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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth



As Asha'ruiya mentioned, a Soul-grade Lightning Seed like the Lightning Tyrant had its own consciousness. One could say that it had its own soul.

That soul was the source of the Lightning Tyrant's Domain.

Lightning kept on striking the top of the mountain, and the energy of the lightning would eventually flow into this crack and be absorbed by the lightning orb.

Mo Fan tried guiding the lightning orb into his body, but he soon realized how strong the energy was. He could feel his body going numb from the strong electric current. It took quite some time for him to recover his senses.

Mo Fan kept on trying. This time, he tried to approach the lightning orb gently.

However, Mo Fan soon felt a wild energy with a hint of disdain surging in his direction, as if it was trying to say, Are you, a mere human, really thinking of taking away my power?

If the orb was being gentle, Mo Fan would simply respond violently, and if the orb was violent, he would be even more violent!

When Mo Fan discovered that the Soul-grade Lightning Seed was trying to challenge him, he gladly accepted the challenge. It was obvious that the Lightning Tyrant was being extremely arrogant, but it did not seem that treating the Lightning Tyrant gently was useful in subduing it. Mo Fan would simply subdue the Lightning Tyrant with brute force! It was like he was trying to turn a female tyrant with thorns all over her into an obedient empress!

"Surprise, it's my demon fles.h.!.+" Mo Fan did not back off. He rose again whenever he fell, each time fiercer than he was before.

Due to the outstanding physical attributes he had gained from the Demon Element, Mo Fan was not afraid to be rejected by the lightning. He soon got used to it after many attempts. Any other Lightning Mages would have given up by now.

Mo Fan had tried twenty times, yet the lightning was still unwilling to give up. It was easily the most stubborn little woman that Mo Fan had ever seen, yet Mo Fan liked it even more the more it struggled, as he would feel a greater sense of achievement after subduing it. It would then accompany him as he proceeded to conquer the world!


"Is this guy invulnerable to lightning?" Asha'ruiya stood there and watched Mo Fan keep ramming into the lightning orb like a mad man after being electrocuted many times.

Normally, a Lightning Mage of his level had no chance of enduring the Soul-grade Lightning Seed's power!

Doing something the dumb way was sometimes the most efficient way. After twenty-four attempts, Mo Fan discovered that the Lightning Tyrant did not reject him as strongly as it did at the beginning. Mo Fan could not tell if it was because he had gotten used to the lightning, or the Lightning Tyrant had started to admire Mo Fan's courage...

"Alright, here we go!" Mo Fan started preparing himself for his last attempt by gathering the will of every one of his Elements to break down the Lightning Tyrant's defense. Mo Fan had overcome the Lightning Tyrant's defense, and all that was left was the purest energy inside!

Mo Fan was still feeling the Lightning Tyrant's electric shock. As Mo Fan opened up his Spiritual World, it provided the Lightning Tyrant a better environment to reside in. The Lightning Tyrant was tempted to relocate itself.

The infuriating cries of the Wind Flame Lightning Vultures came from outside the crack.

The Wind Flame Lightning Vultures clearly sensed the abnormal activity of the Lightning Tyrant. They started heading toward it, glaring at the human that had dared to plot against their treasure through the crack!

"Little Flame Belle, buy me some time!"

Mo Fan immediately summoned Little Flame Belle. He desperately needed someone to protect him now. He just needed a few more attempts to fully acquire the Lightning Tyrant. He only needed some time!

"I'll give you three more attempts! If you still can't get it, we'll need to leave right away!" Asha'ruiya said grimly.

Asha'ruiya had also summoned her Dark Swordmaster. The Dark Swordmaster's aura was nowhere as strong as the one that Mo Fan had fought against at the pyramid. It must be able to grow, just like Little Flame Belle...

Both Little Flame Belle and the Dark Swordmaster went out to engage the enemy. Luckily, five of the Wind Flame Lightning Vultures were still busy fighting the Mountain t.i.tan. Otherwise, they would not be able to hold the line at all.

"d.a.m.n it! Come over here!" Mo Fan was running out of patience. However, it immediately triggered a stronger reaction from the Lightning Tyrant, and he simply failed the attempt.

"I am the king of Lightning!" Mo Fan had lightning surging all across his body. He no longer had the same patience, his body now full of energy that was on the verge of exploding. He felt enraged and out-of-control. His pupils started to emit a dark, blood-colored glow as he approached his limit!

The dark, blood-colored glow represented the Demon Element. It would start to go out of control when Mo Fan's life was being threatened, and would immediately replace Mo Fan's consciousness.

The dark, blood-colored glow burst out of Mo Fan's body. His eyes were bloodshot as the lightning arcs penetrated his body, tearing his clothes apart, revealing his firm, manly muscles!

Asha'ruiya opened her mouth wide standing behind him.

The resilience that the man had displayed was a lot more than she had imagined. His determination and desire to become stronger gave him an unyielding spirit that was completely different than the lazy, indifferent att.i.tude he normally showed!

