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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"Every renowned family and clan has its private territories. These territories are protected by their Mages, but to guarantee the safety of these private territories, the Magic a.s.sociation will evaluate these territories every year with information collected by Hunters. If they discover any potential threat, they will immediately request the clans cleanse the territories. Normally, the clans are obligated to cleanse their territories and the nearby areas every now and then to ensure the people are safe, but since it demands lots of resources, most clans are reluctant to do it unless the Magic a.s.sociation forces them to do so," Mu Ningxue told him.

"That doesn't sound too good," Mo Fan said.

"I know, that's why I won't allow it to happen to my clan. No matter how short we are on funds, we shouldn't compromise the safety of our people," Mu Ningxue said seriously.

"Speaking of which, if we cleanse the land that we just bought and ask the people of the Magic a.s.sociation to evaluate it, it should work right? That fatty can't just lie through his teeth and reject our application?" Mo Fan said.

"Actually..." Mu Ningxue said after a slight hesitation, "I asked for a territory that had been cleansed, before buying it. We don't have the funds to clean it up again."

"Huh?" Mo Fan scratched his head. He suddenly realized how troublesome and annoying it was to establish a clan. In addition to that, Mu Ningxue had clearly been set up. The land had already been cleansed before, meaning that it had met the standard, yet the fatty from the Magic a.s.sociation had to get in the way. Most importantly, the local Magic a.s.sociation had already given its approval, but the fatty still rejected the application!

"If there's no other way, I guess we'll have to find another land," Mu Ningxue sighed.

"Do you have something in mind?" Mo Fan asked.

"Lands that aren't cleansed are a lot cheaper. If we really have to cleanse the land again for it to be accepted, we can consider buying a bigger plot. There's actually one in the other direction of Feiniao City. It's the most ideal option for us, since Feiniao City is eventually going to extend in that direction. Unfortunately, the land is just too s.p.a.cious. It's going to cost us a crazy fortune just to cleanse it," Mu Ningxue said.

"Is there any other way to cleanse it?" Mo Fan asked.

"It's a lot simpler if we can set up a barrier around it, since the barrier will automatically drive any demon creatures away. However, considering the size of the land, we will need a City Pistil. I don't think any city is willing to lend us theirs just so we can cleanse the land," Mu Ningxue said.

"Is a City Pistil the same as an Earth Pistil?" Mo Fan asked.

"Mm," Mu Ningxue nodded.

"So how long is it going to take to cleanse the land if we have an Earth Pistil?" Mo Fan asked.

"Just three days, and we won't need many people to do it, either," Mu Ningxue informed him.

"I should be able to borrow an Earth Pistil; you can go ahead and buy the land," Mo Fan said.

Mu Ningxue looked at him in confusion.

An Earth Pistil was deeply involved with the safety of a city. Mu Ningxue did not believe Mo Fan could convince a city to deactivate its barrier for three days and loan them its Earth Pistil to clean up an area that was not even their concern. The Earth Pistils were priceless, and most of them were in the hands of the military and the government. She had never heard of any renowned families or clans that had used an Earth Pistil to cleanse their territories!

"What? Do you think I'm lying?" Mo Fan chuckled when he saw the doubt in Mu Ningxue's eyes.

"Mm, it's not something you can borrow so easily! Even the Ancient Capital won't lend theirs to you for your own purposes," Mu Ningxue stated firmly.

"Why don't we have a bet? If I manage to get an Earth Pistil, you'll give me a kiss?" Mo Fan raised his brows.

"Can't you ask for something else?" Mu Ningxue snapped.

"That's all I'm asking for," Mo Fan said.

Mu Ningxue was hesitant. She was familiar with Mo Fan's character. If the man dared to ask for it, it meant he was feeling confident.

However, she found it difficult to believe Mo Fan could get her an Earth Pistil. Even someone like Mu Gong would have trouble borrowing one with his connections.

"Alright." Mu Ningxue thought about it and a.s.sumed Mo Fan was just joking with her. She ignored the implications of his shameless request.


When they arrived back at the apartment, Mo Fan asked Mu Ningxue to rest in the living room while he went to the balcony to make a call.

Mo Fan had deliberately acquired Li Man and Advisor Shao's numbers before he left the Tarim Basin Fortress. The Earth Pistil was in Advisor Shao's hand. He just needed to give her a call.

"You want to use the Earth Pistil to cleanse a land?" Advisor Shao sounded a little surprised, since the Earth Pistils were mostly used to protect an area. Using it to cleanse a land was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. After all, the Earth Pistils were one of the most precious possessions of humans.

