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A sudden announcement during the flight woke Mo Fan, who was in a deep sleep.

“Our respected pa.s.sengers, we are sorry to inform you that this flight will be landing in advance in New Suez. All international pa.s.sengers might have to adjust their schedules.”

Zhao Manyan and Mu Bai woke up too. They looked at the other pa.s.sengers with blank faces.

The Egyptians around them only groaned when they heard the update, not showing any real reaction. Some middle-aged Arabian men continued to flip their newspapers to the next page, their legs crossed absently.

“What's going on?” Brianca asked.

“Cairo is probably fighting, so it won't be taking any flights, apart from military ones,” a young man seated behind them said.

“Fighting?” Mu Bai was astounded.

Why did they sound like a battle was as common as a normal restriction placed on flight paths? Shouldn't they be more worried if a battle broke out?

“I bet it's the scorpion men and the snake men again. They show up and fight one another this time of the year in order to acc.u.mulate sufficient energy to hatch their eggs,” the Arabian man said, flipping through his newspaper.

“Mister, are battles that common here?” Heidi had to ask.

“Of course! If it isn't for those G.o.dd.a.m.ned undead, Egypt would have long conquered the world! ” the man proclaimed.

Everyone chuckled after hearing those words. Mo Fan noticed that n.o.body was too bothered by the fighting. Now that he thought about it, the Ancient Capital was constantly fighting the undead at night, but the people still went out to eat, visited the nightclubs, and hooked up with others…

Now that Cairo was fighting, they had to find another way to continue on…

A new announcement followed not long afterwards. “Our respected pa.s.sengers, we are sorry to inform you that the southern part of New Suez had fallen to the demon creatures. The flight will now return to our departure city. We are sorry for the inconvenience!”

“F**k me, are you kidding me now!?” Mo Fan was the first to rise to his feet.

The pa.s.sengers were a little restless after hearing the latest update. They immediately looked out the windows.

The plane had already arrived on the outskirts of New Suez. The desert came right up to the city. New Suez was within view, but it was blocked by a cl.u.s.ter of thin clouds.

They could see black streams invading the little square that was the city through the clouds. It was not very spectacular, mainly because their current alt.i.tude was around seven thousand meters. Everything was just too small!

“Our respected pa.s.sengers, we are very sorry. We don't have enough fuel to make it back to our departure point. The other cities nearby are currently experiencing too much air traffic. We can't afford to wait until it's our turn to land. We'll be landing in New Suez forcibly. Once the plane lands, a troop of soldiers will escort everyone to safety. Please strictly follow their instructions and don't do anything reckless!” another announcement followed quickly.

The announcement was repeated twice. The pa.s.sengers on the plane were utterly dumbfounded!

They were not stupid. New Suez was obviously in the middle of a battle, just like Cairo. Countless demon creatures were currently attacking the city from the south, yet they were planning to land at the airport located in the south too?! Wouldn't they be feeding themselves right into the tiger's mouth!?

“Words can't even describe how impressed I am by EgyptAir,” Zhao Manyan commented.

The plane was in a total mess. The Arabian man that was reading the newspaper previously was now arguing with the stewardess. It felt like he was going to hit her soon.

The rest of the Egyptians were complaining and cursing, too. They were demanding the pilot land the plane in the desert instead.

They would rather land in the desert than in the middle of a battle zone. Were they really thinking the army could escort them to safety?

They did not even know if the army could hold the demon creatures back! It was even possible for the entire flight and troop to be wiped out!

“Please follow the instructions; we are merely repeating what we were told,” the stewardess tried to calm the pa.s.sengers down. They handled the unruly and angry pa.s.sengers calmly, in a professional manner. Their service att.i.tude was impressive.

“Is it really that chaotic out here?” Brianca asked after some time.

Brianca had stayed at the Alps Inst.i.tute for too long. She had always thought the world was in a peaceful state, but the first place she visited after leaving the Alps Inst.i.tute was in such a mess!

“There has been a lot of fighting lately,” Mo Fan informed her.

The wars had never stopped; the demon creatures always had the upper hand. The territories they occupied were a hundred times or even a thousand times larger than the human territories. When a particular horde or kingdom of demon creatures had grown so strong that the other species could not keep it at bay, aggressive demon creatures would s.h.i.+ft their attention to the human cities instead!

In the end, humans were individually still too weak, striving to survive in the gaps between the kingdoms of the demon creatures. The rulers of the demon creatures were the ones making the calls to restart the fighting!

Egypt was constantly at war with demon creatures. As a matter of fact, China was in a similar situation, too. It had to fend off different species of demon creatures due to the amount of land it held. Leaving aside the twenty thousand-some kilometers of sh.o.r.eline that currently posed the greatest threat to their country, the infamous kingdoms of the demon creatures inland of China included the Undead Kingdom, the Kunlun Kingdom, the Great Horde of Dongting Lake, the Great Horde of the Qinling Mountains, the Great Horde of the Nanshan Mountains, and the Beijiang Desolate Beasts…

The demon creatures of Kunlun Mountains had been going easy on China for the past few years; only the Great Horde of the Qinling Mountains had crossed the line. The Undead Kingdom had been well-behaved ever since the Calamity of the Ancient Capital. Otherwise, if the demon creatures inland started to invade the country when it was already under attack along the sh.o.r.e, China's territory would shrink significantly!

Even so, the plan to form headquarter cities was already in motion. Countless tier-two and tier-three cities, towns, and villages were being abandoned. Their people had moved into the headquarter cities, building up human fortresses with impenetrable defenses. To be frank, they were forced to hole up timidly behind the st.u.r.dy walls, and give up the mountains, rivers, oceans, and sky to the demon creatures!

In the past, Mo Fan was weak and without any great ambitions, but he was a different person now. Even though he was still weak, he was so ambitious that he kept getting involved in life-threatening situations. All the incidents he had gone through were like stories that people would not believe. He was truly living the life!

“Holy c.r.a.p, there are so many scorpions and snakes, and they are naked too!” Zhao Manyan blurted out, sticking his face to the window.

The plane was banking sideways, and the pa.s.sengers could now take a closer look at the ground. The scorpions and snakes in Egypt were not referring to vicious women, but creatures with a woman's upper boy, and the lower body of a scorpion or snake!

The medusae were a subordinate species of the scorpion-humanoid gorgons, but they could crossbreed, producing offspring called lamias, with the upper bodies of female giants, the lower bodies of snakes, and six legs like a scorpion.

The lamias were an impure breed, and both the medusae and the gorgons despised them. They were normally treated as cannon fodder in a war, but that did not necessarily mean their strength was inferior to the pure-blooded gorgons and medusas!

The three species had always been a rather terrifying force in Africa!

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