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Chapter 2906: Li Ping’s Death

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ji Fan, the former Arhat of the Blissful Sect, was still lost in his thoughts when…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Duan Ling Tian’s purple Celestial Origin energy that surged out violently crashed onto the silhouette of the golden Buddha that was protecting Li Ping, the Old Ancestor of the Blissful Sect, in just a blink of an eye.


The high-ranking officials of the Blissful Sect heard another explosion before they saw the silhouette of a golden Buddha shrouding Li Ping being shattered by Duan Ling Tian’s purple energy. It did not even manage to endure for a minute before it was easily destroyed by Duan Ling Tian’s energy.

“No!” Li Ping roared, unresigned, as his golden Buddha silhouette was destroyed by Duan Ling Tian. At the same time, a mini bell appeared in his hand. His Celestial Origin Energy entered the bell, causing it to s.h.i.+ne brilliantly.

Duan Ling Tian watched as numerous translucent and complicated runes shot out of the mini bell in Li Ping’s hand as soon as Li Ping sent his Celestial Origin Energy into it. Then, the runes merged with the giant bell hovering next to Li Ping. In just an instant, runes appeared on the surface of the giant bell. It was clear it was the runes from the mini bell.

Based on this, a thought appeared in Duan Ling Tian’s mind, ‘Royal Grade Celestial Weapon? The Blissful Sect has two Royal Grade Celestial Weapons… One of them is in the possession of their Ten Directions Celestial Duke, and the other one is in the possession of their sect leader.’ He had learned about this from Bai Ping, the Sect Leader of the Tai Yi Celestial Sect. Since he did not find any Royal Grade Celestial Weapon in Li An’s Spatial Ring after killing him, it stood to reason the Royal Grade Celestial Weapon must have been in the possession of the other Old Ancestor of the Blissful Sect, Li Ping.


An explosion rang in the air again.

Duan Ling Tian did not waste any time. As soon as the runes appeared on the giant bell’s surface, he cast the Duke Grade Divine Ability, the Eastern Purple Qi. His attack landed true on the giant bell.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of loud explosions rang in the air again as the giant bell trembled. The runes seemed to be disappearing at a rapid speed as well.

“I didn’t expect your defense would grow so much stronger after you use your Royal Grade Celestial Weapon…” Duan Ling Tian was slightly taken aback by the improvement in Li Ping’s defense after he began to use the Royal Grade Celestial Weapon. After all, earlier, it has been easy for him to destroy Li Ping’s Immobilization King Method!

Although Duan Ling Tian did not use all his strength, and his attack was weakened by the first layer of Li Ping’s defense, it was not much weaker than before. Therefore, he had managed to successfully get rid of all the runes on the surface of the giant bell. Based on the situation and the addition of the Royal Grade Celestial Weapon, it seemed like he had to attack once more to destroy the bell and kill Li Ping!

At this moment, Li Ping suddenly cried out with a frightened expression on his face, “Duan Ling Tian! I surrender! From today onward, I’ll cut ties with the Blissful Sect and will no longer be the Old Ancestor of the Blissful Sect. The Blissful Sect’s affairs have nothing to do with me now. Please show mercy!”

Humans were inherently selfish. Perhaps, Li Ping might have sincerely thought he would be able to sacrifice everything he had for the Blissful Sect in the past. However, now that his life was on the line, it was clear that it was not true. Moreover, he had just broken through and become a Celestial King. He was planning to leave the borderlands for the central area soon! If he kept a low profile, his future would be boundless. However, if he died now, everything would be for naught. His death would not even count for anything. Once he died, there was no doubt all the high-ranking officials of the Blissful Sect would be killed as well. The Blissful Sect would be destroyed. At that time, would there even be anyone left who remembered his sacrifice for the sect? Therefore, in the end, he came to the conclusion that his life was more precious than the sect.

“It’s too late,” Duan Ling Tian said flatly with a cold gaze. He remained indifferent to Li Ping’s frightened expression.


As soon as the runes on Li Ping’s giant bell disappeared, it did not take long for the giant bell to disappear as well. In just half a breath’s time, the giant bell was destroyed by Duan Ling Tian after the runes disappeared.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Once both layers of Li Ping’s defenses fell, Duan Ling Tian’s attack fell on Li Ping and devoured him like a ferocious beast. Just like that, Li Ping, a One Basic Celestial King, had died!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

After Li Ping’s death, the remnants of Duan Ling Tian’s attack did not die down. It continued to explode, seemingly endlessly, in the spot where Li Ping was standing. The series of explosions stirred up a gust of violent wind that blew against the high-ranking officials of the Blissful Sect high-ranking officials. Those with a lower cultivation base staggered several steps back to resist the force of the wind with pale faces.

Apart from that, even the group of disciples watching from afar was affected by the remnants of Duan Ling Tian’s attack. Although they were standing far away, their cultivation bases were really weak. Many of them were sent flying back and some even suffered internal injuries!

A fight between strong powerhouses would, naturally, a wide area around them. It was inevitable and no surprise that the backlash from the fight would injure onlookers.

‘Scatter!’ With just a thought, Duan Ling Tian dispersed the raging purple energy. Peace was restored immediately. It seemed as though the purple energy was never there at all.

“Come!” Duan Ling Tian raised his hand and brought the Spatial Ring and mini bell that was hovering in the air to him.

‘Indeed, it’s a Royal Grade Celestial Weapon.’ Duan Ling Tian confirmed the bell’s grade as soon as he touched it. ‘It’s rather powerful. Based on how well it worked with the Blissful Sect’s defensive Divine Ability, it should work well with my Eastern Purple Qi as well.’

With these thoughts in mind, Duan Ling Tian’s skin began to glow purple. The purple energy formed a s.h.i.+eld surrounding him. Then, he moved the bell in his hand. In just an instant, runes began to shoot out from the mini bell and appeared on the surface of the purple s.h.i.+eld.

‘I wonder if this Royal Grade Celestial Weapon can improve the defenses of my Celestial Method as well.’ Duan Ling Tian quickly cast the Celestial Method he won from the Blissful Sect, the Immobilization King Method. A golden Buddha silhouette appeared and shrouded him and the purple energy s.h.i.+eld. He shook the bell again, and sure enough, runes appeared on the golden buddha as well. His eyes lit up immediately when he saw this. ‘It works!’ He could clearly feel his defense was stronger now. He studied the bell in his hand and thought to himself, ‘It seems like the bell is a defensive Royal Grade Celestial Weapon!’

After arriving in this Devata Realm, Duan Ling Tian learned that there were a few types of Celestial Weapons. Defensive Celestial Weapons were one of them, and the bell in his hand is exactly a defensive Celestial Weapon.

While Duan Ling Tian is testing out the Royal Grade Celestial Weapon, none of the Blissful Sect members dare to make a sound or move a muscle. All of them were staring at Duan Ling Tian anxiously and fearfully. They were worried that one wrong move would get them killed. After all, even the strongest person in the Blissful Sect, Li Ping, had been killed. They might not have been as afraid if Li Ping did not become a Celestial King. After all, the quasi Celestial Kings secretly protecting their sect would surely be able to save them. However, if Duan Ling Tian could kill a Celestial King, would he even need to be afraid of those quasi Celestial Kings? Although Li Ping had just recently become a Celestial King, he was stronger than those quasi Celestial King whose cultivation bases had deteriorated due to their prolonged stay in the borderlands. Since Duan Ling Tian could easily kill Li Ping, it would be even easier for him to kill those quasi Celestial Kings.

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