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The captain of the plane did not want to open the door at first, but when he saw huge black and red creatures showing up in the lane behind the plane, he knew they could not afford to wait for the army!

The army was nowhere to be seen. If they did not start running, they really would be overrun by these monsters!

“Stick close to us, don't split up!” Brianca kindly reminded the pa.s.sengers behind her.

The door at the front of the plane opened, while the emergency door remained closed. The pa.s.sengers could not care less about their belongings. EgyptAir was clearly going to cover their losses. It was more important to stay alive!

The plane was extremely crowded. Zhao Manyan and Mu Bai led the way and brought over thirty pa.s.sengers out of the plane. When they took the slide down to the ground, the abnormal Scorpion and Snake Insects quickly gathered around them. They were extremely tiny, but their poison was deadly. Zhao Manyan and Mu Bai could not afford to lower their guard…

Zhao Manyan swiftly moved his hands around, controlling the Water Ribbons circulating around the pa.s.sengers, ensuring that each of them was protected by a layer of Water Barrier.


Mu Bai stomped the ground, spreading his ice out in a ring. The temperature within the Ice Ring's area of effect fell rapidly. The cold-blooded Crawlers were used to living in extreme heat, and were very afraid of ice. The frost swiftly froze their blood, and their bodies stiffened into corpses!

The Ice Ring radiated out for two hundred meters. The creatures that were either crawling hastily on the ground or leaping into the air halted in their tracks when the Ice Ring struck them. In less than three seconds, the Crawlers all shattered into little ice cubes!

“Impressive!” “That's remarkable!”

The pa.s.sengers were relieved after witnessing Mu Bai's Ice Magic.

They stepped on the frozen bodies of the Crawlers and crushed them into slush. The thirty pa.s.sengers quickened their pace and ran toward the structures nearby.

“Heidi, go see where the army is,” Mo Fan directed her, before jumping down from the plane.

They could not look after the pa.s.sengers all the time. Most of the pa.s.sengers were too weak to even protect themselves. The Crawlers were so small; if any of them slipped through the net and reached the pa.s.sengers, they were basically done for. They had to rely on the army to guarantee their safety!

“Got it!” Heidi was afraid of the Crawlers, and might struggle to fend them off. Mo Fan had given her a more suitable job.

“They are coming! They are coming, run!” the head stewardess screamed.

“What's coming?”

“Huge demons! How are they so quick? They were a kilometer away before!” The person speaking was an aged Light Mage. The only help he could provide was purifying the air, preventing the pa.s.sengers from being poisoned.

The Light Mage called himself Booker. He was a lot kinder than the others. He did not run away first, but stayed behind to help the women and children, allowing them to reach safety first.

“Can't you all move a bit quicker? We are all going to die at this rate!” a man in a black long-sleeve s.h.i.+rt yelled when he reached the door.

Some of the pa.s.sengers poked their heads out to see what was going on outside. When they saw the trails of dust the creatures had swept into the air as they were charging, they almost fainted right there. Only in moments like this would they regret not working hard enough to become a Mage!

“Miss Brianca, take the others and regroup with Mu Bai and Zhao Manyan,” Mo Fan said.

“Got it,” Brianca nodded.

There were around eighty pa.s.sengers remaining. If these pa.s.sengers stuck close together, Brianca, as a Super Mage, would not have any problem guaranteeing their safety.

Unfortunately, things never went according to plan. There were terrified kids running aimlessly, women who were too scared to move, and sc.u.m that fled for their lives on their own without even bothering to follow orders. It made protecting the people ten times more difficult than it was meant to be.

“Confining Gra.s.s!”

Brianca Summoned some magic gra.s.s by pinching her fingers. It casually fell to the ground, growing rapidly as soon as it landed. The lane was covered by the blue magic gra.s.s in an instant!

The Crawlers wove through the magic gra.s.s rapidly. They were unharmed at first, but whenever they tried to attack a pa.s.senger, the Confining Gra.s.s would suddenly expand and grow into a thick, strong vine, binding the agile creatures quickly before dragging them back to the ground.

Although the Crawlers had overwhelming numbers, the strange magic gra.s.s was everywhere too! Not a single demon creature managed to slip past the net. The Confining Gra.s.s would tie every creature up as soon as they showed the slightest intent to harm the pa.s.sengers!

