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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"Fire!" Mo Fan set himself on fire. It blew out around him in a ring.

The deadly flowers scattered across the place were burned into ashes after the flames touched them.

Mo Fan quickly left the woods with Mu Ningxue, but he soon realized she had been cut a few times. The vines must have hurt her while they were fleeing.

They were both injured from their battles before, and their injuries continued to increase. It went without saying that their injuries would weaken them significantly, and as they bled, they would become feebler, and would eventually lose consciousness if they did not rest up soon.

A strong wind started blowing. White gusts like terrifying whips attacked both of them fiercely. Mu Ningxue quickly managed to set up some ice chains to defend them from the wind whips.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw Zorro standing on higher ground with his arms folded across front of his chest, a smug look on his face.

He quickly glanced behind and saw Asha'ruiya catching up to them. He was convinced that the two had decided to disqualify him and Mu Ningxue first!

"It's the man with green seaweed hair. I'll deal with him while you take Asha'ruiya on," Mo Fan knew the final battle had arrived. There was no running away now.

"Alright," Mu Ningxue glanced at Asha'ruiya and began to spread her ice into her surroundings.

"She is a Summoner too! My Flying Creek Snow Wolf will lend you a hand," Mo Fan stated.

The Flying Creek Snow Wolf was only able to unleash his full strength in Mu Ningxue's Ice Domain. Mo Fan was worried that Mu Ningxue would be unable to handle the cunning Asha'ruiya by herself.

"What about you?" Mu Ningxue was worried about Mo Fan's safety after he allocated the Flying Creek Snow Wolf to her.

Everyone was well aware of how strong Zorro was. They had failed to eliminate him when everyone was taking him on. How could Mo Fan possibly stand a chance against the man without the help of the Flying Creek Snow Wolf?

"Don't worry, I have an idea!" Mo Fan said.


Mo Fan did not waste his time talking to Zorro. He used the remaining Calamity Fire from Little Flame Belle to form a pair of burning wings on his back!

The fiery feathers exploded, propelling Mo Fan into the air like a bullet engulfed in flames. He threw a punch where Zorro was standing. Scorching lava erupted with flames surging across the place. The whole area began to tremble!

"Every person that has dueled me has faced humiliation in the end. I thought you were too smart to do something so dumb, since you have made yourself a name so far in the tournament. It's really unnecessary to ruin it now!" Zorro nimbly moved away from where the lava was erupting.

Mo Fan was unable to fly. He soon landed on the ground, but he was promptly propelled back into the air by an explosion, springing at Zorro like a fiery dragon.

Zorro was unable to dodge the attack this time. He frowned and covered himself with the four white Wind Wings on his back, s.h.i.+elding him from the attack!

The fiery dragon that Mo Fan had transformed into rammed into Zorro's defense. Even though the Calamity Fire failed to touch Zorro's body, the impact knocked him higher in the air...

Zorro's balance faltered. His body kept spinning until he reached the highest point. He finally extended his wings to regain control of himself.

"A man with pure brute strength!" Zorro suddenly realized that he had lost two of his Wind Wings.

Zorro had four wings in total, and the single punch had destroyed two of them! The man was not resigned to the outcome, but his Chaos Element was unable to nullify physical damage inflicted on him. Mo Fan had somehow deduced the weakness of his Chaos Element. It was also why Mo Fan was using a different approach when attacking him!

Mo Fan landed on the ground and raised his head to look at Zorro. He grinned wildly and said, "I like dueling people too! The only difference is, you are deemed to be stronger when you are up against more people because of your abilities, which means that you're going to be weaker when going against fewer people. As for me, my strength stays the same. If the opponent is weak, I can crush them with a single punch, but if the opponent is strong, I just need to throw a few more punches!"

"A destructive Mage like you has too many weaknesses. The Psychic Element can easily turn you into a useless man, and a defensive Mage could also nullify your attacks. As for my Chaos Element, it's the same as carrying a stone and stubbing your own foot! Meanwhile, my spells have high damage just like yours, and I can reflect your spells after strengthening them, too! Other people might have a chance against me, but that doesn't apply to you. You can't do anything to me, but I can wear you out with my wind and my insects!" Zorro slowly descended to the ground and faced Mo Fan.

"Green head, your ability to bluff people is actually a lot stronger than your strength. You almost convinced me there!" Mo Fan started drawing Star Patterns as he spoke.

Zorro was also adept enough at casting his spells that he could draw the Star Patterns while talking. However, his channeling speed was slightly slower this time. Mo Fan was the first to summon some black lightning to strike Zorro fiercely.

Zorro grinned when he sensed the lightning aiming at him.

