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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The two went to the Oriental Pearl Tower and headed straight up to the sphere. Mo Fan was wondering when he would ever have the chance to come up here to enjoy the view, and never expected he would be here to buy some land.

They went to the Evaluation Committee. Mo Fan discovered there were fewer visitors than workers.

Most interesting, even though there were not many visitors around, they waited for a long time before they were attended to. Mo Fan looked at Mu Ningxue and said, "It seems like the people here really have a grudge against us?"

A plump middle-aged man finally showed up after a long time. He said apologetically, "Sorry for the wait, there was a meeting that I had to attend. I've checked the land that you bought. The land is indeed inhabitable, especially with how you registered for three hundred people to inhibit the land. Three hundred people are basically a village. Being in the safe zone isn't enough, it has to be a hundred kilometers away from the demon creatures' territory, too!"

"That's something I don't understand, Mr. Pan. I already asked my friend to evaluate the land for me. Your men told my friend there wasn't a problem with the land, but now you're telling me otherwise?" Mu Ningxue asked seriously.

"Well, it's subject to changes. After all, demon creatures are constantly on the move. According to the report from the Hunter Union, there's a huge pack of demon creatures around thirty kilometers from the land. There's also a huge tribe of demon creatures around forty kilometers to the north. We are more than happy to let you set up your clan there if you have a barrier protecting you, or if you have enough Mages patrolling the vicinity. However, you have neither of them. How can I possibly give you the green light? The safety of the people is our priority. If something happens, you can easily compensate people for the loss with money, but wouldn't the public be doubting us then?" Senior Evaluator Pan said sternly.

"Why do you sound like we don't really care if our people die?" Mo Fan asked in return.

Senior Evaluator Pan kept his gravity and said, "I'm just talking about facts. Well, if you'll excuse me, I hope you will think about it. The land is strictly off-limits."

The man turned and headed to his office proudly.


After Senior Evaluator Pan left, Mo Fan glanced at Mu Ningxue, who was looking at him too.

"Do you know that guy?" Mo Fan asked her.

Mu Ningxue shook her head. "He's very powerful. The lands that he considered risky have all turned into wastelands. You do know that every inch of the lands along the borders of the safe zone are worth gold. Even though the government hasn't developed them, it's difficult for private organizations to buy them!"

"Haven't the renowned families and clans already claim the good places?" Mo Fan asked.

"Yes. By the way, the land I bought is pretty close to Feiniao City." Mu Ningxue took out a map and handed it to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan took a look at it, and saw that Feiniao City was indeed very close to it.

Feiniao City had been growing rapidly since the sea monsters were removed. It was a pretty good choice for Mu Ningxue to set up her clan there. It was not too far away from the Magic City, too!

"I've asked the Magic a.s.sociation at Feiniao City to evaluate the land for me. They told me that there isn't much of a problem with using it. The risk is just within the acceptable range. The local Magic a.s.sociation submitted their approval to the headquarters, but for some reason, Senior Evaluator Pan has rejected it," Mu Ningxue said.

"I'll try sneaking inside..." Mo Fan went to the man's office.

The door had a little gap. Mo Fan easily snuck into the room with the Fleeing Shadow. Mu Ningxue tried to stop him, but he already vanished.

Mo Fan was pretty bold to eavesdrop on the man inside the Magic a.s.sociation. The Dark n.o.ble Mantle allowed him to trick the eyes of the people there, who were just as strong as he was.

Mo Fan heard another woman's voice when he reached Senior Evaluator Pan's office.

"Don't you worry, she will not get the approval for her land as long as I'm in charge. I have been doing this for many years. No one dares to question my decisions," Senior Evaluator Pan said.

The man was leaning back on his chair with a cigarette between his fingers.

A pretty woman with long curly hairwas there, sitting opposite of Senior Evaluator Pan. She said with a smile, "It's just a favor that Sister Zhou Yilin asked for. She used to be a good girl, but she became ungrateful after she grew stronger and became a star in the World College Tournament. Our Mu Clan has spent so many resources on her, yet not only didn't she pay our kindness back, she even wanted to take us on. If not, why would we bother doing this to her?"

