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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"Release the lightning!"

Mo Fan released all the lightning he had just absorbed into his body. The lightning arcs lined up and surged forward like a moving carpet.

The Wind Flame Lightning Vulture had no room to escape. It cried out in pain when it was struck by the lightning arcs!

Mo Fan had released all the lightning energy he had stored up. The lightning arcs were fairly powerful, as the Wind Flame Lightning Vulture was struggling to get back up to its feet after suffering continuous attacks!

Most importantly, the Wind Flame Lightning Vulture was covered in lots of Lightning Tyrant Scars. Mo Fan only needed a single thought to trigger them. The scars immediately shone with a brilliant yellow light!

A yellow lightning dragon tore the night sky in half as it plunged down from the layer of black clouds. The dragon was long and unstoppable too. It was heading straight for the Wind Flame Lightning Vulture!

The Wind Flame Lightning Vulture had yet to recover from the previous lightning shocks when the Tyrant Call triggered by dozens of Lightning Tyrant Scars descended from the sky and knocked it into a scorched-black hole. It felt like its body was on the verge of collapsing!

Asha'ruiya was dumbfounded upon seeing this.

The Lightning Tyrant seemed to be stronger than she had imagined, especially with how the Lightning Tyrant Scars could be stacked up before triggering the Tyrant Call, even summoning a yellow lightning dragon to punish the target!

If more than thirty Lightning Tyrant Scars were stacked on the same target, the damage of the Tyrant Call would be comparable to an Advanced Lightning Spell. The Wind Flame Lightning Vulture was already suffering severe injuries from the previous lightning shock. It was basically half-dead after being struck by the Tyrant Call!

The Wind Flame Lightning Vulture was already at its limit. It beat its wings, trying to run away and regroup with its comrades.

Mo Fan grinned when he saw the Commander-level creature trying to run away. He felt like he had an endless supply of lightning inside his body, which he could free control with his will!

"Don't overstay, we'll be in trouble if the big Wind Flame Lightning Vulture comes back!" Asha'ruiya warned him.

"Mmm!" Mo Fan nodded. He had acquired the Soul-grade Lightning Seed, thus it was no longer necessary to tangle with the Wind Flame Lightning Vultures any further. There were nine of them in total. Without the Mountain t.i.tan's help, they would have trouble handling them!

"This way!" Asha'ruiya suddenly pointed at the crack.

"Didn't we just come out from there?" Mo Fan was stunned.

"Enough talking, come in quick," Asha'ruiya said.

As they were talking, a fiery tornado connecting the clouds and the mountain was forming in the air. The overwhelming presence of the fiery tornado was quite intimidating!

The huge Wind Flame Lightning Vulture had returned. Mo Fan did not think he was unbeatable just because he had acquired the Soul-grade Seed. The combined firepower of nine Wind Flame Lightning Vultures was pretty terrifying!

Asha'ruiya called the Dark Swordmaster back. Mo Fan also withdrew Little Flame Belle into his Contracted s.p.a.ce as they continued along the path. Mo Fan finally realized something when they reached where the Lightning Tyrant was located previously. It turned out that the spot they had found the lightning orb at was not the end. There was still a long, narrow path after it, leading to a cave.

Mo Fan was curious as he followed Asha'ruiya. How did she know there was a path here?

Besides, if she was planning to come here, it simply meant she had to take care of the Lightning Tyrant, too. He had done her a favor by clearing it, and even paid her money!

However, on second thought, without Asha'ruiya's help, he wouldn't have been able to find the Lightning Tyrant, either...

"It's obvious that you wanted to come here all along, yet you said we had a better chance if we collected the Lightning Tyrant first," Mo Fan pointed out in the narrow, dark cave.

"I wasn't lying either; you did end up getting the Lightning Tyrant. It's pretty high-quality as a Soul-grade Seed!" Asha'ruiya replied cheerfully.

"I'm just thinking about my money," Mo Fan grumbled.

" I think I didn't ask for enough!" Asha'ruiya retorted.

"Where are we going?"

"To the top!"


Many demon creatures resided on Mount Tyrant. Anyone that tried to climb the mountain would most likely be devoured by its residents. Most creatures that called the mountain their home were Commander-level creatures, and most of them had ancient bloodlines, too. They either used to rule the mountain, or were rising as the new rulers of the mountain. Either way, not many of them were friendly to humans.

The cave inside the mountain was actually a secret path leading to the top of the mountain. By the time they exited the cave, the sky was already lighting up. However, since the mountain was usually shrouded by the clouds, the top of the mountain and the nearby ridges were still in darkness.