"Mm, just for three days," Mo Fan said.

"You never cease to amaze me, but I'm curious what clan has to go as far as using an Earth Pistil just to cleanse their land?" Advisor Shao asked with a smile.

"Well… it's a new clan that my wife is establis.h.i.+ng. We're running short on funds, so we can't really afford to hire people to cleanse the land. I heard from Li Man that you're still looking for suitable land for a new fortress, so you won't be using the Earth Pistil for some time. I'm just trying to save some money!" Mo Fan explained honestly.

"It was you who brought the Earth Pistil back, feel free to borrow it if you need it. I'll ask Li Man to bring it to you. You can keep it until we find the right place to build a new fortress," Advisor Shao said.

"That won't be necessary, I understand how valuable the thing is," Mo Fan said.

The Tarim Basin Fortress was completely abandoned. It once held a few hundred thousand people, the result of the effort that many people had put in. Many people would be left in despair if they had not found the Earth Pistil. Mo Fan knew how valuable the Earth Pistil was to them, hence he had no intention to keep it to himself. He just wanted to borrow it for a few days.

"Alright, just ask if you need any help," Advisor Shao said.

"Can you lend Li Man to me for a few days too?" Mo Fan said.

"Sure, should I just ask her to marry you instead, so you won't have to give her back?" Advisor Shao smiled in reply.

"HAHAHA, I don't mind if she agrees. The last thing I will reject is a beautiful woman!" Mo Fan replied instantly.


Mo Fan was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with joy after the call.

He was extremely excited, since he would finally be able to kiss Mu Ningxue's alluring lips.

On second thought, after realizing how long it took for the revolutionary progress, he figured that if his life up to now was written into a novel, it would be almost three million words, yet he had only managed to kiss his G.o.ddess once by now. It was quite disappointing.

"Xuexue, you can go ahead and buy the land," Mo Fan sat beside Mu Ningxue with a confident smile.

"Did you really get an Earth Pistil?" Mu Ningxue looked at Mo Fan with her mouth wide open.

"Of course," Mo Fan went to the walls and switched off the main light as he was speaking. He turned on a dim yellow light and a fancy purple lamp instead.

"What are you doing?" Mu Ningxue rolled her eyes.

"Trying to get the mood right..."


"Should I get us some red wine? Ah, we'll need some music too..." Mo Fan headed to the bar as the thought crossed his mind. He remembered there was still some wine.

When Mo Fan came back with the wine, he somehow could see a huge word written on Mu Ningxue's expressionless face… r.e.t.a.r.d!

Mo Fan awkwardly put the wine back and sat beside Mu Ningxue. He said with a smile, "Didn't you already promise me? The Earth Pistil will be here tomorrow. Did you really think I'd lie to you for a kiss?"

"It's only valid once I see the Earth Pistil!" Mu Ningxue harrumphed coldly.

Why would Mu Ningxue trust Mo Fan? She remembered when she was still naive, when she placed all her trust in Mo Fan, the shameless guy had abused it to take away her first kiss. It was a very obvious lie, too. The little boy said the wind had blown some dust into his eyes, so she subconsciously pouted to blow the dust away from his eyes...

Mu Ningxue clearly remembered every detail of it. She even remembered how fast her heart was beating. For some reason, she was having the same feeling just then, even though nothing had happened.

If she had to describe what a kiss felt like, it was not warm and sweet, or a surge of electricity like the novels had described. However, in that particular instant, she had to remind herself that it was a kiss. She was just taken by surprise, and her mind immediately went blank.

Mu Ningxue sat still as she slowly recalled the memories that she had hidden deeply away...

However, as she was having the thoughts, she suddenly felt a hot breath coming toward her. Before she realized what was happening, a face with a stern look stuck up close. She immediately felt the breath coming from his nose. Following it was a warm sensation on her lips, and a surge of electricity that spread throughout her body.

Mu Ningxue's eyes widened. She did not expect Mo Fan would kiss her when she was completely defenseless, just like in the past! She did not shove him away, nor did she feel angry. She was just panicking!

She...she was tricked again!

Mu Ningxue slowly closed her eyes. Her feelings turned from panic to complicated, with an urge to just go with the flow.

The tip of his tongue slowly pried her teeth open. Mo Fan was clearly not satisfied with just a little peck. He wanted Mu Ningxue's tongue, its softness and tenderness that allowed him to express his affection to the woman he was in love with, at least it was what Mo Fan was feeling since he was the one taking the initiative… even though it was just a kiss.

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