The pa.s.sengers were perfectly unharmed within the protection of the Confining Gra.s.s. They calmed down knowing that a powerful Plant Mage was among them. The people started helping those that were too scared to move so they could catch up to the others ahead.

Brianca quickly escorted the pa.s.sengers away. She could not help but turn around to look at Mo Fan. She noticed that he was still next to the plane.

“Young man, it's time to leave. We will be safe with the Plant Mage's help!” the Light Mage yelled when he noticed Mo Fan staying behind.

“They are moving too slowly. It's only a matter of time until these creatures catch up to them. I have to get rid of them first!” Mo Fan called back.

“Are you being serious? There are hundreds of Lesser Lamias and Lamias heading our way!” Booker came to a stop. He was actually turning back to lend Mo Fan a hand.

Mo Fan ignored the man's advice, and started drawing a silver Star Constellation.

A lunar-white glow constructed a dimensional gate connected to a different plane. The enormous gate opened up slowly, and a ferocious icy wolf sprinted out of the gate. Its icy aura froze the weak Crawlers nearby almost instantly.

More enormous white wolves as tall as the plane ran howling out of the Summoning Gate after the Flying Creek Snow Wolf. Their eyes were bloodshot, their drooling fangs revealed by their menacing grins!

“Why would I be afraid of that sc.u.m in a group scuffle?” Mo Fan stood among the wolves, who gathered around him like he was their leader. “Charge!”

The starving wolves threw off their reins as soon as Mo Fan pointed ahead. Their enormous claws slammed heavily on the lane as they strove to be the first ones to pounce on the Lamias and their sp.a.w.n!

The Lesser Lamias were between the Servant-cla.s.s and the Warrior-level, while the Lamias were between the Warrior-level and the Commander-level. Mo Fan estimated around three hundred Lesser Lamias at a quick glance. They were all instinctively chasing after the scent of humans.

There were around twenty true Lamias. They loomed up among the demon creatures, like an above-average-sized vehicle, but they were still significantly smaller than the white wolves.

The wolves were like armored tanks. The ground trembled as they ran across it. Their muscles were as st.u.r.dy as rocks, and their l.u.s.trous hides could not conceal their powerful builds…

Mo Fan had Summoned around forty wolves, who had lined up like fleshy white tanks. The flat lane was perfect terrain for them to charge ahead. The surging white tide rammed into the cloudy mist of the Lamias and their sp.a.w.n. Blood and flesh flew about, scales scattering across the ground while countless Lesser Lamias turned into mincemeat!

The white wolves were a lot stronger than the Lesser Lamias. Even the stronger Lamias would struggle against them. The pack of wolves smashed their way through them all under the Flying Creek Snow Wolf's lead. The two breeds of Lamias that were initially thinking of enjoying some delicious human flesh shrieked in agony and fled for their lives while tugging their tails between their legs!

It had been a while since the Flying Creek Snow Wolf had such an enjoyable time killing an enemy. He continued to push further into the enemy ranks. Mo Fan could no longer see where the white fleshy tanks he had Summoned had gone to.

The old Light Mage was dumbfounded. He uttered after a long pause, “Young…young man, are…are those your Summoned Beasts?”

“Yeah, it's been a while since they last had some meat,” Mo Fan admitted.

Light Mage Booker had a strange expression. He was so worried about the young man's safety, yet Mo Fan was feeding all these lamias to his Summoned Beasts instead!

The Flying Creek Snow Wolf suddenly howled from inside the mist. Mo Fan was wondering what had happened when he saw the Flying Creek Snow Wolf running back to him.

The other white wolves were also running toward him at their quickest speed, as if they had encountered something absolutely terrifying!

The white wolves could only last in the mortal realm for a certain period. Mo Fan brought up the Summoning Gate and sent the pack of white wolves back to the Summoned Beast Plane.

“Quick, time to run,” Mo Fan said to Booker quickly. He no longer had the mood to feed his Summoned Beasts.

“What's going on?” Booker was utterly confused. This young man was incredibly strong, why did he look so scared all of a sudden?

“There's some insanely strong creature coming!” Mo Fan dragged Booker onto the Flying Creek Snow Wolf and headed straight toward Brianca.

Brianca was their real hope, that Mo Fan was certain of!

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