The path to the top of the mountain was extremely steep. It felt like they could fall off at any moment as made their way to the top.

The jagged rocks along the path resembled an enormous dragon with spikes on its back. It was like a slope extending toward the clouds, eventually forming a long, steep cliff!

The cliff extended beyond the mountain. The path was flat, but it looked fairly intimidating from a distance. It felt like someone was walking on a path floating in the sky, with strong winds blowing and moving the clouds...

"Stand at the end of the cliff," Asha'ruiya said to Mo Fan.

"Can you tell me what for?" Mo Fan said.

"There's no time for an explanation now. Once you're there, release your s.p.a.ce Magic," Asha'ruiya said.

"Alright..." Mo Fan knew Asha'ruiya was up to something seeing her stern face.

As a matter of fact, Mo Fan had never felt the top of Mount Tyrant was ordinary. The clouds were actually sinking to his feet. The sky was perfectly clear and blue, the sea of clouds was moving below his feet. The whole of Mount Tyrant was currently concealed in the cloudy mist. The slope leading to the cliff was like a gray-white broken bridge, giving him a spectacular view.

Mo Fan was slowly heading for the end of the cliff. It felt like he was making his way onto a heavenly scaffold.

As Mo Fan reached the end of the cliff, he subconsciously looked down. There happened to be a gap in the clouds. Mo Fan stared through the gap, trying to guess his current alt.i.tude.

However, when Mo Fan looked through the gap, he could only see something black, and it seemed to be moving...

"What is that?" Mo Fan was confused. He gathered all his focus to look into the gap, to see what the thing that was blocking his view was.

"Mo Fan, release your s.p.a.ce Magic!" Asha'ruiya voice came from the other end.

Mo Fan finally collected his thoughts and followed Asha'ruiya's instruction by releasing the s.p.a.ce Magic.

"Don't look down, look at me!" Asha'ruiya suddenly yelled.

Mo Fan glanced at Asha'ruiya and saw her running at him from around five hundred meters away.

She was sprinting like a cat. Mo Fan could not understand why she was stopping him from looking down. Was she worried that he was afraid of heights?

Mo Fan was a naughty man. He could not help but look down, as he desperately wanted to know what the black thing below the gap was. Meanwhile, the sea of clouds had sunk a few dozen meters, revealing more of the black object!

"Holy c.r.a.p, what the h.e.l.l is it?" Mo Fan was dumbfounded. His eyes were fixed on the black existence in the clouds.

Mo Fan felt like he was looking at a creature's backbone. It was covered densely in scales, with long, black spikes like horns, as big as a mammoth's tusks!

Mo Fan was shocked not because he was able to get a closer look at the black creature, but because he could not even see the creature's full appearance when he looked down. Mo Fan could tell that he had only seen the tip of an iceberg!

It was too big!

The creature was so huge that he could not see it all with a single glance. As it slowly rose, Mo Fan felt like he had fallen into a bottomless abyss. He was overwhelmed by a sense of being very, very small!

"Don't move, stay right there!" Asha'ruiya's voice came.

As a matter of fact, a shocking sonic wave was coming from below Mo Fan. The voice was so loud that it was inaudible to the ears. There was only a piercing pain in his head, and he was telling him that his eardrums were about to burst!

-What the h.e.l.l is it?-

Mo Fan felt like his heart was about to break into pieces. He subconsciously tried to run, but he immediately remembered that Asha'ruiya had asked him to stand still.

Mo Fan strongly believed that if the creature below was trying to kill him, there was no way he could escape. The creature was simply too huge, its size had exceeded Mo Fan's understanding. It felt like its body was bigger than the sea of clouds!

Scales, backbone, black skin, that was all that Mo Fan could see!

"s.p.a.ce Journey: Change in a Flas.h.!.+"

Asha'ruiya sprang forward. When she was around fifty meters away from Mo Fan, the s.p.a.ce between her and Mo Fan bent out of shape.

As Asha'ruiya got closer, the s.p.a.ce was heavily contorted. The s.p.a.ce Magic that Mo Fan had released before had come into effect too, speeding up the process.

Amid the loud rumble of the sonic wave, Mo Fan's vision started to blur due to the twisting s.p.a.ce. He happened to catch a glimpse of the ma.s.sive claw of the black creature swiping at him. The claw was huge enough to break the whole cliff apart, let alone the tiny figures of himself and Asha'ruiya!

As the black claw came closer, Mo Fan could not help but murmur, "Am I seriously going to die after I just obtained a new Soul-grade Seed?"

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