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3087 Antiquities of Holy City

The Golden Dragon looked around. Its field of vision was much wider than that of other creatures.

It sensed the Little White Tiger and suddenly turned its giant body to launch an attack with its thick tail.


The Little White Tiger’s sneak attack had failed, and it was sent flying by the majestic Golden Dragon’s tail. The attack was so powerful that the frost armor around the Little White Tiger was smashed to pieces, and the Little White Tiger was hurled away like a cannonball.



The Golden Dragon was cruel. It held the flames in its throat. When the Little White Tiger flew backward, the Golden Dragon spewed the flames in its direction. The sky above the s.p.a.cious Seventh Avenue was filled with flames.

The Little White Tiger was overtaken by the flames in midair, and it burned. The scorching dragon light almost melted its hair and ice armor.

Parts of the armor melted, which exposed its scalded flesh beneath. After finally landing, the Little White Tiger relied on the ice and snow all over the ground to relieve the pain, but the flames still burning on its body were so powerful that the ice and snow within a radius of several kilometers all melted into water. The Little White Tiger growled in pain.


White-hot air spewed out from the Golden Dragon’s nostrils. It was expelling the exhaust gas left by the dragon flames in its throat and chest cavity, but these exhaust were scorching hot. Some low-level creatures would be burnt to crisps if they were nearby.

It was like a golden steam mechanical fortress that stood near the Holy Palace. Not only was it impenetrable, but it was also aggressive and destructive!

The rain clouds parted, and the cold dissipated.

A blazing sun gradually appeared high in the sky. It spread its hot rays of sunlight that shone between Sky Holy City and Holy City, which was on the ground. It fully demonstrated the sacred and fiery power of the Giant Light Dragon.

Although the Little White Tiger had reached the realm of the emperor, there was a huge gap in strength between different emperor-level creatures. The mature and domineering Golden Dragon was much stronger than the Little White Tiger. In this round of fight, the Little White Tiger was almost defeated!


The Little White Tiger roared outside the city. The majority of its fur was burned, and its body was covered with injuries. However, it still roared and challenged the Golden Dragon. It would not be outdone so easily.

The Golden Dragon narrowed its eyes in contempt.

The Little White Tiger flew over the city gate of Seventh Avenue with injuries all over its body. Its speed was faster than other emperor-level creatures. After it entered the city, it shuttled in the complicated streets like a bolt of white lightning. It looked like a white lightning that had spread all over the streets.

The Golden Dragon’s eyes slowly widened. It stopped looking around and focused its attention on the bolt of lightning.

The Golden Dragon grinned. It seemed to be laughing at the Little White Tiger’s effort.

Suddenly, the Golden Dragon swung its claw across the sky. Five golden claw marks flashed and hit the Little White Tiger that was moving as fast as lightning.

The Little White Tiger was injured again. Blood flowed from its waist. It had no time to lick its wound and could only stare at the Golden Dragon. It could not miss any movement that the Golden Dragon made.


The Golden Dragon raised its head and roared. The huge bright wings on its back were fully opened. Its wings were densely covered with holes. These holes all opened up like pupils when the Golden Dragon released its power!

The holes released rays of light with corrosive potential. The wings of the Golden Dragon were as big as a majestic wall, and there were thousands of holes in them. All the holes on the wings released light with strong penetrating potential and swept across Seventh Avenue.

The Little White Tiger did not even have room to dodge. The Hole-Patterned Lights flashed like lasers. They were dense enough to form a light path more than ten times wider than the main road. Under this terrifying ray of the light path, the Little White Tiger almost became a pile of rotten meat!


Mu Ningxue held a snow longsword that appeared out of nowhere. She swung the sword, and a magnificent glacier stretched out along the direction of her sword blade.

The glacier blocked the path of the terrifying Hole-Patterned Lights and was barely able to protect the Little White Tiger.

However, the Hole-Patterned Lights pierced through the glaciers. It was only a matter of time for the glacier to shatter completely.

Mu Ningxue’s other hand quickly wove a gorgeous silver constellation. After she crushed it, the same silver constellation immediately appeared around the Little White Tiger.

When the destructive light projected toward it, the Little White Tiger disappeared into the silver constellation and appeared next to Mu Ningxue within seconds.


The Little White Tiger was covered in bruises. It even returned to its original shape after being attacked so brutally. Its body shrunk to the size of a white stray cat. It mewled weakly.

Mu Ningxue leaned down and hugged the Little White Tiger.

With the sword hanging on her left side, Mu Ningxue held the Little White Tiger in her arms and gently stroked the burning wounds on its body with her slender fingers. She used her G.o.d’s gift of ice and snow to relieve the Little White Tiger’s pain.

The Little White Tiger had an ice-type physique, and Mu Ningxue was now born with an ice body. Snuggling up to someone with such a special physique was comfortable for an ice-type Holy Spirit like the Little White Tiger. It was a pity that the Little White Tiger did not get to enjoy this kind of treatment in the past. The tranquility and peace brought by the ice spirit made the Little White Tiger feel like his pain had been alleviated.

“You don’t need to put so much pressure on yourself. After all, it’s a thousand-year-old Light Dragon,” said Mu Ningxue softly to the Little White Tiger.

The Little White Tiger lowered its head. Tears pooled on its lashes. It was still not strong enough. In front of a real emperor-level creature, the Little White Tiger, who had just advanced to the emperor-level, was still vulnerable.

Watching everything from up in the air, Mo Fan felt a bit sad.

This sly little totem beast had grown up. It was not as cowardly and timid as it was when it faced the King Skeleton. It did not run away this time and fought valiantly against the powerful Light Dragon when Mu Ningxue was weak.

The Light Dragon was much stronger than the King Skeleton. The Little White Tiger had done a good job.

‘Ramiel is a summoner. He raised all the ancient and powerful creatures in Holy City,’ thought Mo Fan.

Ramiel seldom fought, but his spiritual and summoning levels were extremely high. This was why most people did not know that he was already a Twelve-winged Blazing Angel.

The ancient creatures that slept in the Holy City were Ramiel’s Contracted Beasts and Summoned Beasts. He could even bestow potent power on these creatures and other angels with the Psychic Element Magic!

In addition to the Golden Dragon and the Quartz Lion Sculpture, Ramiel should have other Antiquities of the Holy City.

‘Wait a little longer,’ said Mo Fan’s face when he looked at Mu Bai.

They could not take any action yet.

If Mu Bai rushed before they could find out about all of Ramiel’s abilities, he was bound to get caught.

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