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Chapter 1634: Dao Vindication Seed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The three glanced at each other, they just wanted to borrow some immortal crystals from Ye Mo but they didn’t even ask yet and Ye Mo gave them this much.

“This – brother Ye, this is too much,” Lan Disheng quickly said.

Ye Mo waved his hand with a smile. “It’s not much, I still have something I want you guys to help me with. Of course, it’s up to you.”

“Just say it brother Ye, as long as it’s something I can do I definitely won’t object,” Lan Disheng quickly said, the other two also said the same.

“Thank you.” Ye Mo saluted with his fists and said, “Since my magic artifact is too low grade, I need some top grade forgery materials. If anyone in the lower deck is selling these top grade materials, please keep an eye out for me.”

There were so many immortals in the lower deck, there was bound to be someone to have good things. But they just hide it very well. If they didn’t have immortal crystals, they would sell the best things they had, and he needed such materials.

As his power level kept increasing, Zi Xu couldn’t keep up anymore. He needed to find top grade materials to upgrade Zi Xu and at least make sure it could keep up with his world rock.

“No problem, don’t worry brother Ye. I will definitely look out for it. But what requirements do you have for the materials?” Lan Disheng said gratefully.

“The higher level they are, the better, the best would be if they’re beyond level four immortal material,” Ye Mo replied.

“Brother Lan, Ye Mo opened a pill tower here, he’s at least a level three immortal pill master right?” Tan Xiaolian asked.

“No, I think brother Ye is a level four immortal pill great master, did you not see his sign? He can concoct level four and below immortal pills.”

Lan Disheng said and sighed, “Any level four immortal pill great master would be very honoured in Gong Hua Heaven, but in this middle deck marketplace, there are quite a few of them. Brother Ye doesn’t have it easy here. He probably used the immortal crystals he saved up before to help us, I must help him find the high level materials he needs.”

“Me too,” Tan Xiaolian and Xiang Qilin said without hesitation.

After the three left, the pill tower returned to being calm. Other than Yu Liansang who came over to chat with Ye Mo a few times, Peng Gandang never appeared again.

Besides paying the exorbitant rent, he still had some extra immortal crystals left each month. Although there were always immortals asking Ye Mo to concoct level five immortal pills, Ye Mo rejected them all.

After Zhen Bingyu’s spirit roots stopped dissolving, she started cultivating again and thus didn’t think too much.

But Ye Mo could only study formations each day, he didn’t dare to go into the Golden Page World and thus could only do this in this boring environment.

Time flew by quickly. Another year pa.s.sed like this, during this time Lan Disheng came to Ye Mo twice and brought him a level four immortal material Extreme Fire Wood and a level five immortal material wind lightning metal. But neither of them helped Ye Mo much.

The things needed for Zi Xu’s upgrade were very specific. If they weren’t up to par, Ye Mo would rather not upgrade Zi Xu.

Today, Ye Mo was studying level three immortal formations when Peng Gandang appeared in the pill tower again. Unlike before, he seemed very troubled.

“Brother Peng.” Ye Mo was as hospitable as ever.

But Peng Gandang didn’t even sit down and looked at Ye Mo for a while before saluting with his fists. “Brother Ye, the immortal s.h.i.+p is going to stop in the void for half a year again, I’m going to the void…”

Just when Ye Mo thought Peng Gandang was going to invite him to go, Peng Gandang stared at Ye Mo seriously and said, “Brother Ye, I know your future will be limitless. You helped me and I wanted to help you some, but instead I’ve brought trouble to you. It’s a pity this isn’t a heaven domain, there’s not much I can do…”

Ye Mo frowned and said, “Brother Peng, just be straightforward. To be able to stay here, you helped me quite a lot.”

“In that case I will.” Then Peng Gandang grabbed at his eye and pulled it out. Ye Mo was shocked but didn’t stop him. Peng Gandang dug out the eye that was damaged.

From it, Peng Gandang dug out an extremely bright gemstone. Then, he ate a pill, and with the use of immortal essence, his eye quickly recovered.

“My eye can be cured but I don’t want to cure it. That’s because I damaged it myself, the reason is this.” Peng Gandang pointed at the peanut sized gemstone as he spoke.

Ye Mo stared at the gemstone and asked in confusion, “What is this?”

Peng Gandang asked, “Brother Ye, you’re an immortal pill great master but do you know what the extreme of cultivation at the immortal realm is?”

“Isn’t it immortal emperor?” Ye Mo said.

Peng Gandang shook his head. “No, immortal emperor isn’t the extreme. After immortal emperor, dao vindication is the extreme. Only immortals who have vindicated dao are at the true pinnacle of the immortal realm. Since ancient times, there were many immortal emperors and many talented ones. Over the countless years, there was never a lack of prodigies, but it’s extremely hard to hear about dao vindicators – do you know why?”

Ye Mo shook his head. “I don’t, please tell me brother Peng.”

Peng Gandang said seriously, “Because the world is incomplete. If an immortal emperor wants to vindicate dao, he needs a primordial chaos seed. These seeds are born with the universe. There many only be at most nine dao vindicator immortal emperors.

Each dao vindicator’s power dominates the universe. He can destroy the entire 33 heavens with a flip of his hand. So, to all immortals, primordial chaos seeds are the most precious thing. When a dao vindicator immortal emperor dies, the primordial chaos seed won’t disappear, it hides itself in the universe waiting for the fated person.”

This was the first time Ye Mo heard this. He was certain most immortals didn’t even know about this. He didn’t know why Peng Gandang told him this, was that peanut sized thing a primordial chaos seed?

Seeing Ye Mo’s surprised look, Peng Gandang set up a few restrictions and said heavily, “You guessed it, inside this small gemstone is a primordial chaos seed, but the gemstone has to be opened. It can’t be opened now though or the chaos chi would spill and no one would be able to save us.”

He then looked at Ye Mo and saw Ye Mo just had a frown but wasn’t lured by the seed. He immediately had an approving look, he thought rightly of Ye Mo indeed. This abstruse immortal primary stage was no ordinary person.

“Now I will give you this primordial chaos seed,” Peng Gandang said.

Ye Mo didn’t even reach out his hand to take it. He never believed money would fall from the sky and land on his head.

Peng Gandang smiled bitterly. “Brother Ye, do you know how many people in the 33 heavens would want to fight over it if word gets out?”

Ye Mo said calmly, “I don’t know, but I know that if it really is a primordial chaos seed, something that can let immortal emperor vindicate dao, it won’t be mine to use. Plus, this seed is yours.”

Peng Gandang knew Ye Mo’s suspicion and sighed. “You must be thinking why I don’t keep it for myself or give it to Han Changzhen or holy nun right? Perhaps you’re even doubting how I even got this.”

Ye Mo said nothing but he was indeed thinking about these two things.

“It’s because I’m the descendant of the ancient grand emperor Peng Xu. The reason I’m leaving this seed to you is because I have no other choice. I’m certain I won’t be coming back after I go out this time. And I know that afterwards, Han Changzhen will come looking for you. If you don’t dare to accept it then pretend I said nothing.” There was a sad look in Peng Gandang’s eyes.

Then he stared at Ye Mo. “If you’re willing to trust me and willing to accept it, then you must agree to two of my conditions.”

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