"Humph, I despise people like her the most. Don't you worry, if she wants to challenge the Mu Clan, I'll make sure that she can't even set up a clan," Senior Evaluator Pan replied. He squinted and looked at the edge of the short skirt that the woman was wearing.

"You have our thanks, Mr. Pan. Please do visit our Li Family when you have the chance. You will know how hospitable we are!" the woman smiled.

"Yeah, sure thing, I still remember going to the villa of your clan. It's a nice place," Senior Evaluator Pan said.

"Right, I almost forgot. I'm afraid you won't be able to visit the villa for some time. Some Hunters found traces of a Ghastly Mountain Beast in the area. Our clan has been constantly patrolling the area to ensure the safety of the people. However, the Hunters still pa.s.sed on their groundless accusations to the local Magic a.s.sociation. We have no choice but to close it down to clear the demon creatures in the area. Unfortunately, the Mages of our clan has been busy preparing for the Renowned Families Tournament. It's difficult to investigate the whole mountain. You know how many people and time we'll need for that..." the woman grumbled. 

"If the Hunters did find the traces of demon creatures and provide solid evidence, it's reasonable that the local Magic a.s.sociation is treating it with extra caution," Senior Evaluator Pan said.

"I already went to investigate it. It isn't traces of the Ghastly Mountain Beast. It's just a wild beast that's slightly bigger. It's very common to find wild beasts in the mountains. Besides, many people that went to the villa on a vacation enjoy hunting and eating those beasts, too. Senior Evaluator Pan, you are well aware of the money and people needed to clear the mountain; can't you just settle it with a few words?" the woman said while blinking her eyes.

"Well..." Senior Evaluator Pan seemed troubled.

"The next time you go to the villa, I'll drop by and drink some tea too. The night breeze is very soothing there." The woman's voice sounded a lot softer. It was obvious that she was giving hints.

Senior Evaluator Pan immediately knew what she was hinting. However, his expression remained the same as he said, "It's nothing, I'll let the local Magic a.s.sociation know right away. Besides, I'm particularly fond of the villa myself too. I'll be d.a.m.ned if it's closed."

"Mm, mm, thank you, Mr. Pan. I'll personally brew you a nice cup of tea when the time comes."

"Sure!" Senior Evaluator Pan smiled and squinted as he thought about the luxurious villa, the pitch-black night with some nice tea and a deserted bamboo grove, where he would find a gorgeous woman that he could freely do anything to. Senior Evaluator Pan could already feel his pants tightening.


Mo Fan shook his head after he left the man's office.

It seemed like society still was full of unspoken rules. He could not help but wonder how many shameless deeds this fatty had done by abusing his power.

Mo Fan went back to Mu Ningxue and told her what he learned.

Mu Ningxue frowned immediately, very displeased.

The truth was, the man had invited her to discuss the matter with him alone. The place was a remote tea house, too. It seemed like the guy was actually trying to give her hints. If she did not satisfy him, he would not give her permission to use the land!

Why would such a shameless man be given such an important role in the Magic a.s.sociation!?

"The man's cultivation is pretty strong. He almost noticed me, even though I was using the Dark n.o.ble Mantle. It's unlikely I'll be able to find a chance to teach him a lesson," Mo Fan said.

"Don't touch him; he still has quite a reputation in the Magic a.s.sociation. It will only cause us more trouble. As for the Li Family you mentioned… they are indeed a renowned family who have attached themselves to the Mu Clan. They are mainly in charge of luxurious villas, but they are mostly used for bribing and coaxing the authorities of the Magic a.s.sociation. They are in charge of the Mu Clan's public relations," Mu Ningxue said. 

A renowned clan would have a number of renowned families attached to them. The Mu Clan was one of the biggest renowned clans in the country. Almost every city felt its influence.

The Li Family was a renowned family situated in Feiniao City and Tongshan City. Mu Ningxue was obviously going to stumble into the Li Family since she was planning to set up her clan in Feiniao City, but she did not think the local tyrant would set their eyes on her so soon!

"By the way, what does clearing up a mountain mean?" Mo Fan asked Mu Ningxue.

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