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Chapter 2036: Jian Chen's Wild Ambition

When Jian Chen's group approached the place, the volcanoes there were erupting. The craters on several peaks spewed out huge pillars of red light composed from scorching lava right at the sky.

These volcanoes were not naturally-occurring. Instead, Primordial realm experts of the Daoist Sect of Neptunea had personally created them, so the scene of them erupting naturally could not be compared to the eruptions of natural volcanoes.

From afar, the fire-red lava that the volcanoes spewed out seemed to plunge into the clouds, making a connection with the red clouds in the sky. It seemed like a link between the sky and the ground, forming an extremely grand sight.

Jian Chen's group stood far away. The volcanoes were nothing short of extraordinary. The lava they spewed out filled the group with fear.

They could clearly sense that within the lava, there were slivers of power from the Laws of Fire, and it was enough to pose a fatal threat to G.o.dkings.

Aside from them, many more people hovered in the sky as well. They all stood around the volcanoes, maintaining their distance.

Their cultivations varied. There were OverG.o.ds and also G.o.dkings, but at this moment, all of them had raised their heads at the sky to stare at the lava that plunged into the clouds.

Finally, the lava fell from the sky. Flames flickered around the lava as they descended everywhere like terrifyingly hot rain.

Wherever the lava pa.s.sed by, the origin energy in the air seemed to be set alight, where even a gentle breath of it would seem like the internal organs were lit on fire.

The range of the lava constantly increased in all directions, enveloping several hundred meters of the surroundings. It forced all the cultivators in that range to rapidly retreat.

At this moment, a gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen's eyes. He discovered that there were quite a few fire divine crystals within the lava rain. They varied in size, where they could be as small as a fingernail or as large as a head.

It was also at this moment that the cultivators in the surroundings struck out. They either used chain-like or rope-like saint artifacts, and with a single thought, all those saint artifacts elongated indefinitely, allowing them to collect fire divine crystals from afar.

These saint artifacts were all high quality at the very least, with many being supreme quality.

As a result, even though the lava was extremely terrifying and could melt medium quality saint artifacts, there was no need to worry about damage if they accidentally got some lava on the high quality saint artifacts given their toughness.

Moreover, all the cultivators would make their saint artifacts avoid the falling lava to their greatest ability so that there would not be any awkward scenes where the saint artifacts did melt during the process of collection.

Very soon, all the lava had fallen. They either fell into the sea of lava below, or they landed on the Pyrnite Ore floating on the sea of lava before slowly vanis.h.i.+ng.

"The heat from the Pyrnite Ore truly is terrifying. The reason why the lava has vanished is not because it has become part of the Pyrnite Ore, but instead, it has been vaporised by the terrifying heat the ore gives off. They've been burned to nothingness," Jian Chen sighed in amazement.

A few fire divine crystals of various sizes also landed on the pieces of Pyrnite Ore. There were even more fire divine crystals that had not been collected, falling into the sea of lava.

"Haha, that is quite the harvest this time. If I convert them to supreme grade divine crystals, it should be almost half a block."

"I am rather lucky this time. I've actually gotten two head-sized pieces of fire divine crystals."

In the distance, many cultivators who collected the fire divine crystals smiled at each other as they showed off their harvest. They were satisfied.

However, not everyone was like that. Some people had failed to get anything, so they were depressed.

"Let's go to the next area. The volcanoes several tens of thousand kilometers away from here seem to be about to erupt." Everyone dispersed.

Quite a number of people stayed on the eighth formation. Many G.o.dkings knew that they were unable to contend for the legacies on the higher floors, so they remained on the eighth floor to collect fire divine crystals when the volcano erupted.

The eighth floor was extremely large while the volcanoes were packed as well. There were whole chains of them, regularly erupting with many fire divine crystals.

As a result, quite a few people would directly remain on the eighth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace for the whole decade every time the structure opened before leaving with a lot of fire divine crystals.

Jian Chen did not collect these fire divine crystals. Instead, he quietly paid attention to the churning sea of lava below him. His furrowed his brows slightly as the light in his eyes flickered.

Yun Xin seemed to understand what Jian Chen was thinking of from his expression. She could not help but pout, "There's probably already a thick layer of fire divine crystals from the acc.u.mulation across the years. However, you better not attempt to obtain them. According to the rumors outside, no one dared to go down. Even experts on the G.o.dkings' Throne avoid the lava from a distance."

"I've even heard that some weaker Infinite Primes can't enter the lava."

Jian Chen did not become dejected at all. He said calmly, "Indeed, I am unable to approach the lava with my current strength. However, if I can advance my strength, it'll be different. Let's go."

The four of them continued onwards. After checking through most of the eighth floor, they went to the ninth floor without any reluctance at all.

Jian Chen felt like the eighth floor was especially for nurturing the Pyrnite Ore and that there were no legacies on the floor at all.

However, he clearly was not powerful enough right now to eye the Pyrnite Ore. Let alone touch it, he could not even approach it.

As for the fire divine crystals, he was not tempted by the ones from the volcanoes at all because they were just far too few. If he collected them at this speed, he might not even collect enough of them to pay for the fee of a single teleport between planes.

What truly drew his attention was the fire divine crystals at the bottom of the lava.

"The matter at hand is to break through with my comprehension as soon as possible. As long as I reach the major achievement of Sword Spirit, I'll be able to progress with my Chaotic Body.

"Once I reach the twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body, even if it's not enough to endure the terrifying heat of the lava, I still should be able to last for a while in there. Coupled with the toughness of the Anatta Tower, it won't be impossible for me to collect the fire divine crystals at the bottom," Jian Chen planned ahead.

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