Resilience! It was something that most Mages lacked!

"I'll buy you a few more minutes," Asha'ruiya said after she saw Mo Fan brawling with the lightning.

She started to lay down a formation, one that could normally only be set up and activated by more than ten people, yet she managed to construct it by herself...

"There's no need for that!" Mo Fan slowly turned around.

The lightning was flowing through his muscles on his arms, his chest, his waist, and his legs as he stepped forward. Countless lightning arcs were surging wildly across the ground!

His bloodshot eyes slowly recovered. His pupils were dark and icy cold, as if they were affected by the Lightning Tyrant!

Asha'ruiya was a little lost in her thoughts. Not long ago, Mo Fan was just a shameless pervert in her mind, but now, he totally resembled an emperor who had just woken up inside the lightning, fully displaying his natural pride and arrogance between his brows.

"Con...congratulations!" Asha'ruiya murmured.

Mo Fan could not really stay naked with a woman around. He Summoned out the Black Snake Armor. The expensive magic armor quickly wrapped around his body, which was still being refined by the lightning!


As they walked out from the mountain crack, Mo Fan saw Little Flame Belle fending off two Wind Flame Lightning Vultures. Her slender body was already covered in several wounds. The creatures were Commander-level, thus it was simply too tricky for her to take on both at once.

Meanwhile, Asha'ruiya's Dark Swordmaster was stronger than Mo Fan thought. It was facing three Wind Flame Lightning Vultures, and despite being in a disadvantageous position, it showed no sign of losing, either!

"It seems like the Mountain t.i.tan has left," Asha'ruiya said.

Mo Fan looked around and saw the Mountain t.i.tan being chased further away by the other four Wind Flame Lightning Vultures. It obviously had no intention to fight any further.

A dark lightning descended rapidly from the cloud above. It no longer landed inside the crack, but right on Mo Fan!

Dense lightning continued to flicker inside the black clouds, which eventually turned into black lightning strikes landing on Mo Fan continuously. Some came down like a plunging spear, some had the shape of forks. The lightning scattered across the clouds and the mountain, lighting their surroundings up.

When Mo Fan who was wearing the Black Snake Armor was struck by the lightning, dark snarls of lightning rapidly appeared around him and scattered in the air, with Mo Fan at the center. They lasted for a certain time, and so more of them continued to fill the air and eventually formed a sphere of lightning around him. The Lightning Element within ten kilometers had a.s.sembled like soldiers after being summoned...

"The Tyrant Domain!" Asha'ruiya blurted out when she saw the zone of lightning forming around Mo Fan.

The Tyrant Domain not only acc.u.mulated the Lightning Element, it would also attract any natural lightning within a few dozen kilometers to it...

Mount Tyrant was basically a lightning zone, with rapid lightning strikes coming down at the mountain all the time, shattering the rocks. However, the lightning strikes were all focusing on Mo Fan, turning him into an enormous storehouse of lightning!

"Sky Lightning Claw!"

Mo Fan clenched his hands into claws. A dark, lightning claw appeared above the clouds like a monstrous demon and grabbed at a Wind Flame Lightning Vulture that was attacking Little Flame Belle.

It was obvious that the Wind Flame Lightning Vulture had not cultivated the Lightning Element for long. The lightning claw of the Lightning Tyrant tore at the creature numerous times. Its feathers scattered in the air...

The injured Wind Flame Lightning Vulture spiraled away into a mountain valley, with yellow lightning arcs flickering on its body...

Suddenly, more bolts of lightning appeared out of nowhere. Seven lightning bolts struck the Wind Flame Lightning Vulture that was falling in series. The creature immediately cried out in pain!

"Lightning Tyrant Scars!" Mo Fan was startled when he saw the lightning bolts following up the first attack.

He initially thought the Lightning Tyrant Scars would only summon a bolt of lightning to attack the creature. However, it turned out that the number of lightning bolts was proportional to the number of scars he inflicted on the target!

Furthermore, it turned out that he could also control the Lightning Tyrant Scars!

Mo Fan had not had many chances to use his Lightning Strike after it reached the fifth-tier.

Mo Fan immediately locked onto another Wind Flame Lightning Vulture and attacked it with a fifth-tier Lightning Strike. Hundreds of lightning arcs surged across the Wind Flame Lightning Vulture, leaving lots of Lightning Tyrant Scars on it!

However, the Lightning Strike was only a Basic Spell. Even a fifth-tier Lightning Strike was far from enough to harm a Wind Flame Lightning Vulture.

Mo Fan immediately cast a second Lightning Strike.

The second Lightning Strike left Lightning Tyrant Scars on the creature. When two scars were applied on the same target, it would trigger the Tyrant Call within the Tyrant Domain...

However, Mo Fan did not let the Tyrant Call take place.

He was planning to apply more Lightning Tyrant Scars to the creature before triggering the Tyrant Call!

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