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Chapter 1915: The Real Battle

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan jumped to a hill nearby, and Zhang Xiaohou landed beside him. Zhang Xiaohou would also struggle to use his magic freely in deep waters.

Zhang Xiaohou glanced at the sea and said sharply, “Brother Fan, the army of sea monsters is here.”

The sea monsters Called for by Qiu Zi had shown up. The rain was still pouring down, and almost sixty percent of the species of sea monsters were able to move around in Xiamen with the current depth of the water. These sea monsters consisted mainly of Viscera Hunters, Scarlet Soaring Demons, and Huge-Pincered Sea Monsters. Mo Fan had not fought the other species yet, nor did he know what strange abilities they possessed.

However, the time limit of eight hours would soon reach its end. The deadly Armor Antenna Sea Monsters were most likely on their way, too. Those sea monsters would soon enter the city through the areas that were the most deeply submerged and begin their feast.

The Viscera Hunters and Scarlet Soaring Demons were obviously taking orders from Qiu Zi, and were heading toward the strait where the battle was taking place. Their target was none other than the bridge that was still standing!

Thousands of sea monsters invaded the strait. The Mages standing by at the bridge felt their scalps turning numb and chills running down their spines!

They had seen huge armies of demon creatures in the past, but the armies of demon creatures on land mostly consisted of Servant-cla.s.s creatures. Warrior-level creatures already stood out among the armies, let alone the Commander-level creatures.

However, this army of sea monsters completely toppled their understanding. The average level of the creatures was the Warrior-level. The Huge-Pincered Sea Monsters were actually the weakest among their ranks, but those sea monsters with pincers like the scoop of an excavator could easily destroy the buildings in the city. Once those creatures invaded the city, it would be difficult for the city to recover from the damage. Xiamen would soon vanish amid the tropical storm and become a territory of the sea monsters!

Humans were mainly active along the coastlines. The s.p.a.ce they were active in would shrink rapidly after losing a city, especially when other sea monsters were stirring up a lot of trouble as the sea level rose. Even fewer places remained safe from the sea monsters. Xiamen was an important island city between the East China Sea and the South China Sea, and connected it to the Feiniao Headquarters City along the east coastline and other cities like Shenzhen and Hongkong along the southern coastline. If the sea monsters took over the city, the place would soon join the vast ocean, making it a breakthrough point for the sea monsters to invade the land and expand their territory.

The evacuation was only a temporary solution, and did not necessarily mean they had given up on the city. No one would abandon their home just because of a disaster. Once the tropical storm and the rain stopped, everything would return to normal!

Therefore, they had to prevent the city from being destroyed, especially the streets, buildings, and the defensive barrier!

The sea monsters were extremely cunning. They had sent the strong Viscera Hunters and Scarlet Soaring Demons to fight the Mages and a.s.signed the Huge-Pincered Sea Monsters to raze the buildings to the ground. Clearing a path for the Armor Antenna Sea Monsters!

A woman in a captain’s uniform appeared above the hill, riding a Hurricane Hawk. “Major General Zhang, the sea monsters are advancing. The general has asked us to regroup at Gaoqi Airport to stop the invasion!”

“What about the others?” Zhang Xiaohou asked.

“They are already on their way,” the woman replied.

Zhang Xiaohou looked around the strait and frowned.

“The bridge should be safe with Baxia protecting it. The sea monsters are launching a full a.s.sault on the city. We must defend the important entry points. We can’t guarantee the city’s survival, but we must hold on and evacuate the people before the eight hours mark!” Mo Fan stated.

The bridge was more or less safe. The three advisors were keeping Qiu Zi at bay in the strait, and did not allow the creature to go any closer. The bridge was heavily protected by a huge barrier established by over a hundred Advanced Ice Mages over a long period. As a result, the bridge was no longer as vulnerable. Even if Qiu Zi were to sneak up to the bridge again, it would take some time for the creature to destroy the barrier!

The Mages finally had a chance to catch their breaths after the barrier was established. The civilians were now able to cross the bridge safely. If the incident at Haicang Bridge was repeated again, resulting in huge casualties, the Mages and civilians were going to lose their composure.

“These sea monsters think they can destroy our home and treat our close ones as their food… if they seriously think we are a weak species waiting to be slaughtered, we’ll show them with our magic that they too can’t withstand a single blow from us!” the Sound Mage’s voice echoed in everyone’s mind. As the commander of the battle at Jimei Bridge, he was telling the others who were fighting the sea monsters alongside him not to back away or be afraid!

“Mages are born to fend off the demon creatures. We will stop these filthy creatures from invading our land and harming our people, even if we have to consume all our energy and sacrifice ourselves!”

The civilians were being evacuated continuously. The barrier on the Jimei Bridge was fully constructed now. The Mages, regardless of their levels, were trying their best to defend it. They could finally give their best shot!

The Sh.o.r.eline Alliance, Donghai Magic a.s.sociation, renowned clans, Hunter Union, military, high schools, and una.s.sociated Mages… Almost every major city would have people from those organizations. Smaller organizations might hide among the civilians and flee to safety with them, but the members of the aforementioned organizations could never back away during a calamity like this. The Sound Mage was increasing their morale while arranging organizations other than the military to help fight alongside the soldiers.

There were many organizations, and normally the military would only take orders from the government of the country.

As for the other organizations, like the renowned clans, schools, alliances, and a.s.sociations, they were all under the Magic a.s.sociation. The Donghai Magic a.s.sociation was the highest Magic a.s.sociation in Xiamen. Mo Fan was unsure about the Sound Mage’s ident.i.ty, but after hearing his speech, he realized that the old man was most likely the president of the Donghai Magic a.s.sociation!

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