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Jason looked behind where the sound came from, he immediately saw a group of pregnant women walking slowly ahead of the marines.Among them, in the rear there was a gentle-looking woman following the group, she looked calm and she wasn't afraid or panicking. On her shoulder, there was a cat waving its claws at him, as if it was calling for him.That face, Jason could recognize it easily, it was definitely her! Rouge! It was the woman that Rogen was looking for. What made Jason even more shocked was that the little master was the one who has found her."Little master! It has been already with her!"Jason was curious at the moment, but he didn't act rashly.There were so many marines there, and if he did anything wrong, it would inevitably lead to the chaos there. Even though he is so strong and big, but that doesn't mean that he has no brain.Holding the excitement in his heart, Jason dropped his hands and looked at the woman from time to time.Time went on, and in a few moments, all the pregnant women in front of Rouge was checked, and it was the turn of Roger's wife.At this time, Jason’s eyes became serious.He stared at Rouge and his eyes never blinked.The time pa.s.sed quickly, and the turn of Rouge has come.The woman’s expression was still calm, she wasn't panicking, but she showed a trace of timidity in her eyes, which was the most vivid expression of the timidity in a pregnant woman’s role in the marines investigation."Name please!"The marine officer looked at Rouge, but he didn't care. He saw hundreds of such expressions.Ordinary women, when they face a marine officer in this situation, they would have psychological pressure and fear, which is normal. If they show boldness, they will attract their attention."Rouge!"The Officer nodded and inquired about the last question."You have been checked three times, and no problem found every time."The Officer put down the doc.u.ments from his hand, raised his head, and looked at Rouge."So, do you have anything you want to tell us this time?"Rouge looked at the marine's eyes and she tried to say something.But suddenly, her heart shook, and her whole body trembled. The Officer stared at her eyes, like a whirlpool, exuding deterrent majesty, as if she lied to him that was disrespecting the G.o.ds, making her feel ashamed and timid, so she could not help telling the truth."I."“Do you have anything to do with Pirate King, Roger?”At this time, the voice of the Officer came out again.The voice was calm and clear to the others' ears, but it was like a thunderbolt in the ear of Rouge, which shook her heart.There was a trace of confusion in Rouge's eyes. It seems that she could not control her mind and she would tell the truth.“Not good!”Standing in the distance, Jason looked at her with tight eyes.When he saw the situation, he trembled."Tell the truth!"The tone of the marine was still steady, and everyone could hear the harshness of it.This sentence introduced into Rouge's ears, quickly amplified, like thunder, and shocked her whole body. For a moment, it seemed that she almost start telling the truth and explain everything."I…"Just when she spat out a word then her eyes were immediately restored to the little cat."Meow!"The cat on her shoulder, at that moment, screamed loudly in her ear to wake her up."My, my husband."Rouge said.The Officer's eyes condensed and he continued to interrogate."Who is your husband?""My husband once lend Roger a sum of money!"Rouge showed a timid look, but her eyes were very fl.u.s.tered."Are you trying to hide this?"The officer was disappointed."I, I'm afraid that the marines will punish me! He, he has died, Wuu! Wuu! He left me alone, I'm so afraid!"Rouge cried out in fear.The marine had a headache, and then he waved his hand."Leave!" Covering her face, Rouge quickened her pace and left the place. When she stepped out of the crowd, her heart immediately breathed a sigh of relief.The officer's eyes seemed to contain a great magic, his voice was even more frightening, as if his words contain a strong dignity, people couldn't lie to him, just standing in front of him, people would feel a lot of pressure.She calmed down again and rubbed the head of the little master on her shoulder."Thank you, kitten!""Meow!"The little master meowed.If it wasn't for this cat, she would be arrested.After a while, Rouge quickened her pace and headed her house.On the other hand, Jason was tracking Rouge. He was ready to go forward and follow her.But at this moment, someone put his hand on Jason's shoulder."Who is it?"Jason tightened up and turned around abruptly.As soon as he turned around, he saw a familiar figure under a mask."I'll tell you a few words, you will follow her and do your best to protect her!"Under the mask, a young voice came out.Jason was stunned to hear that this was Rogen's voice."Take this Den Den mus.h.i.+. When I call you, you bring Rouge and the little master to leave this island."A voice of dignity came again, Jason's was so nervous at the moment, and he couldn't help to ask."What about you?""I'll draw the marines away."Rogen answered with a calm voice which shocked him."But, but they have an Admiral here, Even the lowest rank is lieutenant and rear admirals!"Jason kept his voice down and said excitedly."I will come with you, or we’ll leave together!""Jason, listen to me!"But the next moment, Rogen interrupted his words."As long as you, the little master and Rouge are safe, I will be fine.""It's an admiral!"Jason still doesn't believe it.“I have a way!” Rogen said and he was full of self-confident.“Just listen to me.”Rogen stuffed the den den mus.h.i.+ in Jason's arms, and he turned around, in a flash his figure disappeared.Looking at the back of Rogen, Jason clenched his fists in anger."Captain, be safe!"The time that they spent together wasn't that long, even the captain, sometimes he became a little nervous, but there was no doubt that they established a deep relations.h.i.+p between them as a crew.He has already regarded Rogen as his partner.On the s.h.i.+p, Rogen revealed the ident.i.ty of Rouge to them. From the beginning, Jason knew the importance and the danger of this task.Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, Jason turned around and quickly chased Rouge.Following all the way. He didn't go straight to her. At this moment, Rouge didn't know his ident.i.ty, so if he rushed to her, that would possibly arouse the suspicion of the marines.It was not until Rouge entered her home that Jason glanced around and then he stepped forward and knocked at the door. 

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