divine consciousness earlier, he had learned everything about the three young men. although the three young men had stronger physiques and greater strength compared to the average person, they did not have any power within. to him, they were no different from the average man.

tang xiao xiao laughed mockingly and did not take three young men seriously. “you want to capture me? we’ll just have to see if you have the capability to do so!”

“it seems like these two cultivators are very confident…” the young man who had not spoken until now said when he saw the disdain and mockery on duan ling tian and tang xiao xiao’s faces. then, his lips curved up into a cold and cruel smile. among the three young men, this young man seemed to have the strongest physique. he was three times stronger compared to the other two.

naturally, this did not make him any different from the other two young men in duan ling tian’s eyes.

the young man who had spoken first chuckled. “boss nok, according to the old rules, you’ll have to hold the line for us. if we can’t handle them, you’ll have to help us!” the ‘boss nok’ he had mentioned was the strongest young man out of three of them.

as soon as the young man had spoken, an illusory image appeared on his and the other young man’s body. in just a blink of an eye, the illusory image came to life. then, the two young men who were originally around 180 centimeters in height grew to 3 meters. at this moment, both men’s bodies became extremely angular and their skin had turned s.h.i.+ny like metal. it seemed like they were encased in some flexible and unusual metal. in fact, they looked like those ‘mechas’ duan ling tian had seen in science fiction movies in his past life on earth. those in the movies were fake, but these were real.

“mechas?” duan ling tian raised an eyebrow. he really did not expect the mechas he had seen in movies in his past life were real.

“isn’t your saint province realm a small mundane realm? do you have mechas there as well?” tang xiao xiao was surprised when she heard duan ling tian’s words. “i thought small mundane realms are different from large mundane realms. they don’t have planets, galaxies or stellar provinces, right?”

“so these are really called mechas?” duan ling tian was stunned as well when he heard tang xiao xiao’s words. he did not think these things before him were also similarly called mechas.

‘is it possible that mechas from planets with advanced technology have visited earth before? if not, where did the word ‘mecha’ come from in the first place?’ duan ling tian began to speculate inwardly. now that he discovered the existence of mechas in this galaxy that was governed by science and technology, he found it hard to believe that someone on earth had casually coined the term ‘mecha’. the world is vast, but there could not possibly be a coincidence like this, right?

at this moment, a square lens embedded in the left eye of one of the mecha men suddenly blinked. then, he turned to the young man who had not transformed into a mecha and said, “boss nok, it looks like you won’t need to do anything… these cultivators aren’t even 100 years old.”

“that’s right. there’s no need for us to worry about two cultivators under the age of 100!” the other mecha man chimed in agreement.

it was clear their transformation into mechas was all thanks to science…

“they can actually read our age?” duan ling tian turned to tang xiao xiao who stood next to him, looking mildly surprised.

“it’s normal.” tang xiao xiao did not seem too surprised. “the mechas they’ve transformed into are equipped with investigative probing functions… the lenses on their left eyes aren’t just for show. their structures are far more complicated than the average man’s imagination.”

duan ling tian nodded. he had seen it with his divine consciousness.

“no more than 100 years old?” the young man called boss nok burst into laughter. when he looked at duan ling tian and tang xiao xiao again, his eyes were filled with disdain. he had a good understanding of cultivators. it was difficult for cultivators below the age of 100 to enter that saint celestial stage. although cultivators under the age of 100 who had broken through to the saint celestial stage or higher were not considered rare in the ten stellar provinces in the coste galaxy, there were not many of them. it was unlikely for the two cultivators to have broken through to the saint celestial stage. even if they did, they would probably only be at the first form of the saint celestial stage or third form of the saint celestial stage at most. after all, the number of cultivators in the ten stellar provinces in the coste galaxy was few and far in between. he did not think they would be so unfortunate to run into those rare cultivators below 100 years of age who were at the fourth form of the saint celestial stage or higher. currently, his two friends had strength comparable to cultivators at the third form of the saint celestial stage now that they had transformed into mechas.

duan ling tian and tang xiao xiao were, naturally, unaware of the thoughts running through nok’s mind. otherwise, they would have laughed. fourth form of the saint celestial stage? let alone the fourth form of the saint celestial stage, their cultivation bases were much higher than cultivators at the ninth form of the saint celestial stage. they were eminent celestials. moreover, they were not ordinary eminent celestials. duan ling tian’s full strength was comparable to a nine tribulation bodiless celestial! even tang xiao xiao who was much weaker than duan ling tian possessed strength comparable to a five tribulation bodiless celestial! if only they knew nok thought they had not even broken through to the saint celestial stage.

naturally, nok could not be blamed for his misconception. after all, the stellar provinces around this stellar province in the coste galaxy that were governed by cultivators were not unified. there were many small unknown factions in yan huang realm that did not have much cultivation resources. strong forces like the tang sect or the celestial masters sect would not even take notice of the cultivation resources there, let alone take root there. in fact, even those forces weaker than the tang sect and the celestial masters sect would be loath to set up a base there. for this reason, it was only natural that these forces with cultivators who were under 100 years of age and managed to break through to the fourth form of the saint celestial stage were considered as rare geniuses. apart from that, the cultivators who traveled in the coste galaxy that was governed by science and technology were generally from the nearby stellar provinces since this was a very remote place. it only stood to reason that nok thought duan ling tian and tang xiao xiao were cultivators from one of the nearby stellar provinces.

if nok had known duan ling tian and tang xiao xiao were travelers from somewhere far away, the thousand opportunities galaxy, he would not have dared to provoke them. he looked at duan ling tian and tang xiao xiao contemptuously as he said with a smirk, “seeing as they’re no older than 100 years old, i’m sure both of you are capable of crus.h.i.+ng them…” after a pause, he said coldly, “kill the man, spare the girl!” his eyes flashed lecherously as well when he spoke.

“kill!!” the two young men in mechas attacked as soon as nok finished speaking.

click! click! click!

click! click! click!

the two mechas looked extremely heavy, but they were rather agile in their movements.

one mecha extended its right arm, and a sharp blade made of fine steel appeared after it shook its arm. the blade gleamed with a cold light, looking as though it could cut through anything.

the other mecha extended its left arm, and a black hole appeared at the end of its arm. a white light flickered in the black hole before it grew brighter and brighter to the point where it looked as though it was about to explode.


the first mecha moved at lightning speed as it charged at duan ling tian with its blade pointed at his chest. the young man in the mecha could move at such fast speed because of the propulsive force pus.h.i.+ng him ahead from behind. this propulsive force came from the three vacuum recoil installations behind. the vacuum recoil installations released vacuum blasts to push him forward speedily.

“this speed is on par with a cultivator at the fourth form of the saint celestial stage.” although the mecha was moving at a snail’s pace in duan ling tian’s eyes, he still found the speed startling.


a loud explosion rang in the air. it came from the blaster at the end of the arm of the other mecha. a bright light filled the void immediately. ‘a laser blast’s attack that’s comparable to the strength of a cultivator at the fourth form of the saint celestial stage?’ duan ling tian was also taken aback by this discovery despite it posing no danger to him.

faced with the two mechas’ attacks, duan ling tian and tang xiao xiao stood indifferently in their spots, clearly not taking the mechas seriously.

however, in the eyes of the two young men controlling the mechas, they thought that their speed was so fast that duan ling tian and tang xiao xiao could not catch their movements, and therefore, could not react in time.

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