"Chaos Vortex!"

A twisted surface appeared above Zorro. The wild energy of the lightning strike vanished as if it had been transferred to another plane!

"Back at you!" Zorro rotated the curved surface to reflect the spell like a mirror.

The lightning that vanished came out of the twisted surface, but it was now aiming at Mo Fan instead!


The lightning shattered the ground into pieces as it landed directly on Mo Fan. His hair was standing on its end, while his skin was slightly scorched too...

"Sky Lightning Claw!" This time, Mo Fan used his strongest Lightning attack, as if he was unwilling to give up.

The Lightning Tyrant Domain descended upon the place, lightning arcs gathered toward Mo Fan, before lunging at Zorro like the soldiers under the command of a tyrant.

The lightning took the shape of claws, tearing at the cloudy wind circling the man. The rapid, black lightning with a strong, deathly aura was attacking Zorro wildly.

"Are you stupid? I told you, it's useless against me!" Zorro yelled.

The Chaos Vortex appeared close to Zorro once again. This time, it completely surrounded Zorro, since the lightning arcs were lunging at him from all directions. However, the energy of the lightning was still absorbed by the Chaos Spell!

"Have a taste of your own Sky Lightning Claw!" Zorro spun the twisted surface, aiming it back at Mo Fan.

The terrifying lightning claw tore at Mo Fan fiercely.

Any destructive Spell that was reflected by Zorro's Chaos Element would be slightly stronger than usual. The enhanced Sky Lightning Claw was absolutely terrifying. The giant rocks nearby had all turned into dust. Mo Fan was so tiny compared to the lightning, that it felt like he was going to be torn into pieces in any second!

The a.s.sistant judge nearby had the urge to intervene after seeing how strong the attack was. After all, the Ring of Venice could not necessarily nullify any spell. It was difficult to tell if the protection of the Ring of Venice was enough to s.h.i.+eld against a strong spell like the Sky Lightning Claw!

Mo Fan held his ground amid the surging lightning. He clenched his teeth and endured the attack with his fles.h.!.+

Under the effects of the Lightning Tyrant Domain, Mo Fan's lightning resistance, and his ability to absorb lightning, had increased significantly. On top of that, his body was also strengthened by the Demon Element. He managed to clench his teeth and endure the damage of the enhanced Sky Lightning Claw!

His clothes were shredded, revealing his scorched skin and muscles.

Standing on trashed and shattered rocky ground, Mo Fan was already on the verge of collapsing, yet his eyes were still glittering!

"Sky! Lightning! Claw!" Mo Fan uttered coldly, and unleashed the destructive spell once again!

The wild lightning and gathered from all directions like dragons. The lightning dragons then combined into a powerful lightning claw targeting Zorro.

"Did you fry your brain with your own lightning? You're asking for it!" Zorro yelled at him.

The twisted surface appeared again. Zorro was very adept at casting the Advanced Spell of the Chaos Element. He managed to hold his ground when he was blasted by seven people at once, let alone a single Mo Fan. -Is this Mo Fan so naive that he thinks he can overcome my Chaos Element by attacking continuously?-

The energy of the Sky Lightning Claw was absorbed by the Chaos Vortex, before it was once again reflected back at Mo Fan again.


The crowd fell silent watching Mo Fan enduring the lightning strikes. It looked like the man was about to be crushed into pieces in any second. They heard the piercing screech of the lightning, and Mo Fan's painful cry as he endured the pain...

"Is that guy made of steel?"

"He's still standing after being hit by his own lightning spells twice."

"The question is, isn't his approach somewhat stupid? Surely he knows his destructive spells are useless against Zorro!"

"Zorro is just too strong. He should be banned from the tournament, since he could easily topple the balance between the teams. It's basically like an adult fighting against a three-year-old."

"My G.o.d, this Mo Fan is crazy, he's doing it again, he's going to kill himself!"

The people were incredibly shocked by Mo Fan's actions. To their surprise, Mo Fan continued to cast the Sky Lightning Claw for the third time stubbornly...


Zorro was infuriated when he saw the Sky Lightning Claw landing on him once again!

Somehow, Zorro felt that Mo Fan was looking down on his Chaos Element after seeing his self-destructive approach...

"You will never overcome my Chaos Element, even if you expend all your energy!" Zorro cried furiously. He repeated the same spell and reflected the Sky Lightning Claw back at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan raised his head and watched the enormous lightning claw coming down at him. However, there was no sign of fear on his face, but an ambitious, wild grin...

For some reason, it did not seem like Mo Fan was enduring the lightning strike, but was receiving it!

He was receiving his own lightning!

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